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Power Outages


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What's the problem?  If you can't charge it, then you'll just use more gas, like a regular, non-plug-in hybrid.


You'd need a generator or a home energy storage battery system (e.g. Tesla Powerwall), not a UPS, to be able to charge the hybrid battery.  Unless you're already investing in that system and have excess capacity to charge an Escape PHEV, you have a gas tank and an ICE, use them.  Let the hybrid be its own generator.

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4 hours ago, Webspinner said:

I live in a very small town in B.C. We get several power outages every year.

I'm wondering if this is going to cause serious problems for my 2022 PHEV.
I don't think a UPS is practical solution because the heavy demand will require a very expensive backup unit.


We have a 23 PHEV, plugging it into a 110 outlet in the garage. Although in the Metro Vancouver suburbs, we also get numerous power outages, especially during the winter.


Don't anticipate any issues, as if the car isn't charged due to a power outage, we will simply use the engine.


If wanting to maximise the charge when you have power, you may want to invest in a 220/240 V charging system. Personally, we are happy with the 10 - 11 hrs it takes to charge with 110V.

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Additionally,  there's an "EV Charge" mode that can be used to charge the battery from the gas engine while driving. I always figured that was for road trips, so you wouldn't have to worry about finding charging stations. But it could be useful in this scenario as well, I suppose. 


Or perhaps you're asking whether it's a problem if the power goes off while the car is plugged in charging? I wouldn't expect it to be,  but I don't actually know. 

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