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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Thanks for your reply. I am wanting a mid size. I do not care about weight so much though, Or towing ability. I want the utility in a smaller package because just as you stated. The F-series has grown way to big for being practical on a daily commute. I am just over 6'. I have sat in every spot in both cabs (I work at MAP and went to the EE event in Oct.) even when the front seat is set for me in the S-Crew Ranger. I am fully comfortable behind it. To be quite honest, I was underwhelmed when I first seen what we would be building on screen. That was until I really got in it and nit picked it. Maybe, Just maybe you might come away the same as I did.
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    I was able to test the new Ranger at Ranger Base Camp in Texas two weeks ago. I thought Ranger interior was much better than Colorado and Tacoma. No more hard plastic than F-150. Dash layout similar in appearance to Edge and Explorer. Seats very comfortable to my 5-8 165lb frame. Sat in back seat of SCrew behind a gentleman who was 6-1 and I still had plenty of leg room. I thought the Colorado cheap and Tacoma basic, both with their share of hard plastic.
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    I’m pretty sure there will be an off-road version.
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    The idiot lights still work. In the past, I have found problems early by noticing issues on the various gauges. There is no reason Lincoln couldnt have offered different instrument display formats sice it is a screen. Let people choose their favorite. Very little cost and more happy customers, a win-win.
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    Food for thought weight: XLT 4x2..........SuperCrew............SuperCab Ranger............4,441 lbs...............4,145 lbs F150..............4,528 lbs................4,415 lbs F150 losing between 600 to 700 lbs really paid off big time for US buyers and fuel economy...