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  1. I believe this is a 500 unit build stage (please double check me on that I can't recall the date of it). One thing I noticed from another post you made elsewhere. All Broncos have been built at regular line "launch speed". I would not expect the JOB1 date to change much if at all based on observations at this time.
  2. Any word on when they will show Maverick off officially? Call me crazy, But I find this thing very interesting.
  3. I am aware of both replies information. I am just trying to find out if something recent has brewed up. New leadership now and all.
  4. Where would mustang go if frap closed? I've heard it might be closing. New today.
  5. wildosvt

    2022 Ranger speculation

    I thought the very exact thing beings I stare at those doors day in and day out. It had to be a current gen body, Note the body line in the camo. When compared to the "render" is is far deeper and it stands out.
  6. Their shining star, That test is IMHO the main bread and butter of the channel and the reason why they exist. It is why I stated "almost every video"
  7. This video highlights why I have felt TFL has been trash for ever. They are so lack luster I get irritated at almost every video. These guys act like enthusiast but are nothing more than wanna be's.
  8. wildosvt

    Dirty 289

    Improper maintenance indeed Did it even have a thermostat in it?. If you are not wanting to pull it, Kerosene (safer) or gasoline. Had a buddy who got a "low mile" 350 for a camaro project years ago. 1.5" thick sludge on the head bolts under the valve covers. We scraped it all out protecting the oil drains from chunks the best we could.. Scrubbed it with brushes and gasoline. Once done we drained the oil "mixture" and just poured fresh gas over the heads with the drain plug out letting the balance of junk to flow out. Then poured fresh oil all over the valvetrain (4 cheap quarts of junk fresh oil). once all drained put fresh oil and filter. Primed the snot out of the engine before firing (old distributor with gear pulled) I would say adding seafoam to the first batch of oil would be worth doing also. I would only leave it in for a few heat cycles and replace it. You will probably find other leaky seals after you're done though. Your friendly shade tree mechanic. (btw), This worked good and the engine did run good afterwards with no rattle. Til we ran it it the local dragstrip and the lil honda civic was beating him. He over rev'ed the hell out of it and spun a rod bearing. LOL
  9. JC makes Walmart batteries also. It is why 90% of the time run there for one.
  10. Yes. trucks are on the back of the cab. Most anything with a plastic bumper cover will have them hidden under it below the tail light. Some have more than one per side depending on the requirement.
  11. wildosvt

    Ranger Shift Issue

    Does the vehicle show MPH on the speedo?
  12. First Bronco to drop at MAP tomorrow morning is probably what Mike is speaking of.
  13. wildosvt

    Electric F150 News

    If thats the case he might say tomorrow is Job1 for Bronco. LOL!! DTP is on shutdown.