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  1. Not sure how true this info is. But it is rumored that FRAP was slated for closure during negotiations as of last wednesday but was saved, For now.
  2. Not much to see of the front. Just substrate stuff. Ive got multiple pics of it sent to me. Luckliy better shots than what leaked so far.
  3. wildosvt

    They Came and Dragged My Brothers Away!

    What a blast from the past!
  4. I believe sterling is also apart of that.
  5. wildosvt

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Is the F150 Raptor supposed to get a version of the new 7L in th next year or two? I guy I work with keeps mentioning it to me. If it is mentioned somewhere in this thread already, I apologize.
  6. wildosvt

    Ranger FX2 package

    Really? The cooled seats in my sho freeze my balls and taint off. Maybe ya need a seat filter change? Or just pop it out and give it a good backwards vacuuming? I'll agree though the heat definitely roasts the nuts and the lower back. I will up you all and say a heated steering wheel is a must!
  7. No it isnt and old Escape. There is enough in the mule photo to show that it is indeed the Baby.
  8. I have pics of the body of the baby Bronco. No, I wont post them. Note in the dealer preview photo. The right side vehicle. There is plastic trim at the bottom that goes across the bottom of the doors and wheel well lips.
  9. I thought the rumor of camaro going away was proven to be a misunderstanding or reported incorrectly.
  10. wildosvt

    Ranger FX2 package

    Ive seen the new Red the other day. It was really messing with me on such a sunny day after getting out of work. I would look at it and it was red, I look again and it seemed orange. Man was it F'in with me. LOL
  11. wildosvt

    Signing Bonus?

    Doesn't everyone base their vote on the size of the prize? A no show is automatic No vote? LOL
  12. wildosvt

    RIP Nick... Passed away 7/15/14

    There is no question, Nick is looking down banging gears with his shifter over the GT500!
  13. Your first problem was following TFL Truck. TFL is so bad on so many levels.
  14. The Amarok wont be in the states?
  15. Lady hits her head at :18