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  1. The dislike for Biden or Trump is fairly equal. But the support for Trump is much higher than alot of people realize. While I wasn't there, I know for certain there were UAW members at that event last night. People from our Local wanted to hear both Biden and Trump (great position if you ask me). You see they canceled Biden from coming to our Local due to the feedback. I am one who wishes to keep politics out of it. Fain is leaving the membership guessing as hard as the company. He should have kept that same energy with the Oligarchy too. But no. Same ol UAW! Let me pull that zipper down because you came and gave a lip service.
  2. Exactly, The sole reason Biden came to Michigan is because Trump said he was.
  3. With knowing how it all works, Remember this. "A lock keeps an honest person honest".
  4. The final 375 Ranger is making its way thru the plant.
  5. The '22 Tremor is a great truck (we have one) and trading that in for anything but a raptor wouldn't make sense at this point. The refinements are super nice on the new one though. The Tremor is the nicest riding vehicle MAP makes IMHO. On par with the Ranger Raptor. The 2.7L is nice though over the standard 2.3L not that the 2.3L is bad at all. The new one doesn't feel like the current model at all. They don't compare.
  6. One must not be a total dumb@$$ and post pics from inside the plant without approval ( hourly or salary ) which never happens. This was made obvious to the already obvious today. Does not matter if ROW is in the wild or not. Totally a "Look at me! I'm a attention whore" moment. On another note, Original Bronco leaks did not come from MAP.
  7. Beings I love the current Tremor. I can tell that the tire in the prototype pic are not the same tire that is used currently on the Tremor. Stance of that prototype suggests (based on current FX4 supercab) that is what it is.
  8. Ummmmmm. No. No way. Zero adoption. Not even subtle.
  9. From bare steel to fully built. You cant call much if anything a carry over. Trust me. She is basically all new. I obviously cant explain. Looks so good though.
  10. It looks so much better in person without the camo is all I can say. You cant really use the word "carry over" unless its a ground screw LOL.
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