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  1. Ya but these are reposted from another site.....and were everywhere! Not quite the same thing:) Plus, like his son said, what are they going to do to us!
  2. I get that but who was it, Jim Dunne, who would literally hang from branches outside of Milford proving grounds or all the other spots to get a picture of a vehicle that is not meant to be seen by the public. Every spy shot, etc. than comes into play, including the interior pics that were just released yesterday. Will that site lose it's priviliges? I even question whether any of these spy shots are not orchestrated by Ford and not by chance some pics of the interior just came about. At the end of the day, I really don't give a crap-they need to kiss some Ford ass and repair that relationship. In the meantime, we have almost another 12 months before these things will be even in the market place-that is more of the story than TFL.
  3. TFL discussed this a little yesterday-they indicated they did not violate any written agreement, nor have they ever done so, when an OEM sends over information that is embargoed. They always respect those written agreements. This is something that does not apply to their agreement. I don't know for sure, but it seems to me, unlikely that they have another agreement that tells them not to publish other information that they have. Good luck on the Mustang project!!!!
  4. Well to be fair....we don't know how it will work!!! But I get your point:)
  5. Well you got a year before it comes out:) well not quite, but at least 9 months to save a few more bucks!
  6. Boy you are drinking the Kool-aid today!!! Ford has not sold one fucking Bronco or updated Ranger and you are already predicting it will bury Toyota-come on...you know better! Buyers are fiercely loyal to their Toyota trucks just like they are to their F150's and while the Tacoma is dated-it is not that much worse than the current Ranger and in some ways, you could argue it is better. Toyota will not just roll over and give up this market-not a chance-so any chance of catching Toyota will have to likely come from other's in the market or that it continues to grow and they pick up those customer's.
  7. Valid points but a lot of those costs are shared costs. Most SUV's share the platform with a car counterpart so it is not completely raw cost. I just think the market is still relevant, especially since Ford had a pretty good presence-it was not like they are Mazda.
  8. If you are looking for a Continental would you settle for a Escape? To Bob's point-there are hundreds of thousands of Ford sedans in the market and not everyone is going to be replaced with a SUV. Other manufacturer's have decided to stay in that market and while it is certainly decreasing, it is far from dead. Given Ford's cost structure, it might of been their only option-but I think they left that market a little early and could of dumped some cash into keeping those sedans fresh for another 4 years or so.
  9. Well that is your opinion! The interior in the Ram is anything but on par with Ford or GM twins. No one has stated that position. the ZF has great shift quality and has been very reliable. Consumer Reports versus JD Power is preference. I personally feel they both have credibility and not a conspiracy nut who things CR hates domestics. Blah blah blah. you are right about the IIHS. Very objective and Ford should score much higher next go around. Though they’ve missed a few high scores because of headlights. the interior on the 2021 looks feat and closes the gap w Ram-at least by initial opinions. Fun time to be a consumer because of all the great choices.
  10. Everyone messes up....everyone....and he was man enough to apologize. Think it was sincere and that is enough for me. I hate today's knee jerk environment where someone gets fired, loses their business, because a mistake was made. Good lesson for everyone. Also pretty cool that the public both supported them during Ford's launch and called them out on being un-professional.
  11. Yes they are completely different, but still look damn near the same. I saw some other pics and like what they've done-probably the right move, being very careful not to alienate their core buyers.
  12. Ok enough with the Roman comments! I heard him last night and he was definitely grumpy or drunk but I still love these guys and want both parties to work things out.
  13. Guess it’s all perspective since they look so much alike and I would never say they don’t look anything alike. Not saying it’s A bad thing but like others have said exterior changes are minimal.
  14. Couple of other things I noticed on a few sites. like idea of locking rear seat storage but who has a key anymore! still no rear wheelhouse liners standard on the truck let alone top end models at least what the video clips show. no goofy Denali tailgate-tha my goodness! Really like the new digital dash and wish Ford would redesign the shifter notification. Every fucking Ford has had a PRNDS or whatever they call it forever and just wish they would only show what gear it is. This is something they don’t deviate from so it must be some type of requirement. Minor but I hate some guy in the corner saying “we have to do it this way because.....blah blah blah”. Obviously my pet peeve lol.
  15. Nice job on interior and like the familiar front end, but don’t love it. Wish the back end got more attention but I could also say that about a number of Ford products. Want to study the model differentiation and see how they compare with Ram who blew by everyone in that category with their latest design.
  16. Well we can always agree to disagree.....I get your point here, but Ford looks so fucked up right now with the Bronco launch, and everything else going on, I just think it could be handled differently. Now, having said that, it will be interesting to see how TFL plays the game going forward.
  17. Well than you obviously don't watch TFL---I actually love these guys and think they do an excellent job and are very fair and objective. There are a ton of mules running around their area in Colorado, so they are going to take advantage of that. But like other's have said, it's Ford's rules-but I think it is pretty petty of them. These reveals have been the longest drawn out of damn near anyone I can remember. And then you get to wait another 6-9 months before these things even start to show up.
  18. Awhile ago he reviewed the new Explorer and needless to say, he was not kind. Many of you agreed while others shouted fake news and this guy sucks and couldn’t tell the difference in sound quality between an AM radio and a live concert of the Detroit Symphony. Amazing what some extra attention to detail and more refinement will bring you. https://youtu.be/tNrffrN5TIU
  19. Nice review and looks like you took the time to compare what has been said, to what you see and experience. Like others have said, for the cost of the vehicle (MSRP-since that is what Ford set that price), it fails to impress me. Besides the damn near 100% one color dark gray interior, I hate the gauge layout. It just looks so dated and cheap. The fonts and needles are the same one's Ford has been using for ages, on top of the small center screen, it just reaks of cost cutting. Back seats look like plenty of leg room which is good to see. Can't comment on the drivetrain performance, nor have I been in other small SUV's much at all (besides the everly more popular Rogue courtesy of National Car Rental-which besides being huge inside-just is terrible) and my own Jeep Cherokee, 4 cyl. which is slow, but I'm not driving the dog shit out of it either. I do like some of the exterior styling and color choices, with me still undecided about the front end-just looks like it needs some more push from the designers-almost looks like it was "design by committee and don't fuck it up." If it was my money, I would probably be leaning towards the Mazda CX-5, Subaru Crosstrek or maybe the Escape Hybrid.
  20. Listening to NPR this morning and they had a Atlanta Journal news reporter that is writing some articles about all the BS that is coming out of the GA Public Health Agency-and the frustration because the information keeps changing. Bottom line for me is be smart, wear a mask when inside stores, etc. and use social distancing. It is obvious a challenge in a auto plant and there are going to be people infected.
  21. Other than the shitty weather-looks great!! I imagine a lot of the dealer's will scramble to start and buy off-lease fleet vehicles from rental car companies to fill their gaps until production gets up to normal levels.
  22. Fair enough and I guess I think my perception of this technology Is based on what is rolling out right now. Based on that you are spot on and until the roads are upgraded these systems cannot work.
  23. Well maybe you missed this development from GM last week-they are moving aggressively into autonomous.... The 2021 Cadillac Escalade is shaping up as General Motors’ leading technology platform. Unveiled in Los Angeles and New York this week, the wow-factor feature is a 38-inch OLED display in front of the driver. The big SUV also has a raft of driver-assist and safety features standard or available, most notably the second generation of Super Cruise, the Level 2 autonomous driving that locates the car precisely on the road because Cadillac has lidar-mapped 200,000 miles of US and Canada highways.
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