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  1. 6-cylinder

    Lincoln Aviator 2019 revealed

    Live Stream: http://dssimon.com/MM/lincoln_nyautoshow/
  2. I actually bought a 2006 Freestyle from a local Ford dealer that was repurchased by Ford as a lemon. It had 20-something thousand miles on it when I bought it in 08. I made the dealership give me the 100,000 mile extended warranty when I bought the car. It's a Limited with way more bells and whistles on it than we would have bought normally, but it was a great deal, as you can imagine. I was given a list of everything that was repaired or replaced on the car and a list of all the former owner's complaints. We've had no issues whatsoever with the Freestyle.
  3. 6-cylinder

    2011 F-150 engine Options

  4. 6-cylinder

    New to me: 2009 Fusion SEL V6

    I know what you mean. The pinstripe was the first thing I noticed at the dealer. I didn't see it in the internet photos, but it really jumped out at me when I saw it on the lot. That being said, I'm used to it now and don't mind. But, yeah, if I had my choice I'd go without the stripe.
  5. 6-cylinder

    New to me: 2009 Fusion SEL V6

    The tranny seems very slick. I haven't had occasion to really wring out the engine, yet. What is amazing to me after five years in the F-150 is the handling. It really handles well. Also, I don't seem to have any perception of speed. Everything is so quiet and smooth that I have to be very careful not to drive WAY to fast. And you know red cars get pulled over more often ...
  6. I've been needing something better on gas than my F-150 for my commute, so Saturday I took the plunge and bought a 2009 Fusion SEL V6 with 46,000 miles. I had to have a red one! Just wanted to share my good news.
  7. 6-cylinder


    I can vouch for the green button. It does exist. And you definitely know when you hit it!
  8. 6-cylinder

    1976 Ford Trucks

    '77 F-150 was my first vehicle. 300-six. four-wheel-drive. Four-speed with granny gear. 3-inch lift. cracked windshield. No carpet. ragged out vinyl upholstery. I'd buy it back today if I could find it.
  9. 6-cylinder

    2010 Fusion details, pic

    Has no one seen this yet? http://media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?...p;make_id=trust
  10. 6-cylinder

    Taurus X: It seems Ford hasn't advertised it much.

    Add me to the list of "have the Freestyle and love it." My wife drives a 2006 Limited. I firmly believe THE issue with testers is the CVT. You simply have to get used to the way it behaves. It takes a week or two to understand how the thing works and then you say, "Oh, I get it." Driving it is almost like having your accelerator hooked to the tranny instead of the engine. I'm interested to learn about the "super secret button" under the pedal. Now I've got to find a reason to borrow the car! If you want a freeway cruiser, I've never driven a better one. It is absolutely rock solid and smooth at 70-80 mph. I could drive it all day like that ... and get at least 25 mpg.
  11. 6-cylinder

    My Freestyle gas mileage

    My wife averages about 23.6 or so on the in-car calculation. I've done 25 mpg on an interstate road trip. We're pleased with the mileage based on the size of the vehicle. I think the weight of the car has alot to do with mileage. On a one-hour rural road trip, I got about 1.5 mpg better going 70 than I did going 55. At 55, the CVT would rev the engine on hills. At 70, it doesn't. Keeping your momentum up really seems to help mileage.
  12. 6-cylinder

    FoMoCo November 2007 Sales

    I'm just wondering what happens when Jag sales get down to zero. Maybe if they sell one the month after they can report sales up 100 percent.
  13. 6-cylinder

    What car did you take your Driver's Test in?

    Mine was another 76 Maverick, four-door, 302 V8. Another squeaky front end for me, too. Once met a parade and rode against the flow all the way through it in that car.
  14. 6-cylinder

    2009 Lincoln MKS Unleashed

    What do you think these 3.7 numbers have to say about the torque and horsepower of the Ford Truck 3.7 (specifically the F-150)?
  15. 6-cylinder

    Freestyle 2nd Row Console

    mkoss, Hope you like the Freestyle. We've got an '06 Limited, but with the bench seat on the second row, so I can't help you with the console question. We really like the car, though.