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  1. Ya the dentron battery tenders have that optional pig tail. I use it on my motorcycles. Ive had my tender plugged in for years on one cars and have never had an issue, forgot about it lol. They seem to be a solid product. I have about 5 of em 2 bikes, 2 cars and a snowmobile. I learned about the cig plug from a corvette guy who was reluctant to have the fiberglass hood popped open to clear the tender. He was afraid of having the hood warp sitting like that over time.
  2. I use battery tenders on all my stuff. For the cars I dont even lift the hood. I bought an adapter to run the trickle charger through the cigarette lighter plug. As long as its a 'always on' plug youre good. Its essentially hardwired to the battery. No need to play around connecting to the battery. http://www.amazon.com/Battery-Tender-Deltran-Cigarette-081-0069-5/dp/B003CJ927I
  3. thought some of us on here might like that. And yes I am!
  4. http://www2.newsvirginian.com/news/2011/mar/20/frail-police-fleet-ar-915762/
  5. napoleon

    Ice Road Trucker

    Not really sure I would call US top gear ford bias, the intro has a mustang, ac cobra, and a ford pickup, and the one fella admits to owning multiple super duties. The guy that broke the caddy for driving stupid is the same guy who pushed the bronco and broke an axle C clip. The product placement was nice in ice road truckers but seemed a bit too contrived, especially when they zoomed in on the blue oval logo on the steering wheel.
  6. napoleon

    Thanks for building "accessible" vehicles

    What a great story, I wish you the best of luck with your vehicles. As far as the scratches go. My friends would get into my truck and knock the mud off of their shoes on the rocker panel below the door, it was getting all scratched up. I ended up going to a sign shop and had them cut me some clear vinyl to cover the area, unless your looking for it you cant see it if applied correctly. Its worked well, they gave me the cheap stuff so its starting to peel but for the price its not a big deal to re-apply every now and again to keep my Ford truck looking good.
  7. napoleon

    Dodge Challenger Police car

    The lights in the hood vents are kinda cool. That bland interior suits police work well.
  8. I believe the svo had the same switch. It pulled boost and timing. The '87 coupe only had 15psi in 1st and maybe 2nd gear everything after that was 10psi. '88 was 15psi in premium mode all the way through the gears.
  9. napoleon

    Camaro quality control issues

    How come no one has yet?
  10. napoleon


    If the inertia switch is set check to make sure you have a full 12v through it when the pump is running. What happens is the little marble in there sits in a metal cone and over time in the trunk if there is moisture the contact between the two will corrode and cause issues. Try just jumpering around the switch to test the pump. Sometimes even if you do see 12v around the switch once there is a load on it the voltage will drop and the pump will not run correctly because of the bad contact.
  11. Im driving my dads '07 limited v8 while he is in poland for 4 months. Any tips would be appreciated. BTW aside from not being able to shut off AWD( I love doing burnouts and getting sideways in the snow and im almost 30) I love this truck!
  12. Congrats. Im in the process of talking my neighbor out of a toyoduh. He actually isnt too keep on them since his minivan has given him issues and is uncomfortable. I took him out in my dads '07 sport trac v8 limited, I told him to put the pedal on the right to the floor, he was smiling :-) Hes between an explorer and a b9 tribeca, his subaru has been a good car but the explorer is so much nicer looking and more powerful. Well see how it goes.
  13. napoleon

    GM Message from Rick Wagoner

  14. napoleon

    Chevrolet Camaro: First Look

    The steering wheel looks weird, aside from that the interior reminds me of a grand am and a jvc bookshelf radio. The front looks pretty cool but the rest isnt doing it for me.