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  1. http://windsorstar.com/business/local-business/ford-pledges-600m-investment-in-windsor-plants
  2. One Focus was Us. 5dr, SE Sterling gray Metallic
  3. caseyhollema

    Purchased a '12 Focus!

    It was pretty bad. They had to respray the door and the fender. It looked just like rust bubbling up like a 10 yr old car. Though it was sealer. Not a big deal, the dealership that I deal with is great, and they even offered to find a replacement car for me, but I know to get this one for me was a pain. At first glance the defect looked like water spots, and at this time of year, where I am, it would be easily missed in a PDI. But in the factory totally unacceptable level of inspection. Also drove it to work and back, and it must have been reflashed because the car, was silky smooth. I did a from standing still right foot hammer on, and it was quick and smooth. I love manuals, but this... is in my mind better than an old tech auto tranny which have always irked me. I almost wonder if people expect Mercedes levels of refinement in a compact car... I blame the magazines really, you go from a Lambo to a Focus, how can your views not be tainted right?
  4. Hello all, frequent lurker, infrequent poster. Saturday I picked up the GFs first car. 2012 Focus SE hatch. It is pretty well optioned, sync, heated seats/mirrors, Sirius and the much maligned Powershift tranny. Spooky no? Being Halloween and all. I just drove it back from Toronto, and I had 0 issues with the way it drives, shifts, works, sounds, or anything. I drive an 07 Focus with a stick, and it dives quite like a manual, which is basically what it is. I drove in the city, then on the 401 to the 400 for some highway running. So don't let the recent Consumer Reports put any worry into you, since they also review toasters! On the flip side, the gf is a newish driver and isn't as smooth as I am. Twice, when she went from brake to gas, on a slight grade, the car sounded like it wanted to stall, similar a manual tranny and you don't feed enough gas in and smoothy. She asked what that was, and I told her to transition a bit quicker and smoother and it hasn't happened since. I think that is more of the tranny still learning her driving style etc. Overall very pleased with the car. The car was delivered from factory with a large paint defect, bubbling under the paint on the door and fender in a patch the size of a baseball. It turned out to be sealer and was repaired prior to me picking it up at the dealer. Crazy no one spotted that in inspection at the factory. All in all, very satisfied, and want to trade my 07 in on one!!! ps. sorry for lack of pics, I lack a digital camera!
  5. caseyhollema

    The Fiesta SES 5 speed

    Hello all, I took out an SE 5dr for a testdrive yesterday, and was very very impressed. One thing I did notice, was that my right leg was touching the centre console area, and that its quite a narrow area. But that is par for the course, and didnt take away from the car in any way. Fun to drive, cornered very well, and I turned the radio down and listened for wind noise, and not a damn thing. Much Much nicer than my 07 Focus (which I do love!). Radio was really nice, took a min to get used to a non ford brick radio, but very very nice. It lacked Sync tho, well I think it did, no controls on the steering wheel. And I agree, love that steering wheel, feels right! Anyways, great car!!! Hopefully the stars align, and I can trade up, but down a class! Or wait for the 12 Focus...
  6. caseyhollema

    2011 Fiesta OFFICIAL REVEAL!

    I looked thru the press release, just curious if anyone has any idea what the bolt spacing is. Reason I ask, I just got winter tires on steel rims for my Focus, and am seriously considering trading it in on a Fiesta Hatch, and am wonderin if I can hammer the snows on the Fiesta. They are both 4 bolt... fingers crossed, but not a deal breaker! Car looks good, I like the LED lights, bet it will look sharp at night, or at dusk.
  7. Not too shabby. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/11/30/2011-fo...view/#continued
  8. caseyhollema

    2011 Fiesta american version.

    Wow, this thread is getting no love, 1st pics of the NA Fiesta, and nothing. Weird.
  9. caseyhollema

    2011 Fiesta american version.

    I have been eyein up the Fiesta since it was the Verve, and you know what, I like the chrome grill on the 4 dr. And Like the 5dr. The colours look good as well, especially the white sedan, and the gun metal 5dr. Quite sharpe Id say. I will be looking at these when it comes to trading in the Focus, along with the Fusion, and see how the new Focus shapes up. Maybe a Mustang. haha but I am definately a fan of the Fiesta!
  10. caseyhollema

    SVT Raptor XT, Raptor 6.2 411 Hp!

    Im a lurker, not a poster. I dove in with both feet haha! The numbers on the BOSS sound good... Stupid question, mostly due to it being late, Im tired, and cant recall, will this shoehorn into a Mustang? Great Great Great Truck. Great. Excellent job.
  11. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/11/03/sema-20...f-road-race-tr/ http://www.autoblog.com/2009/11/03/sema-20...150-raptor-6-2/ Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Asssssssssssssssssss
  12. caseyhollema

    Another Explorer Roll-OverL

    11 People in a 7 Seat car. And they 'believe' many of the children werent wearing seatbelts???? Really?? Im no mathematician but 7 doesnt divide by 11 very easily.
  13. I more meant that it seems to be only Sedan, and 5 dr Hatch to be avaliable. So much for the 3 dr, unless its a suprise of course. Plus I think they showed their hand as to what colours will be available as well. Thats more what I meant.
  14. Guess no one outside of Canada cares about this haha
  15. Hmmm Only lists Sedan, and 5dr Hatch.... Lots of bright colours. I think these cars will appeal to women, escpecially in the colours shown. Ill take mine in red, white, or black, pass on the others. These cars WILL stand out and will sell here in Canada. Book it. I had the oppertunity to sit in one and poke around it at the Auto show at the college last week, and I was very very impressed. Cant wait to trade my Focus in on one, well depending on how the 2011/12? Focus shapes up.