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  1. The Chinese spec MK3 Kuga interior design is unique, as EU MK3 Kuga is the same low rent vibe as the North American. Yes the EU ST-Line spec has the slightly better looking front clip, and Vignale albeit still a happy looking chap looks IMO a tad nicer then the lower trim Titanium and Trend front clip. As far as sales in EU, it's a little early to tell as the first couple months of 2020 when the MK3 begin to make it to dealerships in "some" EU markets. The MK2 Kuga sales as comparison for the months of January and February average around 9,500 units. The MK3 2020 sales for January 2,555 and February 2,413. Most reviews have said the same as what the North Americans are reporting, nothing standouts, dated interior, nondescript exterior design but the Plug-in-Hybrid gets the pick of the pack.
  2. MKII

    Escape Hybrid Notes.

    The Kuga in the low trims Trend (Zetec in UK) and Titanium have the low rent look, same as the Escape. I think Ford Europe is doing its best not to show pics of the low trim Kuga. Trend https://www.ford.nl/alle-modellen/kuga/uitvoeringen-specificaties/trend Titanium https://www.ford.nl/alle-modellen/kuga/uitvoeringen-specificaties/titanium
  3. Slap a Pony emblem on the face and Bob's your Uncle
  4. How much money did Ford NA save from not having to develop 5 new cars? Actually if using Fords past of what is considered a car then the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Fusion Sport, Fusion Hybrid & Fusion Plug-in-Hybrid should be added as well. So in total 10 new development program budgets were kept in the accounts right? Never mind the money they are saving by not selling vehicles that they say did not make profits. Never mind the HUGE profits they are making on what they say are BIG profit making vehicles. But it sure appears that whatever new stuff they are trying to sell (but not Lincoln if Akirby is correct) the penny pinching low rent looking stuff seems to be as obvious as the nose on your face, according to many posters here and the auto-rag reviewers. Priority budget is what is going into the Focus based Mach-e, the Bronco and wee Bronco? Must be because the new Explorer sure did not seem to get the love, the new Escape and its Hybrid mates don't exude anything special. Lots of old tech still found on them. Hacketts make as cheap as you can, sell as high as possible mentality is so 80's it's sad.
  5. "What we would never do is compromise," he declared. "If it's a Mustang, it'll be a Mustang. Whatever is offered will be a Mustang and live up to the Mustang expectation." 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. Quality or any thought of it as a priority left the building with Mulally
  7. I don't think akirby has read or listen to Mulally. Hard to miss the words "improve quality" spoken by Mulally over his tenure. As an example in this autonews article 6 weeks into Mulally tenure mentions "quality" multiple times . 1st one is the first paragraph "Six weeks into his full-time stint as Ford Motor Co. CEO, Alan Mulally has already tweaked the automaker's product plan with a focus on improving fuel-efficiency, reliability and quality. https://www.autonews.com/article/20061110/SUB/61110080/ford-ceo-to-employees-new-product-top-priority
  8. MKII

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    Ford UK site on its build and price is showing the gas engine only but Titanium trim and above. Not sure if they are not going to sell the lower spec'd Zetec. Also the Titanium price which is just 100 quid lower, is being compared to a base base Focus Zetec spec. Here they are selling the base Puma for a couple thousand euros compared to the base Focus
  9. MKII

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    It is just a jacked up Fiesta, so yes the Puma is priced lower then the Focus line up.
  10. MKII

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    I think you are saying Ford has not mentioned a gas only Puma? Technical stats (not including the 7spd dual clutch which is whenever) 2020FordPuma_TechSpec_Drive_EU.pdf
  11. Hackett turning the company over to the beancounters is beginning to show. Pitiful.
  12. Out of all this Ford noise about 2019 Hybrids, only ONE is actually available , the OLD Mondeo sedan. I understand the wording "launching" is the key, but both the Fiesta & Focus "MILD" versions are still in nowhere land. And with the current impression of the OLD Mondeo Hybrid sedan being that it was never any good does not help that the face lift wagon gets the same OLD Hybrid tech. WTF Ford!!!!
  13. The 2.0L EcoBoost and 2.3L EcoBoost are produced in Spain.
  14. I found an english version of this engine story https://jgautomotive.com/en/ford-will-manufacture-in-almussafes-100000-engines-for-the-plant-in-canada-in-2019/