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  1. Hackett turning the company over to the beancounters is beginning to show. Pitiful.
  2. Out of all this Ford noise about 2019 Hybrids, only ONE is actually available , the OLD Mondeo sedan. I understand the wording "launching" is the key, but both the Fiesta & Focus "MILD" versions are still in nowhere land. And with the current impression of the OLD Mondeo Hybrid sedan being that it was never any good does not help that the face lift wagon gets the same OLD Hybrid tech. WTF Ford!!!!
  3. The 2.0L EcoBoost and 2.3L EcoBoost are produced in Spain.
  4. I found an english version of this engine story https://jgautomotive.com/en/ford-will-manufacture-in-almussafes-100000-engines-for-the-plant-in-canada-in-2019/
  5. Maverick outside of North America. Last year I read from a Spanish news outlet that Ford was calling a new engine Maverick that would be built in Spain. Not sure what happened to this engine, I have not read anymore about it.
  6. New article posted yesterday https://eu.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2019/07/31/ford-focus-fiesta-transmission-issues-lawsuit/1870852001/?fbclid=IwAR2WGduxoS1NKHUYQTs4y15zbs1oXmJs6K401PafU9QvZmkyyZN3l7PegQs Ford Focus and Fiesta owners from around the country say they experienced new rejection at Ford dealerships when they took their cars for repair after the automaker quietly issued a special service notice in response to a Free Press investigation into the cars' defective transmissions.
  7. MKII

    2017 C-MAX Production Info

    18.390 Source http://carsalesbase.com/us-car-sales-data/ford/ford-c-max/
  8. MKII

    New Escape

    Looks cheap & with the smiling cartoon face, cheerful.
  9. DPS6 DRY dual clutch 6DCT250 Powershift transmission -While the base design is Getrag’s, the finished transmission bears the stamp of TDE (Ford Motor Company Transmission and Driveline Engineering) engineers. Ford dictated the relevant specifications such as the package envelope, center distance, gear ratios and functional SDS requirements. (Ford)TDE have, for example, full responsibility for calibration and for software development. As a result, (Ford) TDE has more control over how the product drives and feels. While Getrag markets its own version of this transmission, the Ford DPS6 Powershift is differentiated by its software and controls. Ford Motor Company Transmission and Driveline Engineering (TDE) 36200 Plymouth Road Livonia, MI. 48150 I don't believe Ford Europe had their hands in this soup
  10. MKII

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    Lots of deleted bits and pieces, it's easy to tell when a Ford car is being killed.
  11. Joy Falotico, Lincoln's president, said customer research found that would-be buyers were fearful of giving up power if they chose hybrid powertrains. Duh, no shit sherlock. Fords past Hybrid powertrain experience doesn't help the perception of their Hybrids performance. The so called new Mondeo wagon Hybrid is getting lambasted by the reviewers in Europe for it's lackluster performance. Great around town but once on the highway it's a weezy slug.
  12. Volkswagen carried out a software update costing 23 million euros in 2014 in an attempt to cover up the true reason for the elevated pollution emissions during regular driving Volkswagen has paid more than 27 billion euros (currently $31 billion) in fines and civil settlements with authorities and car owners in the months and years since being caught. Volkswagen says it plans to spend 30 billion euros to develop electric vehicles by 2023. Reading these massive amounts of money pouring out of VW, I find it amazing they can still operate with any confidence. But compared to the announced amounts Ford is spending on future stuff, makes Ford look like a small player. So the VW friendship could be very lop-sided. Also Ford N.A and FoE have always had big difficulties working together with the cultural differences and opinions, how the hell are they going to get anything done with one of the biggest, hard headed, arrogant companies on the face of the earth?
  13. The “Go Further” experience will start at 16:15 CET on the April 2, and will be available to watch live or through replay at www.gofurtherlive.com. News releases, photos, video and media assets will be available at gofurther.fordpresskits.com.
  14. "Worlds most trusted company" is a new one. When did FOMOCO start using this slogan or start striving to be this?