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    2004 Mustang GT Convert Competition Orange! Only 404 built.
  2. I had an issue back a number of years ago with no windsheild wipers in the winter. After several attempts to get the car in for repairs under warrantee, I parked it in front of the service entrance door and left a note under the wiper that I almost had an accident last night and if the car was not repaired today, I would seek legal advice as it was not safe to drive. I received a call from the dealer asking me to come unlock my car and bring it into the garage. They came to my worksite picked me up an repaired my car all before noon that day.. Also threatened to file suit if I did it again. I also received a very nice reponse from Ford (full of BS) appologizing and explaining how sometimes communications get mixed up between Dealerships and customers. I also received a strongly worded letter from the Dealers legal for my printed letter letter to the Editer of our local newspaper, which also hit the newspaper. I have never purchased another vehicle from that dealership nor darkened their door for service. The only further correspondence has been an invition to come in and view the new model vehicles 3 years later.
  3. When does this one come out? topic>check out the article https://www.mustang6g.com/4-door-mustang-is-coming-ford-reveals-to-dealers/
  4. I don't like the shift knob it looked cheap in the Dodges and Ford went and did the same thing. Its ugg
  5. I just hope they don't get stupid like they did in the 70's. There is a market segment and they should stay with it.Three of my grand kids can't wait to get a car like grampas' 04 GT Convert
  6. Competition Orange Convert.

  7. Hi welcome hope you enjoy you car as much as I do mine.

  8. Geez I will look next spring I have every piece pf documentation except that.
  9. Just for curiousity how much does it cost to run a site like that?
  10. Ford will not release the numbers to you. I tried for 2 years to get numbers on my rare 04 (Competition Orange GT Conv.) and Ford denied having such numbers, give me a break. Gm and Chrysler can give you not only their own numbers but Ford's also. I got my numbers from a GM dealer friend. Try looking on "TheMustangSource.com" they seem to have information. Good Luck.
  11. Go to the Mustang website and put in your VIN number it will give you details about you car.
  12. I would say Ford needs all the promo work it can get anymore. The company has a justifiable bad reputation on how it treats its customers. I have not owned a Ford other than my 04 week end GT Conv. since 1985 and probably won't but every once and awhile someone like this comes along and renews my hope. Ford marketing people miss the mark on so much but they do all have Degrees I expect, just no ears. By the way I am not nocking Degrees I have one just the way some people don't use their learnings
  13. It really doesn't surprise me, Ford seems to want to become the 4th largest automobile manufacturer in NA in a three company field. FORD has many issues and in the words of one other author "they wouldn't dare come to us faithful for any advice." I wrote to a VP of Marketing about the First on Race Day Sell on MONDAY and Iam sure he got a great chuckle. Does anyone know what the first two comercials were yesterday after Jimmy Johnsons win in Las Vegas, oh ya 'Chevrolet continues its winning ways winning the manufacturers title 25 of the last 34 years" "Putting you first uts us first". Hmm what do we hear when the Rousch boys finish 4 of the top 5 places including first, ya right a Chrysler commercial. Get with the program boys I have not bought a ford other than my 04 Mustang toy since 1985 does anyone care nope. Ford doesn't even offer a two door model and by the way I will be getting my sixth two door GM next month when the lease runs out on my 02. Prior to the elimination of two doors models I remained faihtful to only Fords all six of them. My guess if they don't care in Marketing where do they care, oh ya the shareholders, by the way what direction are the shares going anyway, anyone care to guess !! :angry: This company is really headed for the dumps. oh ya a better idea from Ford alright, dump our best products we might have some success. What ever happened to the initiative that made the old Ford such a great company, wouldn't Henry be proud of Bill today.
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