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  1. When does this one come out? topic>check out the article https://www.mustang6g.com/4-door-mustang-is-coming-ford-reveals-to-dealers/
  2. 04GT

    4 CRUZEN

    2004 Mustang GT Convert Competition Orange! Only 404 built.
  3. I don't like the shift knob it looked cheap in the Dodges and Ford went and did the same thing. Its ugg
  4. 04GT

    Next Generation Mustang

    I just hope they don't get stupid like they did in the 70's. There is a market segment and they should stay with it.Three of my grand kids can't wait to get a car like grampas' 04 GT Convert
  5. Requesting an X-Plan PIN for 2010 F-150. Thanks for your consideration. Email address in my controls.
  6. 04GT

    Build Sheets

    Geez I will look next spring I have every piece pf documentation except that.
  7. Requesting an X-Plan PIN for 2010 F-150. Thanks for your consideration. My e-mail is in my contact list.. Thanks
  8. Just for curiousity how much does it cost to run a site like that?
  9. 04GT

    production firues for 07 Mustang?

    Ford will not release the numbers to you. I tried for 2 years to get numbers on my rare 04 (Competition Orange GT Conv.) and Ford denied having such numbers, give me a break. Gm and Chrysler can give you not only their own numbers but Ford's also. I got my numbers from a GM dealer friend. Try looking on "TheMustangSource.com" they seem to have information. Good Luck.
  10. 04GT

    Rumoured Mondeo Coupe

  11. 04GT

    Can Canadians Apply

    Thanks for your help I appreciate it but I have already received one.
  12. Need a pin number looking at purchasing an F150 can anyone help. PM me Please thanks.
  13. I am in Canada can I apply for an Xplan PIN number.
  14. 04GT

    06 mustang gt build sheet

    Go to the Mustang website and put in your VIN number it will give you details about you car.