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  1. Knew he wouldn't stay still for long. Seems a good fit for him given Google's recently announced goals.
  2. It's the same story here in Maryland. They fooled the stupid voter base into approving casinos since all of the proceeds were legally tied to going to the education fund. All it ended up doing is taking education money that was originally coming from the general fund and replacing it with casino taxes. Then they just funded new programs with the "freed up" general fund money and all the sudden we need more taxes because they schools still aren't getting enough.
  3. I loved the sounds all around! Don't know what the complaining is about.
  4. Really, they should just simplify it to a "range" number and then just use a separate unpublished number for CAFE. The "combined" number they started using is at least a step in the right direction. No one will ever be entirely happy with it though, as outliers to data sets will always exist.
  5. Will also note again: those front brakes are HUGE!!!
  6. Pretty aggressive front end sculpting. Not sure it really matches the more subtle aesthetic of the rest of the body. But hey, function over form in this case I suppose.
  7. Working right next to a major airport, I'm sure I'll see the passenger vans as soon as they start becoming available.
  8. Multimatic has been very successful with Mustangs recently with the Boss 302R's in the Continental Tire Sports Car Series, so it's certainly not a new relationship with Ford Racing. Seems to be a very capable company if they should decide to expand that cooperation.
  9. Won't hold my breath, but it really wouldn't take much to get there from where they are. Given the weight advantage though, would it really need it?
  10. NickF1011

    Escalade to get a diesel and V sport?

    GM is limited with what they can do with the Escalade if they are going to continue to pin it to the rest of GM's fullsize SUVs, similar to Lincoln with the Navigator. I think a split in architectures would be required to really take either vehicle to a Range Rover-type level.
  11. NickF1011

    SRT Hellcat Horsepower Ratings Published

    Well, there's nobody saying the GT500 won't return still.
  12. Oh, it still is, and I still have my fingers crossed they change it.
  13. NickF1011

    SRT Hellcat Horsepower Ratings Published

    Fair enough. Things have certainly changed a lot in the past 10-15 years for sure.
  14. NickF1011

    Tesla and their warranty problem with the Model S

    Interesting. As integrated as the battery and electric motor packs are in Tesla's designs, I think powertrain replacements could affect a lot more of the rest of the vehicle than replacing a traditional engine/transmission which is relatively isolated from the rest of the vehicle by comparison.