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  1. They must like you better than me, the offer they sent me is only good for $2000.
  2. Hey, they are keeping up. I noticed one line "designed with upfitters in mind". That is so true. I know guys that work for an outfit that will take in a cab & chassis and equip it for snow plow and spreader duty, and they say that the Internationals are the easiest to work with, especially in the ares of equipment fitment to frame, installing hydraulics, and integrating electrical. They can turn an International around in about 10 days to 2 weeks less time. The only other maker that is even close is Western Star.
  3. I do not see that happening. The differences in the foundation brakes alone make this impractical. Maybe Ford should just sub out the design of an air brake system fir the F650/750 since they do not seem to have the expertise needed.
  4. All of this is going to come at a cost, no matter big fleet or small. Speaking from those I know with small fleets, an extra $39.99, $29.99 per month per vehicle is a no go. According to friends in organizations with large fleets, they have been doing it already and would only look at other options if those options had more functions they wanted or offered a significantly lower cost (and worked on a mixed model fleet).
  5. Looks like a nice offering. But, most commercial users around here that use half tons use regular cab 8 foot bed units. Hopefully those will come in the future.
  6. Going CNG/RNG is getting more popular. A friend was a head mechanic for an outfit with 70+ Class 7 & 8 trucks, and when they made the changeover to CNG about 4 years ago thet built A new maintenance garage. To meet NFPA and state codes it cost about 30% more, but they said that with lower fuel cost, and lower maintenance cost it was worth it. The only problem was that some drivers ocassionally forget to complete the fueling hookup when they get back to the barn. They also invested in a one ton equipped with a high pressure CNG tank to take care of any out of fuel while on a route issues.
  7. I see in the news today that Hino is hooking up with REE on EV trucks. Looks like REE is a proponent of wheel motors with the electronic controls integrated in the motor. This could be interesting.
  8. Couldn't get to it, too many other things going on at same time.
  9. Got an invite from Ford for this yesterday: FORD COMMERCIAL SPRING UPDATE A look at how Ford is transforming its commercial vehicle business April 22 at 2:00 PM (EST)
  10. Several parts to this problem. Many of the chip fab plants are overseas and have many other potential customers who are willing to pay more, but also are buying higher value chips that make more money. Automakers cut production a year ago, and as a part of that cancelled many orders so they did not have to keep unused chips on hand. That production then shifted to higher value chips. And the purchasing policies of some automakers do not help. Always demanding rock bottom prices, and price cuts throughout the purchase contract makes you less attractive as a customer, especially when supplies are tight.
  11. Around here, on the hot summer days many run the AC well into the night.
  12. One problem that I see with at home charging for EVs is the local distribution grid. Where I live the local distribution grid was designed and built out in the 50's when homes had 60 amp/240 V service. (30 amp on one leg 120V and 30 amp on the other leg 120 V) In the 70's and 80's when many people added whole house AC, service to the homes was upgraded one at a time to 100 amp service with larger capacity pole mounted transformers added as needed. The basic grid that exists today was that installed in the 50's (same wires, insulators, poles). Gas furnaces, ranges, etc are the norm. On hot summer days when everyone is running AC I notice quite a voltage drop when I run my air compressor and other items in the garage. Also, the 4160 line in my back yard has a more noticeable droop. Adding EV home charging to even 20% of the homes would require updated wiring and more or larger transformers. Get ready for higher electricity bills to pay for the updates, as they are long overdue.
  13. lfeg

    GM To Supply Fuel Cells To Navistar

    This is interesting. More fuel options are good.
  14. Read something this evening. Seems that Navistar is working with GM on using GM fuel cells in class7 & 8 trucks.