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  1. Looking at this through the lens of product liability, the responsible parties will be many. This includes who developed the software/AI, who developed the firmware, who did the safety validation, who sold it, and who was in responsible charge of it's operation. And this will vary from state to state.
  2. I wish that they would just quit making the pickups so tall. When I park my '13 F150 next to a mid seventies F150 (or even F250) mine is about 4 inches higher. Even worse, when standing at the tailgate of my '59 F250 I can reach over the tailgate and pick up a pair of pliers off of the bed floor, with my '13 F150, I cannot reach halfway down the inside of the tailgate. (both are 4x4).
  3. My '66 base Fairlane wagon did that too.
  4. Cost. They are not Transits because Ram is discounting to move whatever they can.
  5. One of my sisters is a good example of that. In normal times her 15 mile commute takes about an hour in non peak times. She can do her job better from home than she can from the cube farm with all of its distractions. She only really needs to go to the office once or twice a month.
  6. With the price of cars (&CUVs, SUVs etc.) where they are, I do not see sales recovering to 2019 levels for several years. But I do see used car sales holding up, as many look for a more affordable option, as it will take several years for many to get back on their feet.
  7. ..." to deliver holistic customer solutions " Years ago we called statements like that bafflegarb, designed to sound like you know more than the next guy without saying anything to commit yourself to anything. Why not just say "we want to provide the right product for the customer that provides excellent performance at a reasonable total cost and make money doing it".
  8. Do not know if it is smart or not, but they are not an essential facility, and ordered shut down by the OH dept of Health.
  9. lfeg

    1980 Briggs and Stratton Hybrid

    I like the look.
  10. Nice car, I had a 68 and 69, A nice cruiser.
  11. Yep, ordered one when they came out. Compared to the competition, it was quicker and more manuverable. I liked it.
  12. It is only a matter of time until battery tech gets to the 500 mile number in range. Now, what will the cost be, and what is the real world cycle life?
  13. I have only seen that problem with lower quality steels. And it is not the acid (as the temperature of the molten zinc will vaporize any pickling acid remaining on the part) but interactions of heat and the zinc with impurities in the weld zone. Also, I would trust that any welds on a truck frame would be full penetration anyway.
  14. E coating is just a paint that is applied in an electrically charged dip tank. Where I am at it starts to degrade after about 3 years due to deicers and such used on the roads. Hot dipped galvanized is the best, followed by electrogalvanizing.
  15. lfeg

    8+L Godzilla ?

    If Ford is serious about the upper reaches of class 6 and class 7, an 8 liter makes sense, especially with gaseous fuel.