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  1. Only 2 of the 6 near me are within walking distance of anything. The rest are in a rural or commercial/industrial area with no shops or restaurants nearby.
  2. Takes me about 60 seconds. 90 if I walk slowly. (I order ahead with the app) Or 7 minutes if Becky grabs my drink by mistake cause she can't read the label......
  3. akirby

    Sync 3 in E350

    Yes but it's really expensive. You have to swap out all the hardware. Some companies provide the hardware for around $2000.
  4. Ford has encrypted their window stickers so you can't just change a vin number on an old URL any more, but I found this dealer webpage that works: http://mcmahonford.com/Look-Up-Window-Sticker/
  5. Yep I can see that. After 3.5 years it just seems normal. I'm sure an Edge would feel like the console was too low!
  6. Because they were busy with Aviator and Corsair which were in development at the same time? I'm sure it's the same team. Why would they change the front clip? It matches all the rest. The interior doesn't.
  7. I fixed the title. It's "body in white" not "white body". White body is me on the beach in April.
  8. No he did not. He simply said that Consumer Reports lower mpg could be related to driving style, speed and environmental conditions (temperature, break in time, etc.). All of which was completely true.
  9. 2016 (MY) - debut 2019 - new grille 2021 - new interior? 2023 - new platform? This could make sense for 2 reasons - to bring it into line with Navi, Aviator and Corsair design wise and it's just a tweak of what they did for Aviator and Corsair already (minimal cost). Having just launched Aviator and Corsair and the new one not being ready for a few more years - what else do they have to work on?
  10. Oh I agree it's the right thing to do, just pointing out that they would work better if you could at least get something to eat or shop or watch a movie while it charged.
  11. That's funny - the center console is one of the things we liked better on the MKX vs. the Edge (the other was seat comfort). It works fine for us after 3.5 years. It would be great if they refreshed the interior since the all new Nautilus is 2022 or 2023 my. We might end up getting another one since the wife thinks the Explorer/Aviator are too large.
  12. Yes, but what are you doing to do at a dealership while waiting for your vehicle to charge? Then again I guess Tesla's chargers have the same issue unless they happen to be co-located with shopping, food or entertainment.
  13. Stupid ruling, but back and leg injuries 2 blocks from the dealership? I call shenanigans. Probably hired one of those ambulance chasing personal injury attorneys. My brother was managing a goodyear store when I was delivering furniture in high school. Took the truck in to fix a tire. About 3 miles out of town on a delivery the tire started wobbling but I was able to get it to the shoulder before it fell off. Called my buddy who helped me jack it up and put on the spare. Had them reinstall the tire AND tighten the lug nuts and went on my merry way. Hearing Willie tell my brother that the tire fell off my truck because he forgot to tighten the lug nuts was entertaining. Put the tire back on, tighten the lug nuts and fix any vehicle damage and call it a day. Personal injury is the new lottery.
  14. But not to the same degree as what was quoted. It's not great but it's probably not that bad either.
  15. Well known in Japan and China so I assume it happens to some degree in South Korea as well.
  16. Shipping vehicles to another factory for repair and delaying delivery of customer vehicles for weeks or months isn't clickbait. And it's been happening for the last 7 years. While I agree it won't do much long term damage it's extremely frustrating.
  17. Signing bonuses are just another way to divvy up the same pie. Take away the bonus and they get more salary. Take away the salary and they get less benefits. It's just a shell game.
  18. Exactly. Or more accurately I'm saying that he's not willing to sacrifice revenue, schedule or new products to avoid current quality issues. It's always a gamble. If they have no major problems they're ahead (financially). If they have major issues then that eats up the savings. Perhaps the changes that would have been required would have caused Bronco or Mach-E to be delayed by 2 months. That may be worth more than a month or two of poor Explorer sales. It's always a tradeoff. TANSTAAFL. If you spend more money (or lose more money) on one vehicle you have to take it from another vehicle or project. I just hope those other projects and vehicles are worth the tradeoff.
  19. These subsidies are not always public. Asian governments are notorius for subsidizing their home companies selling products to other countries.
  20. Where is the UAW? Why aren't they doing something about it? Ford's options are limited without union cooperation. From what I've read it's the local union reps doing the bullying.
  21. I've never heard the changes that Hackett talks about being tied to quality. They're all tied to changing the product development process and the process of deciding what to build and when (or what not to build) and how that ties back into profitability. Which is all great. But accelerating products and designing a lot of new products including some outside the box things like autonomous vehicle management platforms takes money and resources. I think Hackett is simply putting quality 2nd at this point, exchanging some product issues and a black eye to get things out the door faster and not lose as much revenue. He may also be cutting costs behind the scenes to fund these other projects. Personally I think a balance would be better - put a little more time and money and effort into retooling and new product launches and delay the products an extra month or two. Then again I don't see the balance sheet so maybe financially he's making the right decision. Sure is frustrating though.
  22. I think quality was what he was referring to. Unless changes are made why would we not expect these problems with Bronco or Mach-E launches? I hope this will convince Hackett that more attention needs to be paid to quality now.
  23. We know those numbers are skewed for Toyota and Ford in the US. Ford does a bit better and Toyota probably does worse (last time I checked anyway). Probably the same for the koreans. When you don't really have any products that are desirable on their own you have to underprice the competition especially in the commoditized markets where they primarily compete (with a few exceptions).