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    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    Nope. The differences between Bronco Sport and Escape are far more than a badge and a grille.
  2. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    Au contraire - you have to add it in because that was Ford's strategy and that's why Escape looks like it does. Two different versions of essentially the same vehicle with different styling and different features to appeal to 2 different demographics. That's the part you don't seem to comprehend.
  3. akirby

    1979 Ford Bronco Sells for $64,500

    Finally - the answer to the $64k question!
  4. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    Before the Virus Escape was on track to hit about 275K units. Add in 100K-125K Bronco Sports and you're close to 400K.
  5. akirby

    Decision Time, Aviator or not?

    IQS is meaningless for someone keeping a vehicle 8 years. I don't expect Genesis to be bad and I don't expect Aviator to be great, just saying that neither one has a long track record at this point.
  6. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    something fishy about it.....
  7. akirby

    Decision Time, Aviator or not?

    There is no data to conclude that a Genesis GV80 would be more reliable over 8 years than an Aviator.
  8. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    Camrys were awful and they sold 450K a year.....
  9. akirby

    Decision Time, Aviator or not?

  10. You're arguing about twin turbos on a Mach 1 that clearly won't have twin turbos.
  11. Of course it could be done - just not easily. Besides, twin turbos would put it in GT500 territory which is way above where Mach 1 would sit in the lineup anyway. The whole twin turbo tangent was confusing and not really relevant to Mach 1.
  12. No they're not. You guys completely misunderstood. That engine pic was in response to the statement that twin turbos would not fit under the hood of a 5.0L mustang. Had nothing to do with Mach 1.
  13. I don't think the BEV midsizer is 3 years away. 1-2 at most. And remember the Explorer/Aviator program was on hold when he took it over so he certainly could have made changes like that if he wanted to. I think he is all in on the new flagships being best in class (Aviator, Bronco, etc.).
  14. Track ready doesn't mean it's a race car as Fuzzy was saying. He was implying it wasn't a street car because of things that were missing (on the engine photo which isn't even a mach 1 engine). It's all moot anyway.
  15. Are you guys talking about the engine pic? That is NOT the Mach 1 engine. That’s just a random pic of a twin turbo 5.0L.
  16. So is a GT350 but it’s also streetable.
  17. He’s not defending him, he’s correcting a lie - fake news. Big difference.
  18. He had the opportunity to do that with both Corsair and Aviator and did not, plus he was planning a 100% Lincoln flagship with Rivian before it got cancelled. I don’t think that’s an issue at all.
  19. I was guessing windshield wipers but they may just be hidden in the cowl.
  20. If and when that happens we can discuss it. Until then it’s a non issue. Were they supposed to import the batteries to China?
  21. IT'S FOR CHINESE VEHICLES!! Geez, people. Read.
  22. It's far and above any previous Lincoln vehicles in every category.
  23. Aha, well, I usually don't look at real trucks, just F150s.