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  1. Engines don’t last 300k without changing the oil one way or another.
  2. Check with the dealer for software updates.
  3. Had they never put power seats in the base model nobody would care. Much ado about nothing in this specific case. Of course I agree with the criticism of most of the other decontenting.
  4. You guys do realize they only dropped power seats from the BASE model……they’re still available on the 27 ST-Line models and the higher trims. Geez…..
  5. Nope. The 2013 Fusion was very competitive and better than all in the segment except maybe Accord. Yet it was outsold by Camry and never generated much profit because most buyers wanted cheap SE models priced against cheap Camrys and Altimas.
  6. I believe it’s replaceable. Have you thought about asking the dealer parts dept or checking online at ford parts.com?
  7. He lost most of his insider contacts and has been busy with his business and living life. I still keep up with him on Facebook and I bought an electronic drum kit from him a couple years ago.
  8. And the DOT and NHTSA should repeal their 60 yr old lighting laws and adopt European designs and standards.
  9. ACC is a convenience feature not a safety feature. I do wish it would give more warning when it has to slow down for traffic. Had mine set to 77 on I75 (limit 70) and would frequently encounter vehicles ahead slowing down causing me to slow down. When it’s gradual you do t always notice immediately. Tell me so I can go around
  10. Yes it would definitely have to be longer for more legroom and cargo room. Some people don’t understand just how short it is.
  11. But the business case for a C2 hybrid edge is much better in terms of simplification and platform amortization which probably would have led to better sales and definitely better profit. But the cd4 decision was probably made in 2011-ish and they thought they needed a v6 for both fusion and edge. Better sales and profits may have forced Ford to put the 3 row EVs in Mexico or Flat Rock instead of Oakville.
  12. Sorry we have so many people here who don’t understand how businesses make decisions. They think it’s a simple “can we sell them”. I should have said you do t u derstand all the factors in this decision.
  13. Still a BS just less rugged. Something in between the original escape and current BS.
  14. I think a longer FWD only BS with less offroad styling and street tires and a hybrid powertrain would make a great escape replacement. And upgraded interior options.
  15. You don’t seem to understand business decisions. They didn’t decide to kill Edge. They decided to replace it with EV production. When they decided to go CD4 instead of C2 for the 2015 models without a hybrid they screwed the pooch. It was too expensive and the ST was not as popular as the hybrid would have been. Same for Nautilus but China came to the rescue there. Originally the 2nd gen edge was going on CD6 but that was canned. It’s really a series of multiple bad decisions that led to Edge being cancelled, not just “hey let’s cancel it”. Had they waited and gone C2 with I4s and hybrids only I think Ford would have made a different decision on the EVs slated for Oakville. But that’s water under the bridge.
  16. None of my recent vehicles have lost settings when replacing a battery. I think they’re using non volatile storage these days.
  17. I mean, it does work up to a point…… Reminds me of the guy who put armor all on his tires. On the tread. Then didn’t understand why he crashed in the rain.
  18. Another option is to disconnect the negative battery lead.
  19. The code is not the same as the ratio. There were multiple powertrains available so you really need to check with the dealer parts department and have them verify the part # and ratio by VIN or by specific model and engine and drivetrain.
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