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  1. Numistay: I definitely know who Elizabeth Warren is and yes I respect her financial expertise. You should watch a recent PBS (frontline) documentary on the fees of stocks because this gave a lot of insights on what fees are being charged to investors without their complete knowledge. "The Retirement Gamble". TESPHE and SSIP do run very differently but at the same time, you have a match which is way better than TESPHE even if there were fees. Am I correct that the company is still matching $1/$1? You are right when the stock is going up it does not seem to matter to most, but fees of $2500.00 is absolutely absurd! To those with TESPHE most investors would say not to invest in your own companies stock when it does not have a match but it is doing rather well as of late so that would be a tough decision. This divisiveness in the stock holdings between salaried and hourly is something that I never understood?
  2. So Sorry to hear about another young person dying from the U.A.W. team, prayers go out to this members family and loved ones.
  3. LMAO LMAO, so funny and so true. Both the comments General were so frickin funny : ) I swear they could make a reality tv series on just the DTP alone!!
  4. Although I do not know this Chucky guy he has the right to speak under the First Amendment along with the so called peaceably assemble part. Biting the hand that feeds him, might not be the right thing to do but it is a union shop and sometimes its own members don't agree with what the leaders of its members are doing. He/She has that right to voice it period. Insubordination, give me a break, you must be new because there were a lot of back and forth fights between supervisors and hourly back in the day....it was a union shop and was expected, no one should get their feelings hurt over it, it happens. Safety violations are plentiful in all factory settings, it comes with the territory. What do you care if labor relations is slandered unfairly, unless you are under the desk with them. Dues are paid monthly, it is their JOB to represent, anything less would be in violation of their rights as a dues paying member. We can all call them #ssholes and they still have to represent. I am not saying they should call them out of their name but I'm sure members get frustrated. People go into work not always having a perfect day.
  5. Both of you good posts. This election is probably the most important election to keep the working class moving in the right direction. I can't believe there are still those as union members voting for the other side. How can anyone vote for Mitt when he clearly said "NO" to the autos. I get it, tax payer money but a No to the autos is a NO to the working class union members plain and simple. Again, Gov. Snyder in Michigan said, RTW hasn't reached his desk yet. But why would he say that? To me he was asking for it to reach his desk. He said it would be "divisive" but he never said he would not sign it if it reached his desk. I listened to his speech carefully. He is tricky Ricky with his words.
  6. The State House Committee up in Lansing passed labor bills limiting strikes and dues collections. This legislations would add county and municipal employees to the law that prohibits public school teachers from striking and set steep fines for public sector strikes and lockouts. It would make it easier for the employers to get an injunction to stop picketing and to require employers to get annual permission to collect union dues. The pac was approved by the House and Oversight Reform and Ethics Committee by a Republican from Rochester Hills (yeah, like he's a guy that represents working class people from working class neighborhoods, fat chance!) This bill would still have to be passed by both the House and the Senate (majority Republican, awful) and then signed by Gov. Snyder ® who said just last week that no legislation has ended up on his desk yet (how shocking that it will end up on his desk only a week later and he knew nothing about it! ). Wow, and to think this guy was touting its all about jobs and getting people back to work in Michigan while screwing with the people that have jobs. My question is who would want to ever work in the public sector if this happens? Do I think this is going to pass? With a majority of Republicans, you better believe it? Do I think they will turn to private, maybe. Do I think the IUAW better start thinking about those who they represent, absolutely! Is this headed toward Right to Work for Less, yes. Do the union members feel that the Company has totally BS them in getting an unfair contract using the old "We are not competitive" Do we feel the IUAW listened to what the company said and forced this total BS contract down the throats of its members, HELL YES! Guess what if this is the language, the IUAW could not even get the strike signs ready because there would be no strike if the bill is made into law. Now what? If this bill goes to the private sector which if they are competing with states like Indiana who just passed the bill, it will go to the private and the IUAW will have to ask the same people that did not get their raise, cola, xmas, etc back in this latest contract to SIGN HERE FOR UNION DUES (permission only please). Now what? Seriously, now what? Before a bunch of people slam me, I am not for this, totally and 100% against this. I imagine the future and all those people who were wishful thinkers and thought they were doing the company and IUAW a favor by remaining competitive in their wages only to be screwed over, not once but TWICE!!!!! We can't blame the hard working union members but we can put blame where it should be.
  7. Sorry you can't possibly see me all the time, that is literally impossible period. Second, you have no idea who I am because you keep referring me to persons who I am not. Btw, I have no weight issue at all, actually I have been called slim on more than one occasion. I don't feel this way about any employee, only you. Yes, I do know Marty personally and if she said she was a commie she is just not willing to fight with someone that is as stupid as you are. What about my former U.A.W brethen?? That I clearly do not understand?? Is this to tell me once again that I am salaried, you can give up on that because I am not : ) Rocket scientist, maybe, my degree has a science element to it that is for sure. Listen, don't work to hard and get your panties in a bunch, it is not worth the argument. You have a nice life. I am enjoying mine.
  8. Sorry, I like facts so show me or tell me why you think she is a communist. What exactly makes her a commie? No, I think your the Asshole because while your there working your ass off, I'm sitting on my butt watching you work your ass off : ) Angry are we DTP Nick sorry, education will make things a whole lot easier my friend. Don't work too hard!!
  9. According to the Detroit News there is a new bill being heard in the house that could lead to a law that would require annual approval to withhold union dues from an employees paycheck. "The law would require that employees to be notified annually of their right to (opt out) of paying union dues. " The Gov.. said" there hasn't been a bill on his desk for the right to work, yet, and that he didn't want this to turn into Ohio or Wisconsin", but my question is if you opt out of paying union dues would that not make you an "at will worker" sort of speak?? I know the union still would have to represent the worker but at what cost.? Why would a union bargain for one person who pays dues and one who doesn't. Isn't this a round about way of "Right to Work" without paying dues?? Btw, this is not only for public employees, this is also for private. Will you see a number of workers opt out from the recent news of salaried increases (they have no union), while the hourly workers (long term employees got none)? Will this lead to the union bargaining in the best faith for its seniority workers because after all, the union will try to fight harder for those for fear some workers could easily opt out?
  10. No one is forcing you to read her spark paper, I will call her up and see if she calls herself a commie. Being that her profession is an educator, I think you might be full of BS as usual. I think you need some help Nick. You know her professional PHD is in psychology, so maybe she can help you....then again, some might not be able to be fixed.
  11. My best advice to you is to go on the UAW for department facebook which it looks to me like a lot of union reps read and voice this same complaint on that site.....this will get the ball rolling. Beware some of those same threatening jerks work for the I.U.A.W, I know one such person who is a regional rep. He set up his cuties constantly. No seniority was ever valued and an equalization sheet (this guy never heard of one) yet he was the Chairman of the plant. Let your local know immediately, if nothing goes, let international know. Harassment should not be tolerated by the representatives that represent you.
  12. I can't believe they hire people like you to work in the Rouge, honestly?? She is a teacher so she is probably teaching classes if you don't see her spending her endless efforts for the better cause of the hourly employees. What makes her a Marxist, her endless fight against corporations, her voice for the people who she cares about the most, the ones who work hard on the production line, or just the fact that she smiles and tells those going out and into the plant to have a nice day. She has written a lot of things about people being terminated for unjust cause, you my friend should of made it on that list for just cause (just being STUPID).
  13. Do they seriously think this an up to date story of how this man is paying child support on $4.50 hr.? First, I don't know anyone who makes this low pay unless you are illegal. Second, you slept with this person. Having your less than 30 second satisfaction sometimes comes at a big cost, use protection. Third, child support has to pay for a roof over your child's head (no fault of their own that their parents couldn't work it out). Then consider the cost to maintain what they once had and still continue to need to have close to a decent life minus one parent being there all the time...school activities cost, lunches cost, clothes cost, new shoes cost, hair cut cost, medication cost, doctors visits cost, sports cost, gas to drive them back and forth, and so many other things that come up. Go back to court and fight for custody if you want them so badly. No court will let you revisit paying a lower amount based on your wages EVER. If you had a lot of overtime the previous year, sign in bonuses, profit sharing, this all is in the equation. I agree with you that child support should not be a way to support herself, however, family court rules on the fact that she can stay at home as long as she is in charge of taking care of the children's well being no matter what. The court system feels that is her job, whether she is paid or not. If they are small and not yet in school, the court will never find in favor of putting children in a childcare setting environment instead of their own parent unless the parent is unfit. They grow up so fast....18 is here before you know it. I remember our father complaining about the same things as my mother struggled to keep it together. You don't want your children to remember that fight between you and your ex. Believe me you don't. I understand your plight, truly I do, but your children will later grow up to think you were fighting against them and not just their mother. I'm sure you are a wonderful father but stay positive especially around your children. They surely did not ask for this to happen and unfortunately some stay troubled into their adult life after the fallout of their parents.
  14. Walk in with Mom today and she wrote out her deposit slip (Senior Citizen) and the bank teller said "were you going to pay the difference in the amount of the check and what you wrote on the deposit?" She said, "I don't understand," well the state tax went in effect for your check so it is lower than what you put on your deposit slip. She did not even notice that her check had decreased, until the bank teller pointed it out to her. A few gathered outside after I was in there to voice about what happens to Seniors pensions when they vote for these Republican governors. My mother has always been a democrat, ALWAYS, I just wished my Republican Grandparents were still around to see what is happening to seniors now and in the future. Raising taxes on seniors, shame shame shame!! People that are on a fixed income as their insurance goes up again and cost of living. REPUKES BLOW!! And I don't even want to here at least she has a pension. Her pension is 370 month!!
  15. You know what I would do??? I would sit down and ask them, especially if they were out of work......if Ford called you tomorrow, asked if you wanted to come in for an interview, pay you a good wage, plus benefits, and holidays, would you say no??? Tell them hey, if we were given one application to give to a friend or family member, what would they do if the application was presented to them?? Ask them if they would turn it down? None of them, even with a good job would turn it down. This is the problems people. They can't stand it because it is so good. Everyone hate what they can't have. Everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side. Wouldn't it be nice to walk them in the building and let them try it for 10 hours?? the over 40's would die out there!!
  16. A Total of 30 minutes or 30 minutes for each kid??
  17. AWE, isn't Fatso sweet that he likes to wear his boyfriend's name on his jacket. It really is moving, Fatso, Nick would be so proud of you. Maybe you can get a tattoo of him on your bum. How can your chips ever be down, you can retire soon, I can see in the future as if Laverne in Shirley are reincarnated on Fatso jacket. Her with her big "L" on all her shirts and jackets and Fatso with a big "N" on his : )
  18. Yes, you are right Len, I stand corrected but most employees (salaried) would you agree were hired before 2000? There are not a lot of new hires after 2000, it seems as though I remember a big hiring freeze plus a lot of people before either let go voluntarily or involuntarily back in 2006. What would you say the average age of a salaried worker and the years on the job?? I say its around 45 and at least 15 years??
  19. Good Question, it would depend on the match and yes your absolutely right most companies do not pay a pension but why does our company pay salary a pension and on top of that a match plus stock options??
  20. I love how there is a spot for the match, why? because most companies you work for Match, this company could care less about hourly investing their money!! BS
  21. What? Seriously the company will not be hiring 12,000 new bodies. If 8,000 leave and 8,000 people are backfilled you get the same number of employees regardless if they are new or not. Backfill is backfill period. Are the supplemental employees that are now full-time non temporary workers included in the new hires?? Fields admits that $400 was lost to each employee if the new profit plan would of been implemented. Similar to salaried?? Not even close!! As we said there is a 12K cap period, end of story!!
  22. LOL, who is the plant manager??? Maybe you can ask him if he can remove it??? I'm sure the plant manager (current) does not like to see the other guys name on the jacket either. LOL/ someone has a BIG ego.
  23. Great Post!!! I am surprised more people have not responded to the very line that says applying these applications will allow for reductions in cost (no surprise there), and in the reduction in labor..hmmm did I miss something??? Are they not adding jobs or are they considering the reduction of labor in trades only stating in a round about way that there will be no more backfill of new trades added or people of the production line going back to tools??? Looks like they want that trades number to go from 9000 to 8000 permanently.
  24. 401K match my friend, air conditioning, AWS (job sharing anyone, anyone??), merit increases to offset spending on insurance, higher salaries period, less physical work with little injury, moving allowances are sinful, buying vacation time. Look I know you GSR's get a bad rap but still try the line for 10 hours 4-5 days a week, believe me that $500 will seem like nothing. Way better profit sharing also. Put out an average salary for you all and then we can talk.
  25. Seriously, you have absolutely no idea who I am because what you have posted and the answer you give is waaaaaaaay off, no bro here : ) If you think you know who I am, call me out right now, tell me where I worked, tell me what plant I started in. Tell me where I ended up?? My self esteem is just fine. Words of encouragement to always take advantage of education is something that I value. Just because you do not want to take advantage of it, I can't help it. The degrees were paid for by Ford Mo. Co., I would love nothing more than for everyone to do it! :hyper:
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