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  1. Spring


    I just got my new benefit book. Am I reading this right? My pension benefit is reduced if I retire before 62, regardless of how many years I have?
  2. REFERENDUM VOTE! One man, one vote!
  3. This has been a bone of contention where I live. I'm very active in our county CAP and am a candidate as well. For far too long Labor has been a rubber stamp for the Democratic party and whereas that used to be beneficial to the UAW and Labor, it has now become a case of the Democrats taking Labor for granted and thinking they can dictate to us. They're very accommodating at election time but forget who you are afterwards....hence NAFTA, GATT and TPP....not to mention this so-called "cadillac tax" that, funnily enough, the politicians are exempt from. These are not the Democrats of our youth and of our fathers. We call this new breed pretendocrats and Demorats. We need to support those who support us. Bottom line.
  4. Was the quality manager Kesha or something like that? She was at OHAP with him......this is very interesting.
  5. Spring

    Chicago Assembly Plant

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/171340772996516/If you'd like to see the highlights.
  6. Spring

    New Contract Rumor

    You'll not get 25 and out or even 28 and out. Those 5 or 2 years that you'd get out early, you were technically in the GEN and since that was abolished, there's not an avenue to facilitate that. I did put in a resolution for reinstatement of the GEN but we'll see if anyone else did.
  7. Spring

    New Contract Rumor

    This seems to be a new trend. It was recently done to our county workers. I will vote against anything that touches my health care coverage. That's a non-starter!
  8. Spring


    Because when they did the 25 or 28 and out you supposedly spent those remaining years in GEN. Since they suspended that program during the concessions and apparently just abandoned it in the contract talks, there is no GEN program for you to go into.....and how many people put in a resolution to reinstate the GEN program? I know I did.
  9. Spring

    2015 Contract

    Because the attitude of the membership has become every man/woman for themselves, screw you Jack, I've got mine! Just look at how they vote their local officials in! It's based on not the greater good but who is going to do you a "favor"!
  10. Spring

    2015 Contract

    No we won't! The idea is to bring the 2nd tier up to legacy rates.....not go backwards!
  11. Spring

    Jimmy Settles

    I'll wait for the follow up story because I think the IUAW is in for a very rude awakening......very rude.......
  12. If you're looking at their wages: http://www.oregonlive.com/business/index.ssf/2013/07/daimler_trucks_north_america_w.html And Ford has already established a VEBA with the UAW......
  13. Spring

    Gary Walkowicz for PRESIDENT

    And today, at least in my region, they're getting the delegates together to brainwash them into supporting the dues increase. It's time to get real. You're not going to defeat the Admin Cauc on who they're supporting or in getting the referendum vote. The delegates are too busy for the most part sucking up and this is a wasted effort and just makes people look foolish. Give it up, it's a lost cause. I'd be concentrating right now on making damned sure that they don't raise those bloody union dues. And if you REALLY want to control them? Control their money! Sign off on your Beck rights with the VCAP and hamstring them. Start playing hardball because they're damned sure doing it to us and they could care less what happens to the rank and file. They've shown that time and again. Right now they're on their own personal agenda and it has nothing to do with what is good for the people in the plants!
  14. Spring

    A New Low at Chicago Assembly!

    Why not? That's how our chairman got re-elected! Bring in a shitload of LTSs and tell them they'll get hired if he gets elected....even though we know that won't happen since we're going to be laying off! And then telling the folks in the garage that if they don't vote for the chairman that we won't get a new product. OR! Telling the entry levels that you'll be able to protect their jobs if you get re-elected.....