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  1. Fatso

    Report Out On Your Slush Fund?

    And that is just what ya know about.Its obvious form how the unions cozy up to management that the union higher ups are cutting deals for themselves.This one time at the learning center I ate like 3 donuts and must of had like 4 cups of coffee-all free! Does that make me a hypocrite? Oh well tear down my statue if there is one!
  2. Fatso

    DONT drop the soap,Gary!

    All I am asking for is EQUAL ENFORCEMENT OF THE CONTRACT,in other words fairness.I have seen rules arbitrarily and capriciously enforced.Supervision can harass and intimidate,write hourly employees up for anything,mess with our payroll and with no repercussions.I have been asked my advice by someone who had a chance to join a union,"is it a good thing?".It all depends on how the non-union company is treating the workers , BUT know this.Once you vote in a union,you create an entirely different class of employee.You will have salaried,hourly and union officials.The union officials will be popular and form cliques that help them get re-elected.The union officials may have "deals" going with the company that keeps them from representing your best interest.I have seen in the 80`s,about 3 union officials at once,confront psycho-salary individuals and "act out" in a directly reflective manner to the "bad ass" supervisor.I have seen a union president tell a supervisor that if he continues to commit transgression that he will "put him on the street".I have seen,3 times,trades stick together and lets just say,,,,give the job a little extra,,,,hand on wrench time.The union is us sticking together.The union is not us acting, independently ,showing off,in order to become the bosses favorite.Thank you F.B.I. for helping us workers get a fair shake.
  3. Fatso

    DONT drop the soap,Gary!

    Let me tale ya all sumptin.I am gonna {and I know I aint the only one} wake my stinkin ass up at 4 O`clock in the morning on Monday.My friend aint nothun and I do mean nuthin that feels good at 4 O`clock in the morning.I am gonna drag my sorry ass into the factory,on LOCK DOWN,and do me a 10 hour shift.I use to and I know of people doin 7 on /7 off, 12`s.So here we is doin all this while the head of our union has sold us out!You the only one who has responded to this topic.Okay,all is good.I am glad most people are happy with their current situation.Trouble I have, is that I can see past, all the bullshit and I don't like it.It aint all hopeless.Things can get better but its a struggle.We deserve better for all we bring to Ford Motor Company AND the IUAW.They will never admit it but they need us!
  4. Fatso

    DONT drop the soap,Gary!

    I read online that Gary Jones is 'singing like a canary' and is implicating his predecessor,Dennis Williams.I hope they clean house all the way down to the Local`s.It is obvious now that the workers have been sold out by the UAW.With lucrative,deals in place between the company and the head of the UAW,a goal of the UAW would be to keep the deals rolling,NOT, stick up for the rank and file.In plain words,from that point on, the Company OWNS the UAW.Deals destroy solidarity."They can do that",,,"be lucky you got a job",,,,"If they don't like you, I cant help you",,,,''we don't stand in the way of anybodys deal",,, are all phrases I have heard from my union representatives at 2 separate locals. Maybe after all the criminals are convicted the Government will institute some type of oversight.Then maybe ethical and principled individuals will be able to get elected and represent the dues paying Rank and File in a more fair way.Let me say that I understand not all and every elected UAW official is rotten and there are some good union people who get elected.My current local is responsive and helpful.We need to get the UAW back on track.
  5. Fatso

    Wait Just A Minute.....

    Just enjoy this new Socialist Utopia.All the kids are.They get to "earn" the next grade without actually going to school ,in Michigan.I know,online learning.Okay lets say that every child has attentive parents.What about the discipline of waking up,being on time,dealing with "others",listening to authority?You know,maturity.The Queen, Governor in Michigan is strongly supported by the teachers union.Teachers still get paid and kids just graduate and taxpayers get the bill.I am wondering when I "may" be allowed get a hair cut?Stay Home and Stay Safe, but the virus wont disappear?Ford ate my "free" fed $$$ and I don't qualify for stimulus $$$.I do get taxes deducted from my paycheck.A government check,no work and "free" stuff! NO civilization in the history of the world has been able to print money indefinitely.
  6. Fatso

    DONT drop the soap,Gary!

    lap "dancing" is probably not the full story of what was goin on with our dues money.Does anybody know if our dues were used to pay for this Con-Man`s legal defense?That is worse than paying for a lap "dance" because that is adding injury to insult.I thought the UAW was suppose to be all nice and clean now?Let all the proven guilty, go it alone.If dues were used in their defense demand it gets paid back.I wonder how deep this investigation is gonna go?Maybe down a level as well as up?Just relax Gary,,,,,maybe wont hurt as much,,,you might even 'dig it'.Oh and by the way,you goin in prison,everybody knowing you is a RAT!
  7. Former UAW President Gary Jones has plead guilty to the following,Embezzling UAW dues:Racketeering:Tax Evasion.Mr.Jones faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.Under the terms of his plea deal {start singing,Gary} he will probably be sentenced to between 46-57 months.Mr.Jones has agreed to pay a fine of $150,000.He is the 14th person convicted as a result of the ongoing police investigation of corruption in the UAW.
  8. Fatso

    Stay at home order

    Yeah,I knew we would get screwed and the company could probably use the financial, help but I was just wondering because, I know some people who feel like we paid for our own SUB with our own tax dollars.The fact that FCAU initially paid out SUB on top of the Federal $600 has me wondering that maybe not paying us SUB can be argued in court.
  9. Fatso

    Stay at home order

    HEY does anybody know of anyone starting a class-action lawsuit contesting laid off UAW workers not getting SUB Pay?I know the UAW is in total agreement with the company so,,,,no help there, "They can do that",UAW.
  10. Fatso

    Stay at home order

    Michigan has turned into a Democratic-Socialist Utopia! {sarcasm}
  11. Fatso

    Covid 19 Pay

    WTF? I realize this all new territory but as a union member I rely on the union for answers.Shutdown don't sound like it pays.
  12. YEAH, ๐Ÿ˜I make more on unemployment than when I work. YEAH, the US Dollar will never crash.YEAH,inflation and higher interest rates will never happen.YEAH,all it takes is more deficit spending.YEAH,government money for non-residents.YEAH, ๐Ÿ˜pass a bazillion dollar invoice down to my great grandchildren.YEAH, ๐Ÿคฉwe are living in a Socialist Utopia.Free healthcare and cars and trucks for the WORLD.๐Ÿ˜ŠThen "we" get to keep working, earning worthless dollars,in order to make the cars and trucks! Trump BAAAAAAD ๐Ÿ˜† Socialism good ๐Ÿ˜˜ YEAH-HOORAY! We did it STAY SAFE!
  13. Fatso

    Covid 19 Pay

    At my plant I was told that if your fail the 'symptoms check' you will be sent home and S coded which means Short Work week.After that you call your doctor and I don't know what happens then,maybe you get a covid test?If you need to quarantine for 14 days I am hearing from the union that you will "get paid".How much exactly,I don't know.Also you must clear through plant medical before returning to work.The company is doing all this on a case by case basis meaning that if an employee has a history of attendance problems they may take a closer look.MADE IN CHINA can ya be that honest?I know its okay to blame every thing bad that happens on Trump.Just waddle along with the other sheeple,be compliant and nod your head and repeat over and over ,"there is NO government waste fraud or abuse involved with trillions in Stimulus Spending".California dreaming!
  14. Fatso

    Stay at home order

    We pay enough in taxes so why don't we get an opinion?Those buyout checks are gonna have to compete with Ford`s other expenses.It aint good timing.Ford Motor is not Apple or Amazon corp.When I read the buyout details there was no guarantee as to when the bonus check would arrive.My guess is Ford will have until the end of the year to pay.You will just have to wait and see but you will get it eventually.Labor Relations at the plant or local union reps are not the ones making the decision as to when the checks get cut.I would guess the Chief Financial Officer of Ford Motor would be the guy to ask.
  15. Fatso

    TLO pay

    I am gonna guess that the $600 would be added to the States payout and that may equal at least 74% of your take home of 40 hours before taxes.If that is the case then SUB is off the hook because SUB is the guarantee of 74% of 40 hours before taxes be paid to the employee.I see how if/when we get $600 from the Feds and if that $600 + the States portion of unemployment, = at least 74% of 40 hours then SUB is owed to us or is payed at a lesser amount.If an employee was already paid based on NOT getting the $600 then I assume that would be an over payment once the $600 kicks in.