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  1. twmalonehunter

    JDP '17 Initial Quality Study

    I feel this is pretty useless. I run a repair facility, and quality is the last thing I think of when talking about Kia.
  2. twmalonehunter

    Ford and Microsoft team up again

    I happen to own a Surface Pro 3 which I use for my business, and I can't say enough good things about it. It truly does fill my need for both a laptop and a tablet.
  3. twmalonehunter

    New 2015 Transit

    Yea huge step up, drives more like a car and despite the size it is quite maneuverable.
  4. twmalonehunter

    New 2015 Transit

    9000 gvw, I wanted the aluminum wheels. I am an independent service rep for Hunter Engineering Company. We supply wheel alignment systems, tire changer, balancers, etc for repair shops. Haha.. the package I have is all aluminum, made by Ranger, and it was installed by a separate company located close to the dealership.
  5. twmalonehunter

    New 2015 Transit

    I bought a new work van a few weeks ago, 2015 Transit, high roof, extended length. Loaded up with all the goodies. I can't say enough about this van, it is great in every way. The Ecoboost is simply marvelous, and the driving dynamics are light years ahead of my last E-series. Here are a couple of pictures, I will post some more when I get it organized.
  6. twmalonehunter

    Picked up New Focus ST

    Yep Dean, it's a 2014...couldn't pass up the deal. I did see the grey for 2015, my 2012 was grey and it looked really good. Is that Octane Academy included with my purchase? It sounds like a lot of fun!
  7. twmalonehunter

    Picked up New Focus ST

    As for EPA numbers, no chance! Too much fun...6th gear could be taller, almost 3000 rpm at 75mph.
  8. twmalonehunter

    Picked up New Focus ST

    Lol on the white...Love the black, just didn't want to constantly wash it! I wanted grey, but not available on the ST. Silver was a possibility, but then I would have 3 silver vehicles....neighbors might have made fun of me .
  9. First impressions: Handles great, ride is a bit rough on bad roads. Pretty fast, pulls nice to redline. First gear is tough, lots of spin and torque steer. Recaro seats are very supportive, awesome actually. Not sure about a long trip, not able to reposition very much. Shifter is slick, love rowing through the gears. I like MyFord Touch, but will need some time to learn all the intricacies. Overall, I love the car! Attached a couple of photos.
  10. twmalonehunter

    '15 Mustang Fuel Economy Leaked

    435HP. Or did you miss that part?
  11. One can only wish. 3.5EB!!
  12. twmalonehunter

    '15 Transit Review

    Sat in one today. It is very nice, dash and steering wheel are almost identical to my Focus. I have been anxiously awaiting the Transit for over 2 years now.