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  1. Aray.....good catch. I compared the 2019 and 2020 fleet brochure and indeed it’s the same picture with the side badge missing ?
  2. Yeah I kinda wanted to know the color combinations available, like will slate be available with both blue exteriors?
  3. Hey folks. Frustrated here by the 2019 Nautilus as ordered by local dealers and on the lot. This is going to be my “retirement” car and I’d like it to be just what I want. Can anyone help me with a 2020 order guide? Selling the 2017 MKZ Reserve 3.0T AWD too if anyone is interested.
  4. Hello all....I came looking for other information, but felt compelled to respond to some comments regarding EB engines I read here. I have 24,XXX miles on my 2013 Fusion 1.6EB with 6-speed manual. A very nice package to drive. I preordered the car and got one of the first in Phoenix. There were some trim issues that I associated with having one of the first units, but nothing major. The car has only been to the dealer for the two recalls, though there was no evidence of any issue. The car does not rattle, and actually draws compliments from passengers regarding the level of quiet. As for mileage, over more than 23,000 miles the car is averaging 33.5 MPG. That's probably 75% freeway, with speeds up to 80 and some stop and go thrown in. It frequently gets full throttle to merge and pass, though in city traffic I tend to drive pretty conservatively, including putting the trans into neutral approaching stop lights, etc. Overall I'm very pleased with the car, and don't have any issue recommending it.
  5. Hey all....just stumbled on this post, and I have to agree, the sound quality is poor. I let my subscription run out on my 2013 Fusion, even though I had a paid subscription in my last two Fords. The music quality is poor.
  6. My 2 cents....my 2013 1.6 EcoBoost. Original oil drained at 3,000, filled with Pennzoil 5W-20 Platinum full synthetic. It's getting another change tomorrow, same oil, with 10,500 miles. I believe with the turbo, the synthetic and the more frequent changes are worth the cost, even though there is still room on the monitor. I think all companies like to say "lowest cost of ownership" and if you're including how often the oil needs to be changed (and thus the cost) you may be shortchanging the engine life for advertising. A bit more often doesn't cost that much over the life of the vehicle.
  7. Just FYI, almost 11,000 miles on my 2013, and apart from that original recall for the EcoBoost overheat possibility, I've had no need to revisit the dealer. Not that I don't like them, but the car is trouble free. It's getting a fresh fill of full synthetic again tomorrow.
  8. Hello all...since I wanted a manual trans, I had to order an SE, and thus also got the less-cool taillights. Do we have a decision on the most accurate part numbers? I'm considering getting only the outers on each side, and not the trunk pieces. Thank you.
  9. I'm also curious too puppybone69. Did you go ahead with the change? I was thinking of only doing my outer lamps. I suspect the inner ones require additional wiring since they currently have only back-up lamps.
  10. Hey all. Well, I just picked up my 2013 SE this past weekend and was surprised by a couple things. First that the chrome window trim encircled the side windows (I thought I saw pictures where the Titanium had this, and lower models had only a lower chrome trim, but not surrounding pieces. The 205A luxury package adds them to the SE) and secondly that the taillights, as mentioned in this forum, are lower level than the Titanium. I guess my issue with the taillights are as follows...as mentioned elsewhere, I don't ever remember seeing a photo image of the lights that were not the surrounding Titanium style. I've looked at many photos of the Fusion over the past few months, and think I would have noticed it. Secondly, had a Titanium been available with a manual transmission, I would have ordered one. I would have enjoyed the sport suspension with a stick, but alas, because I enjoy a manual transmission, I'm made to feel I have a second-class car. I though Ford product planners learned that lesson with the Focus, and made a Titanium manual trans package available. I live in a neighborhood where "American" cars are a rarity. My neighbors that swear by Nissan and Hyundai have already dropped by to check out my car, and have commented on the tailights, and at the time, even I thought they had illuminated like a Audi, but I was mistaken. We nit-pick little details about our cars, and I always promote the Ford product. So I guess I'm going to have to eat crow, and admit Ford "cost reduced" my model. BTW, if any of you Titanium owners suggest it's not a big deal, how about we swap the tailights? I'll pay for shipping.
  11. Hi all...I might have missed it, but does anyone have access to a 2013 Fusion Order Guide? When might I expect to see one? Thanks!
  12. Hey all...I'm not sure where you all live and drive, but I do a majority of my driving in the city, on congested freeways, with photo radar lurking, and can never utilize even the 160HP of my 2012 Focus (5-speed manual). My last car was a 2010 4 cyl Fusion with a 6-speed manual, and I have to say it was the manual transmission that made the car fun to drive, not the lask of horsepower or torque. With the Focus I average 35 MPG, and the Fusion was 31 MPG. I grew up with big horsepower V8s, and if I made the transition, anyone can. I sometimes chuckle at the Porsche driver stuck next to me, crawling along at 20 miles per hour, knowing he's frustrated, and knowing the rest of the time he's getting 15 MPG. Do you really race against 280 horsepower Sonatas or Camrys? Do you have to tow a horse trailer? I think times are changing, and we have to get used to it. I'm considering a 1.6L EB, manual trans 2013 Fusion as my next car......just waiting to see an order guide! Why throw money down the drain (or out the tailpiipe) and make oil futures traders rich?
  13. For whatever it's worth (and to whatever Ford product planners might read) to me the perfect vehicle to replace the current Ranger would be: about the same size or a even a bit smaller, extended cab, 2 wheel drive, and a bed that has a battery pack up front for hybrid operation. I used my Rangers (more than I can count over the years) to do weekend chores, carry one dirt bike for a weekend ride, move small furniture, carry more than one guy's hockey equipment...in other words, just more versatile than my current 2012 Focus, which I bought purely for the great gas mileage. I like the Focus, but I miss the flexibility the Ranger gave me. Could I buy a small SUV / Escape? Maybe, but I'd still need a trailer sometimes. I don't need 2,000 pounds payload. But I do want 30+ MPG. I don't need a 6 foot bed, but a 5 five foot, plus tailgate down for long cargo, plus a battery pack at the front of the bed would suit me fine. Small hatchbacks and wagons are fine, but still not flexible enough. I hate driving with the hatch of the Focus open when I want to carry 1 or 2 bicycles, or a ladder. I can't believe I'm unique in my needs, but maybe there's too few to make a market...I dunno.
  14. That's me MKII....if I had my druthers, it would be a 5-door, Ecoboost, manual transmission with all the other lux / sport goodies. I understand product planners have to keep things as simple as possible. But there are a few of us diehard manual trans folks out there, that don't want their car to be a rental-fleet look-alike. Thank god I could order the sport appearance package on my 2010 Fusion with the six-speed manual. It's made driving the car a lot more fun than the automatic.. In fact, I wouldn't have bought the Fusion if it was automatic only (as is the case with the Malibu I believe.) Please Ford, I know the days of the manual transmission are numbered, but for a couple years can we have the pleasure?
  15. Hi...I'd like to see a copy of the 2010 Milan order guide if it's available. Hoping for some other interior color combinations, and other wheels. (I don't think i'd be happy with the Fusion SE wheels).
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