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  1. MAPguy

    Covid 19 Pay

    I have heard that we have to go on medical if we have to be home for any Covid reason? Is this true? What is medical pay these days?
  2. I have heard that we have to go on medical if we have to be home for any Covid reason. Does anyone know if this is true? What is medical pay these days?
  3. MAPguy

    4% bonus

    MAP has been laid off for quite a while, does any of our sub pay count towards that 4% bonus? I know it doesn't, but if this is our raise, why are we being penalized for being laid off?
  4. http://www.freep.com/story/money/business/2017/04/05/ford-move-1000-workers-taylor-decade/100074160/
  5. MAPguy

    A plan

    Does anybody know if they started a new Friends and Family A plan?
  6. MAPguy

    Ford Focus Wheels-MAP

    The part number is FM5J-1007-B BA 17 inch
  7. MAPguy

    Ford Focus Wheels-MAP

    I'll try to get it to you Tuesday.
  8. MAPguy

    Hate this contract?

    This is the address that you can use to send back your signing bonus, additional money in your check due to raises, profit sharing and other bonuses. Prove you want nothing to do with any bone-us or crooked union contract, and send it all back to company! Ford World Headquarters 1 American Road P.O. Box 6248 Dearborn MI 48126
  9. MAPguy

    Contract Passed, great job DTP

    Ooops, spell check.....Actually!
  10. MAPguy

    Contract Passed, great job DTP

    Actslly you're all fired! Your does not equal you are. You're equals you are.
  11. MAPguy

    Contract Passed, great job DTP

    Is this for real??
  12. MAPguy

    Maybe this isn't all about Ford

    182, you can't say anything that makes sense on this site! It's like invasion of the body snatchers.........not one of us!!
  13. If they go back to the table, we will probably lose a lot of U.S. investment. I am not sure if people truly understand that losing U.S. investment means less job security for younger workers? There was $9 billion in U.S. investment, and the creation of 8,000 jobs in this contract. Be assured that Mexico will happily take thousands of jobs, Wall Street would cheer, Ford stock will go up and the executives would get bigger bonuses. Ford will not offer more money. They will just look at this as an opportunity to send more jobs to Mexico, and not one person will blame Ford for doing so, because we voted this contract down.
  14. Well no, but isn't job security and job creation important?? We can make more gains next contract, but we cannot bring jobs back from Mexico!