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  1. 67cougar289

    President Trump Visits Rawsonville plant

    They are a hypocritical bunch, aren’t they
  2. 67cougar289


    This posting is up at parts distribution centers.
  3. 67cougar289

    Stay at home order

    Lower taxes for the rich. Not for the working class. Wake up!
  4. 67cougar289

    TLO pay

    What does TLO pay per week on full scale pay wage?
  5. 67cougar289

    Best Supporting Actor & Actress Goes Toooooo

    I’ll take the Democrat candidate over a Republican any day. If you think a Republican gives two shits about a UAW member you’re just fooling yourself.
  6. 67cougar289


    Nobody can transfer into parts distribution (HVCs, HCCs and the LVLC) anymore unless youre on the in-plant recall list or eligible for return to basic unit. Ive worked in them for nearly 20 years. Check out 403C in the last contract. Ford wants all us PDC employees to transfer to assembly. We have postings quite often for nearly any assembly openings.
  7. 67cougar289

    PS&L Indianapolis HVC

    Hopefully not the nickel and dime shit we've grown use to in PS&L.
  8. 67cougar289

    PS&L Indianapolis HVC

    What kind of change?
  9. 67cougar289

    HVC's maintenance

    Memphis has one maintenance man. We use to have 3 here, but management has cut it back to just one guy they work the piss out of and won't give any help to.
  10. 67cougar289

    What is profit sharing amount y.t.d.?

    That is awesome! Thanks.
  11. 67cougar289

    what is hourly profit sharing amount y.t.d.?

    Sorry for the double post with the same question. My computer crashed at the end of entering first post and it didn't appear like it had gone through.
  12. So with today's announcement, what is the amount so far ? Looks like I gotta have a surgery, so my total is gonna be pretty much whatever it is now.
  13. So with today's 3rd qtr. results announced, what is an approximate hourly profit sharing amount so far? It is looking like I'm having a surgery soon, so my total for the year is gonna be pretty much whatever it is right now.
  14. 67cougar289

    Skilled trades return to production

    Thanks for info. Got the papers yesterday. All skilled trades jobs are NOT the same. I have my reasons and they are just that - mine.
  15. Has anyone heard anything at all about the $50,000 incentive for skilled trades to return to production? I am not getting any info from HR or UAW at my location and was wondering if anyone else heard anything. After the contract passed, I was told it would happen in the 1st quarter. Now, I'm told that 'they are still working on it'.