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  1. I'm sorry I increased your daily mouse clicks. In the meantime, I will comment when something occurs to me and if another poster has made a similar comment so be it. Perhaps you should get over yourself
  2. Oh geez, I bet they are going to start doing that to bring some continuity with the EVs.
  3. That thing blew no ones minds. That design is a complete also-ran, inherently unattractive, blend-in-with-the-crowd design if there ever was one.
  4. Yeah and you can clearly hear converter lockup. Not a DCT
  5. I wasn't arguing that Ford should have engineered a TT for Raptor, but rather I would have liked to have seen Predator be a 5.0 or 5.2 EcoBoost from the get go.
  6. ESP08

    Motor id

    The 5.4 used a 22 heat range and the 4.6 used 32s, but the plugs are fully interchangeable. If this was an engine swap project I'd be surprised if he's using OE Motorcraft 22s in the 5.4, never know though I guess. The 5.4 is physically wider, if it's still using the Mustang GT-style intake manifold do you see any adapter plates between the intake and heads? How wide is the engine cam cover to cam cover?
  7. I see what you're saying, the main thing I took issue with was comparing the Gen 3 Hemi favorably to the Coyote when Coyote has just accomplished so much more in virtually all performance arenas. I would have preferred a high performance EcoBoost 5.0 to the Predator. In fact I was hoping the GT500 would get a twin-injected twin turbo 5.0 and was disappointed when they stuck with the blower.
  8. Yeah, the Hellcats use Twin Screw blowers which have ~4 thousandths rotor to case clearance. It's not a problem with proper air filtration. The Trinity and Predator both use TVS blowers which generally have superior durability (and service life) characteristics to Twin Screws because both rotors spin the same speed. The Twin Screw has one rotor that spins much faster than the other which reduces maximum rotor speed capabilities. The TVS can spin 24,000 rpm Twin Screws 18,000, any more and rotor flex begins to cause some internal contact Despite the 5.2's bore center constraints it more than holds it own with the blown 6.2 Hemis: Hellcat 6.2 - 2.4L Twin Screw - 12 psi - 707 HP / 650 TQ Hellcat Redeye 6.2 - 2.7L Twin Screw - 15 psi - 797 HP / 707 TQ Predator 5.2 - 2.6 TVS - 12 psi - 760 HP / 625 TQ I'd dare say it requires less work/mods/boost to make 900+ rwhp with the GT500 5.2 than it does with either version of the Hellcat 6.2.
  9. Huh? Predator is actually 3.7" bore diameters. The Mopar has demonstrated no such advantages in the aftermarket, FYI. I've seen Coyote blocks taken to MUCH higher power levels than I have stock Gen 3 Hemi blocks. There's a reason why there is aftermarket demand for stronger (cast) Gen 3 Hemi blocks while the only aftermarket Coyote blocks are full billet blocks ready for 3000-4000 HP. That because the Hemi casting is structurally tapped out in the 1300 rwhp range and the Coyote isn't. What is Dodge going to respond with? The Redeye has a 2.7 liter Twin Screw blower making 15 psi and makes 797. The Predator with a 2.6 @ 11 psi makes 760. The Predator is a better performance platform than the Hellcat IMO... and the Raptor is lighter.
  10. ESP08

    The new 6.8 V8 thread

    It would be difficult to ge TiVCT 4-valve 6.8 with a TVS supercharger to make less than 900 crank. Unless it’s a surprise of the century it’s gotta be a 5.2.
  11. ESP08

    The new 6.8 V8 thread

    I think so. Ford has committed 5.0 production to Essex for the foreseeable future and Ford just invested money in the Gen 4 Coyote (cylinder deactivation) for the 21 MY F150. I just can't see a Godzilla 6.8 directly replacing the 5.0.
  12. I had almost the exact same mental image. It almost seems to write itself...
  13. That last T-Bird wasn't good at anything except being a retro convertible cruiser. I don't think the Thunderbird name precludes younger buyers at all...it's about the product. And with a name like Thunderbird it's begging to be a high performance EV, IMO.
  14. Anyone disappointed by the Predator just can't be aware of their performance capabilities with just basic bolt-ons and a tune. These things can make 900-1000 rwhp easily all without ever cracking a cam cover and with stock-like drivability. The Predator is bad... and yes they make power easier than the larger Hellcat mod-for-mod.