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    2020 Explorer Feedback

    Thank you for that information. I guess I will be altering my plans.
  2. Hi there. My friend just bought a F150 with 8 foot box and I’d like to buy a step for the back as a gift . Can anyone recommend/point me to a site where I can purchase? Thanks for any guidance.
  3. Colleen

    ‘20 F150 Where to buy step for back?

    Thank you for the feedback.
  4. Hello, This is my first post here and I am new to the forums. If you feel I don't have enough quality posting, than please just ignore this request. I don't want to break any of the rules. I would like to track my build if possible. Sales Code F23074 Order Code H310 -K7F It sounds like you are going on vacation next week so enjoy and I'll check with you when you get back if you don't have time before you leave. Thanks again.
  5. Colleen

    Features Id Like to See

    On explorer a latch that opens just the window in the back like older models. Really helpful when pulling camper or trailer and can't open the hatch
  6. Colleen

    2020 Explorer Feedback

    Good Lord, I was planning on towing my camper with my new explorer 1000 miles when it comes in. Do you see any issues with that? Have you seen any mechanical issues?
  7. Colleen

    2020 Explorer headlights

    Thanks for the post. I was looking for something like this
  8. Colleen

    2020 Explorer headlights

    I found this night review of the 2020 Explorer informative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ5HXfOvSGc Gives you an idea about the adaptive lights as well.
  9. Thank you so much!
  10. Where do you watch it?
  11. Colleen

    new to the forums

    I'm new as well! Learning a lot from all these seasoned Ford veterans...
  12. Colleen

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    congrats on your new job!
  13. Colleen


    Hello- used to live up in Buffalo area and travel to Oneida casino on occasion.
  14. Goes to show how much I know. I kept seeing a 2021 Ford Explorer PHEV so I assumed it would be available in the US. Thanks for that tidbit.
  15. Wow, I didn't even think about that when purchasing the other day. It's going to be an issue when I'm pulling camper or boat.
  16. I was really debating on waiting for the Explorer plug in. But I went ahead with the 2020 anyway. I wasn't sure with the Covid-19 stuff it would delay that release.
  17. Colleen

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    Sadly I have only owned the 2001 Lincoln LS. I gave it to my sister when I bought my 2008 Jeep Wrangler and happy to say I still get to visit it when i go home for summers. Still running strong. Air doesn't work but that's okay. Now turning in my Jeep Wrangler for the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid.
  18. Colleen

    Hello From Ocean Springs, MS

    New to the forums. I just ordered the 2020 Explorer hybrid. I've previously owned a 2001 Lincoln LS (which is still running)
  19. Colleen

    Useful resources for those joining the Ford Family

    This is really thoughtful of you to put this all together. Its very informative, thank you
  20. Has anyone here purchased the hybrid? I just ordered one and was wondering what you thought of it?