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  1. My Navigator still has NOT been delivered. Been told it was released by the plant. Am I being unreasonable by getting angry over a 6 month wait from order to delivery??? Whats the point of options and upgrade features if it takes this long to get a vehicle? I cant imagine a prosperous future for Ford if this is going to be the way its going to be. Their system seems broken. Folks back in the 50s and 60s could get a car faster than this.
  2. It was built on April 23rd...
  3. The plant shuts down on April 26th for two weeks...
  4. Just got a call from the dealer saying the Navigator will be here on May 4th...
  5. I called Lincoln Concierge. They have a lookup tool similiar to the one the Ford employee looks up the vehicle in another section of the website. Seems like there is a record of it at the Kentucky Truck plant and the ship date is to be determined or TBD. Im guessing its in production but probably stuck at a point where it needs a semiconductor chip. Based on all that Ive heard Im guessing Ford is manufacturing these vehicles to a certain point and parking them outside. Then they will idle the plant for 2 weeks waiting for chips. Not comforting knowing my vehicle is sitting somewhere possibly out in the open partially manufactured.
  6. JustMeInUSA

    Buyback Offer

    Im not ceetain if the 2022 will resolve software issues. It will be an entirely new system so I can imagine a few bugs...
  7. Mine were major engine and major transmission. Engine opened multiple times. At one point the dealership considered replacing the engine. 10R80 trans disintegrated while on the road. Both turbos replaced for wastegate failure. Fuel injector and cat converter failure. Engine light blinking indicating major trouble. There were a LOT of issues in 2018 Navigator.
  8. Whats the issue exactly? Camphasers? Is there a cold start noise where the engine rocks violently? Does the engine sound like a diesel? It might be the turbos where the wastegate failed. I am a defacto expert on all the problems with this vehicle.
  9. I have never worked at Ford but in general lets just say I have a good idea what happens at these places... #1. Before the shutdown everyone is demoralized and does little work. The little work that they do is flawed and shoddy. #2. After the shutdown there is a period of time where things are getting back to full speed. Since workers have been off it takes time to get back into the swing. #3. Ford is only guessing when the issues will be resolved. When the plant reopens the issues might still exist. If their analysts couldnt plan for the current issues how could they predict when it will end? In 2 weeks will semi conductors or chips suddenly be abundant? I was thinking of a situation where I got the vehicle in 4th quarter and at that point I would not accept delivery...
  10. No production date on ETIS yet and the Kentucky Truck Plant wont be open for two weeks or longer.
  11. I called Lincoln customer service which stated there is no shutdown when its obvious the plant is closed. The employees I spoke with there is no date for reopening.
  12. Update...Ford Truck plant in Kentucky is fully shut down and by all appearances they wont restart until June. Plant is completely shuttered.
  13. Many components on cars are wear away items. The more miles the more which has to be replaced. I once bought a 10 year old Toyota for $3000. Then had to sink another $3000 on things like catalytic converter...tires...etc and such to get it to pass inspection and ride safely. So yeah lower miles are better...but I would enjoy more the refreshed 2022 in 2022. Right now not enjoying the 2021 because its not here. The dealer told me the Navigator hasnt been effected but the news articles make it seem as if.entire.Kentucky truck plant has closed.
  14. JustMeInUSA

    Review: Motorcraft Super Duty BRSD brake pads

    One thing I wanted to add to the review is these pads dust heavily. I would guess you will need to keep wheel cleaner or degreaser on hand and wipe the wheels every few days. There is no free lunch when it comes to pads. The no drama Akebono standard and sport ceramics are simply not the best at braking IMHO. However the Akebonos excel at being drama free meaning no noise...no dust...and last long without warping the rotors. On the other hand semi-metallics like the Super Duty pads do the best job at stopping the car...