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  1. Rondalon

    21 Lariat 6.5' Powerboost

    After all the consumer level trackers went to shipped 7/10-12, no further updates until palsapp suddenly showed up one day dispatched from Atlanta, so guess it went by rail before that. And then palsapp updated to delivered.... And I called my dealer!!! None of the other trackers Ive watched ever had it delivered even days later... And now they all show invalid or NA
  2. Rondalon

    21 Lariat 6.5' Powerboost

    My truck has arrived!! March 19 order, April 26 built, July 30 delivery. Thank you very much for you previous help!!!
  3. Rondalon

    Ordered my F150 Tremor today!

    Nice! I tried to but still haven't given up on my Lariat build truck just yet.. but thought about canceling and reordering the tremor.... If it was available with the power boost and/or 6.5 bed I would have but those were two things I'd like to have.
  4. Rondalon

    Wheel well liner

    Super easy install on our older farm truck and keep the wheel wells cleaner. Much easier to wash off without the nooks and crannies so I ordered it on the new build... Haven't thought about noise difference from rocks but that's a good point. I'm sure it may cut that down some too. Basically it just looks a lot cleaner and is easier to keep clean. A lot less mud weight to carry around as well. I don't know whether factory installed or aftermarket are better, doesn't seem like the kind of piece that could be too much of a difference either way. But for that little amount of money worth its either way.
  5. Rondalon

    21 Lariat 6.5' Powerboost

    Bumped for an update, please. Managed to wait near a month. Any change at all? 🤞🤔 Thank you!!! 1ftfw1ed0mfb67360 0322
  6. Rondalon

    2022 F-150 Production Information

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to put this. If not delete or move but it does regard potential 2022 F-150 build. I just turned down the alternate (similar build) truck I had been watching which was just constructed Mid May... & is somehow already sitting on a dealer lot...!?🤔... because, I guess understandably, they can offer no real discounts.. and it had some extra items I didn't originally want to pay for to boot.. Really torn at this point whether I want to keep waiting for my custom ordered "new" truck that's going to have been sitting for months, then chips installed, hosed off and hopefully had some new car smell air freshener applied. I could reorder at this point and get it mid to end of model year but that's not what I signed up for. I also realized after my original order that I've got a pretty close family friend that owns a Ford dealership a few hours away I could have worked with and maybe gotten a better deal... Anyway, long story short..... 1. better off to wait and accept previous April build whenever it shows up... At agreed upon pricing and discounts (which were fine but nothing that exceptional from what I've since seen from other posters and other forums). 2. Or... Press on to reorder same new truck now... not sure if the same dealer will even do it or with same pricing , as he shut that idea down and didn't want to respond to that option previously. 3. Or... Just hold off , take my deposit back and order a 22. Get it hopefully in a more reasonable time frame beginning of the year and not accept a truck a year depreciated that set outside for months.... Thoughts please?🤔😬🤡
  7. Rondalon

    Trucks sitting idle waiting for chips

    That's terrible cool rod. You have my sympathies and deepest respect because I sure couldn't have waited that long. I'm weighing my options between reorder and wait on 22 order banks to open up..
  8. Rondalon

    Trucks sitting idle waiting for chips

    I'm still sitting on 10/31 ETA. However a handful of my build week on the other forum appear to be moving over the last couple days...🤔🙏 On a dealer's lot they get test driven and cranked occasionally maybe washed...
  9. Rondalon

    New Kid to the block from Ontario, Canada

  10. Been trying to hold off doing it... but I will much appreciate your information whatever you can give., We all thank you!🤙 1FTFW1ED0MFB67360 0322
  11. Rondalon

    Used truck values are insane

    Charcoal? Grey 2011 Fx4 3.5 ... ~188k I wonder if I'll be better off private selling somewhere given current this market than trading in at March appraisal quote..?
  12. Rondalon

    Married into a family of Ford lovers

    Welcome 🤗
  13. Rondalon

    Private Cash Offer

    Man you almost gave me a heart attack 🤣... I had set it to notify me of replies and when you responded I got an email with subject Line: Private Cash Offer... I was pretty darn excited for a few seconds😜
  14. Rondalon

    Trucks sitting idle waiting for chips

    I'd like to add that my truck has only been "built" a month ago and remains In-Production status. It's not a concern for me yet... Obviously , I'm just relating a lot of folks on the forums horror stories and hope my truck doesn't sit near that long!
  15. Don't know if it's been discussed here, obviously no one wants their 99% built truck sitting on a lot in Michigan with the thousands of others for months on end but was just curious besides getting a truck months further depreciated, freak hail storm, potential vandalism and growing rust (thankful mine was built after winter), what if any concerns are there with accepting a built truck after sitting idle such a long time without being run etc?. For instance / particularly the Powerboost hybrid battery draining over time and then potentially sitting dead for months on end? I don't know if it's as bad for that type of battery as for others. Just curious what if any other concerns are.