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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Overthebars

    Vehicle Undercoating

    I did mine with fluid film. Easy enough to do yourself if you have a big compressor. Don't get any rubber coatings the water will get under and it will rust wrote than if you hadn't coated it at all
  2. Overthebars

    After market spray in bed liner

    Line x has been great
  3. Yup here's what I recorded but I'm sure theres more I have forgotten about Floor mats 288 Bed steps 402 Tonneau cover 1066 Seat cover 214 Jump starter 115 Light bar 39 Light strip 31 Hood letters 22 Dash cam 265 Hitch 489 Line x 640 Tow strap 35 Atv ramps 150 Forscan 40 Tailgate letters 28 Back up led s 40 Fluid film gun and 5 gallon bucket 350
  4. I was approved with outside financing but forced to use dealer financing at the last minute I was livid but they did end up matching the rate eventually
  5. Overthebars

    Wheels / Tires

    Thise wheels look pretty nice
  6. Overthebars

    Good running boards?

    Nfab epyx steps were 402 after taxes. I love the look and they work great
  7. Overthebars

    Can't decide on color

    If those are the only options I like the Grey
  8. Overthebars

    F250 ordered looking for helpful knowledge

    Just sit and wait nothing you can do at all and as far as getting the best deal I would hope uou signed some paperwork with the price you will be paying. Cross your fingers and hope for a private cash offer from Ford I didn't get one but others did.
  9. I was able to add mine to fors pass a few days after it was built but couldn't activate it till i picked it up i must have tried over a dozen times. I have heard of people getting lucky and someone that was in the truck at the railyard activtaed one of the requests on the screen and then they were able to trakc to via ford pass vehicle location tracker after that but this is a slim chbace of thar happening but i tried anyway lol.
  10. Overthebars

    My wait is finally over…

    Congrats on the new truck
  11. Overthebars

    22' Factory Defects

    Happy to say no issue as of yet asthetically or mechanically. That bumper would drive me nuts though
  12. Overthebars

    I'm gonna get a new truck every year.

    Trading the 2022 for a 2023 had deffintly come to mind with prices how they have been but I will never actually do it. I've had hood luck with mine so far.
  13. Overthebars

    So what happens to 2022 used prices if 2023.....

    Ughh that front end looks horrible
  14. Overthebars

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Yes there are some very lucky people out there and it is possible but promising that it will happen for someone is ridiculous and highly highly unlikely it will happen.
  15. Overthebars

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Promising 6 to 8 weeks is laughable at best