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  1. BEV's are not sustainable. It will take 40 years before our infrastructure can support them. Add in a mandate of no more natural gas/LP appliances and there is no way it can work. Heck even now under normal conditions there are peak alerts issued. And stop using "tax credits" to entice sales. That just means I have to pay more to make up the difference. China has a 6 year reprieve form global emission standards, I call BS. We suffer while the rest of the World gets a pass? Screw that.
  2. I beg to differ. I upgraded from all season tires to all terrain tires. That in itself increased the payload 400# as per order sheet. That is with a sticker of 65 psi in the tires. If I increase pressure to 80, then it effectively raises the payload more. The sticker only lists payload as delivered and means nothing as far as load capabilities if items are changed. Axle capacity and tire capacity are what matter.
  3. Payload stickers are used by the manufacturer for basically marketing reasons. What really matter and what are enforced is tire and axle ratings.
  4. I think in your case with a constant load on it, I would look at RAS Active suspension. You can adjust it to where it needs to be and forget it. Mine with pulling different trailers and some driving without I tried the lower Stableloads, and have bags on it. I am now playing to see which is better, or a combo of the two.
  5. My '22 came through in 8 months from order to delivery. It had a couple of things removed (self induced) to help the build. I had thought about ordering a '23 to upgrade a couple of things. I am now very glad I didn't. I will just go aftermarket to upgrade. Sounds like you '23 guys are in for a ride.
  6. This is why I decided to hold off for 2 years. Was going to do a 23, but realized it would be worse than 22.
  7. Looks more like rock chips to me. I don't have any problem from salt. I can't see how a mudflap is going to stop salt spray, it is a liquid. Maybe your road department uses non-screened sand?
  8. This is the way of the future. Everyone from the Government on down to corporations want this. Easier to control a few big guys than a bunch of small ones.
  9. Good for you, glad it worked out. You might want to keep the '22, Atlas Blue might be worth top dollar.
  10. They can be annoyed all they want. You are correct to complain. I am guessing the wheel well liners and mud flaps were removed because of constraints. Side emblems are an issue and they will be coming.....sometime. Check your order paperwork against your sticker. If any items were removed from the original order, you should have signed new paperwork if that was done. Mine wasn't overly clean when I picked it up either, but I was ok with that as I really didn't want some 18 year old kid who didn't care cleaning my truck. As far as the door ding, chip, and homelink make them fix it. You paid good money for a complete truck.
  11. Correct FORD should move them to 2, but the highest the dealer can go is 10.
  12. I believe factory are 8, Discount tire and the like don't want to mount 12.5 on them but local shops will.
  13. 35X12.5 18 will fit on stock rims, stock height.
  14. I would think, maybe hope, that if your dealer sets all orders at 19 they would set carryovers at 10 to get picked up sooner. Since you will be Job 2, you should be at 99 now and when they open up Job 2 move you to 10.
  15. The system has worked well forever, until these crazy times. I think it will again.
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