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  1. This video really made me happy I was able to get a 2022. The new interior is too wannabe Tesla, the facelift is not my jam either. Honestly the only thing I wish I could get is the HUD.
  2. One more just for fun, since I just washed it.
  3. You could always level up from the 350 to a 450 to turn the turn radius into an advantage rather than a disadvantage.
  4. Took the ferry to Vancouver Island last night, of course the big-ass truck goes downstairs with the big boys.
  5. Been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I’d leave something nice for the F450 crowd. just took a little cruise to Whistler for dinner and had to let the dog out to do her business.
  6. If people can manage to LS swap Porsche 911s, then you can surely manage this project. the bit that would make me nervous is swapping over the electrical, but I’m no expert on these engines.
  7. Yea, a high volume dealership doesn’t necessarily make it break an order. For reference I ordered from a medium-ish volume dealership (they specialise in Lincoln afaik) and got my truck in 6 months almost to the day.
  8. Alright boys, try not to be too jealous! These are for you @cyberdman I'll post some more when I pick her up next week, and after line-x finishes.
  9. Hell yea! Looks great! Here’s hoping mine shows up next week as scheduled. Is this your first F450?
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