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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. turn signal

    Park to Reverse Issue ?

    Bought a new 2023 Lariat FX4 for a family member, delivered beginning of March 2023. Now has about 1400 miles on it, she is complaining about it randomly not going into reverse from park. She said she can turn the engine off and restart and it works at that point. Yes I did tell her the brake has to be depressed to put it into gear, and she has been doing that. Anyone else had this issue or heard about it ?
  2. turn signal

    what brand of tires?

    Recently bought a new 2022 Powerstroke F250, it had 275/65/20 Michelin, they were AT but were basically a glorified street tire, and would certainly get stuck in sand or mud. I right away bought some Yokohama AT 35x12.50x20's with more aggressive tread. 🤗
  3. turn signal

    Ford's Disaster: The Pinto

    I bought a new 1980 Pinto, great little car. I drove it like I stole it, it was awesome. Then I traded it in on a new 1985 Bronco II, now that was an absolute disaster. I didnt buy a new Ford for over 35 years after that piece of junk on wheels.....
  4. turn signal

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Just bought a new 2022 6.7 Powerstroke off the lot. The truck seems pretty slow, is that because the motor needs a break in period ?
  5. Good luck with that. Carvana and Carmax are both in financial trouble and used car prices have been dropping for some time.....
  6. Answered my own question by going to Ford.com. Apparently you have to have been given a VIN number for your order, I have not, in fact I was just able to change my order to a Tremor package.
  7. How do you find that schedule on your order ? Will it come in an email or is it on a website ?
  8. turn signal

    65k Maverick Recall

    Side airbag recall I'm told. Anyone have this done ? So I imagine the 2023's shouldn't have this issue hopefully ?
  9. turn signal

    Maverick order bank opening pushed to Sept?

    Will the dealers know updated Maverick pricing before September 15 ? My dealers build and price Maverick page still says 2022 and has 1st edition as an option.... 😨
  10. turn signal

    Maverick order bank opening pushed to Sept?

    No I got that part figured out, never ordered a new vehicle. I was just wondering if I go down and sit with the salesman while he enters it into the system, or how it all works, I know zero about this.
  11. turn signal

    Maverick order bank opening pushed to Sept?

    So what's the best procedure to get your Maverick order in on September 15th ? I'd like to get it entered as soon as the order bank opens EST .
  12. turn signal

    Maverick order bank opening pushed to Sept?

    Where are all the talking heads getting a September 15th date from ?
  13. turn signal

    Maverick order bank opening pushed to Sept?

    Guess I'll be ordering a Lariat Tremor. 😉
  14. turn signal

    Maverick order bank opening pushed to Sept?

    Any updates ? No news is good news ? I was planning on ordering two Lariat FX4's Tuesday......