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Found 14 results

  1. I'll be putting the website name on the car. www.HotRodAviator.com I'll be heading from GA to western AZ. Going to attend the Consumer Electronics trade show on January 6, 2023 if you want to meet up and check our my 2020 Aviator (a lemon-law return from original owner) purchased today with 11,200 miles. Happy New Year!
  2. I seen this done for the 22 Navigator and thought I would do the same for the MY23 Aviator. (Sorry if this has been done already and I missed it, if that's the case, point me in that direction!) I will update the thread for each major milestone (VIN # available, scheduled for production, window sticker available, vehicle control options visible in Lincoln App, build completed, vehicle shipped, delivered, and picked up) If you anyone has any MY23 Aviator's on order, post your timelines below so we can help each other out and gauge the progress of these vehicles. Current Job 1 production is set for 6/27 per most recent Fleet Bulletin. 2023 Aviator Reserve AWD - Infinite Black - Roast Interior - Aluminum Applique - rear bucket seats with full center console Reserve 1 201A Package Elements Package Class IV Tow package Illumination Package Technology Package Jet Package Ordered from dealer on 5/10 with Priority Code of 19 Received Email from Lincoln confirming order on 5/13
  3. Hello I am trying to order the 2023 Aviator Grand Touring but my dealer tells me that while he can put an order for the Reserve, the Order bank for Grand touring ahs not yet opened? Can someone confirm this? I really want the GT instead of the REserve and I am frustrated that Lincoln would not allow us to order
  4. Anyone have access to the 2023 Lincoln Aviator dealer order guide or know when it will be available? Thanks.
  5. Anybody know why the 03-05 aviator has two cooling fans? It seems redundant having a standard clutch fan and an electric fan. I'd like to remove the clutch fan so it doesn't sound like a Mack truck when I start it. Has anybody done this?
  6. Saw this in a Chinese aviator forum. The private jet seat looks like it's probably made for a business van and is not the best option for an SUV but the result is still pretty promising. If there's enough demand for an ultra luxury four seater aviator, someone may come up with a more appropriate, specifically build seat and make aviator a Maybach competitor. 汽车之家 汽车之家 汽车之家
  7. Just got a new Aviator and I have mixed emotions. The Auto stop is a pain in the neck. Manual says if I take my foot off the brake, the engine will start. Not so for us. Manual shows warning (Keep hand on wheel) showing on HUD. Not so for us. When we accelerate from a stop it sounds like a a crotch rocket going through the gears. Very noisy. Also, we hear a periodic ding when we are driving with no associated warning. Also, a "clunk" when the car is just sitting and hadn't been driven in awhile. Anyone else having these issues?
  8. Hello! I wish to introduce myself, after months of lurking while waiting for my 20 Aviator to arrive in an effort to gain information on the reintroduced model I finally signed up. I traded a late model Explorer XLT in on my snazzy new Aviator Reserve. I’ll do my best to add applicable information to threads that I see that I have knowledge about. ...see you on the boards
  9. I was considering the Aviator as my next car. I have a garage with 11' ceiling and a single-pole car lift (from American Custom Lifts (M-1 Single Post Car Lift Made in USA - American Custom Lifts). The Aviator is 69.2" in height. This is about one more inch than the height of the bottom of the lift when my seasonal car is hibernating in winter. Question: anyone know if you can make the Aviator kneel to showroom height before being parked? None of the documentation for this car discusses this. Can the height of the car be controlled by the driver?
  10. Freep The Freep really has it in for Ford right now. BTW, Glencoe is a very rich north shore town. Very rich folk that demand perfection or complain.
  11. According to bank of America's "car wars", the aviator will be revived, navigator redesigned, and a mka (coupe) and mkm (sedan) introduced between now and 2017.
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