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2019 Mustang EcoBoost Convertible - Reported Stolen

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Here's a new one for the books... New 2019 Mustang EcoBoost Premium Convertible produced and shipped by rail to the rail ramp in Twin Oaks, PA for delivery by United Road car carrier to CT. Vehicle received by United Road, dispatched and loaded on August 29th for delivery to the dealership. Vehicle not received and status on Ford's Vehicle Visibility reports changed to "Pending Update" after the delivery ETA had lapsed but Ford did not track or trace the vehicle. I contacted United Road and was informed that they subcontracted the load of vehicles to an independent carrier and that they had been unable to reach the carrier and the driver was not returning their phone calls. The next day United Road suggested that we report the vehicle as stolen to out local police department. The vehicle was delivered at 6:20pm that night, fortunately in good condition but with 25 miles on the odometer. Vehicles normally arrive from the plant with 2-3 miles with vehicles randomly selected for emissions testing usually arriving with approximately 15 miles on the odometer but with a special sticker attached to the windshield disclosing that the vehicle had been selected for emissions testing.

Strange... vehicle dispatched and loaded for delivery and then shows up 2 weeks later after being reported stolen the same day! 

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