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2020 Ford Explorer Destroyed in Train Derailment

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So I was notified by my Dealership on Nov. 7th that my 2020 Ford Explorer ST was destroyed in a trail derailment on Oct. 9th in Georgia.  So nice for Ford to finally notify my Dealership a full 30 days later on Nov. 7th.  I could have ordered a new one weeks ago already.  Since mySales guys can't locate any ST's optioned to my liking, I placed a new order thru on Nov 8th.  


By the way, based on the timing, I suspect Ford only notified the Dealership on Nov. 7th because I called the Ford Customer Relationship Center on Nov. 5th to complain there were no updates for over a month since the vehicle was produced Sept. 26th.  Otherwise who knows how much longer I'd still be waiting. I originally ordered this Explorer on July 16th.  I've had to extend my current 2017 Explorer lease 3 times already as a result of delays.


I obtained a case number from the Ford Customer Relationship Center (per Ford's process) and have called the Ford Executive Offices and left 5 Voicemail messages in the last 2 weeks and have not received a return call.  If you call Ford Corporate and ask for the Executive Offices you always go straight to Voicemail where you are instructed to leave your Name, Case #, Contact #, and reason for your call.  I have done this 5 times speaking very clearly.  


Essentially I'd really like for Ford to call me back so I can discuss having my replacement order expedited and maybe even some rebate relief for the hassle.  I think this is the least they can do for not notifying me promptly that I would not be receiving my first order.  

How can I get Ford to call me back?


News Article



Drone Video of Crash Site


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Your dealer should be working with the zone rep to expedite the rebuild.

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