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Report Out On Your Slush Fund?

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Posted (edited)

"The UAW isn’t alone among the biggest names in America’s major unions in both the private and public sectors in facing widespread allegations of internal corruption as well as multiple convictions in federal courts in recent years."

"Since 2010, according to a Department of Labor (DOL) official who requested anonymity, the United Steelworkers Union (USW) has seen 112 former officials convicted of a multitude of crimes, including embezzlement, wire fraud, tax evasion, and failure to file mandatory financial disclosures or filing fraudulent reports."

"The most recent of the USW convictions was announced by the DOL on June 9, as Brian Arnold, a former New York local financial secretary, pleaded guilty to embezzlement. The second-most convictions since 2010 are the 91 guilty verdicts against officials of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), which is the largest labor organization in the federal workforce. The day before Arnold’s conviction was announced, the DOJ announced the guilty plea entered by Tony Liesenfeld, former president and secretary-treasurer of a Pennsylvania AFGE local, for wire fraud."

"Other unions with significant numbers of convictions since 2010 include the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) with 37, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) with 36 and the UAW’s 34."

"The DOL has attacked the embezzlement problem from another angle, that of the trusts organized and funded by union dues but not required to file financial disclosures. Trusts, like all IUAW Vice Presidents and Regional Directors operate."  

"As of April 6, the DOL finalized a new reporting regulation that requires unions to file a Form T-1 Trusts Annual Report with the department’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS). The report requires itemized disclosure of all expenses incurred by the trust. This T-1 will be of public record and accessed on the same DOL website as LM Reports."

"The new report (T-1) closes a legal loophole that permitted union officials to hide millions of dollars collected in membership dues in unaccountable trust accounts that could then be used as “slush funds,” the T-1 was first introduced in 2002 by then-DOL Secretary Elaine Chao, but it was dropped in 2010 by President Barack Obama’s administration."

If they haven`t let me be the first to thank you Barack for all those golf outings and those mouths of all expense paid trips to southern California that Gary, Denny and all your friends on the IUAW E-Board took on the memberships dues.

 “Historically, this information has largely gone unreported despite the significant impact such trusts have on a labor organization’s financial operations and their members’ interests,” DOL said in a statement on finalizing the rule."


                                                                                                                       Hmm... how would one list 40K of cash in a shoe box in ones garage?


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Making a new hire production employee wait 6 years to reach top rate.

IUAW staff stealing dues and getting 6 years or less prison time.

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Posted (edited)



“The leadership of the UAW proposed the Public Review Board because the Union is prepared to have a body of outstanding citizens review the conduct of UAW affairs and report its findings not just to a few officials, but to the entire UAW membership and to the public at large.”

--Walter P. Reuther, UAW International President (1946-1970)



DAMMM whatever happened to that mindset???      Oh wait the DOL & FBI conduct the reviews of the IUAW Executive Board....now.

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And that is just what ya know about.Its obvious form how the unions cozy up to management that the union higher ups are cutting deals for themselves.This one time at the learning center I ate like 3 donuts and must of had like 4 cups of coffee-all free! Does that make me a hypocrite? Oh well tear down my statue if there is one!

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Outside oversight appears to be the only way to stop the corruption.


All that money is just too tempting for some union officials.


What about the VEBA, has anyone checked on those books.

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Hmmm ever wonder how little Marky makes so much moolaa? Well there`s a hint in our LM - 2 Report under Schedule 15 lists.




LANSING, MI  48910

Type or Classification


Total Itemized Transactions with this Payee/Payer $1,535,877

Itemized Listing

ADS,CREATIVE FACEBOOK DIG CONTRA 01/18/2019                              $18,475

 ADV/CONS VIDEO GRAPHIC DESIGN 01/04/2019                                    $18,475

ADVERTISING FOR MESSAGING 11/06/2019                                             $10,000

ADVERTISING/CONSULTING 10/21/2019                                                   $18,475

ADVERTISING/CONSULTING/VIDEO 05/23/2019                                      $18,475

GM CAMPAIGN 06/03/2019                                                                            $12,177

GM CAMPAIGN MEDIA 01/03/2019                                                            $200,000

MEDIA 05/14/2019                                                                                         $188,430

MONTHLY ADS CREATIVE DIGITAL 03/26/2019                                           $18,475

MONTHLY ADS,CREATIVE FACEBOOK 03/11/2019                                      $54,291

MONTHLY ADS,CREATIVE FACEBOOK 02/26/2019                                      $18,475

MONTHLY ADS,CREATIVE FACEBOOK 02/07/2019                                      $32,300

MONTHLY ADS,CREATIVE FACEBOOK 04/17/2019                                      $18,475

MONTLY ADS,CREATIVE FACEBOOK 03/11/2019                                           $8,733

SERVICE CAMPAIGN 12/13/2019                                                                     $12,177

SERVICE CAMPAIGN FOR GM 11/06/2019                                                     $12,177

 UAW EXPANDED SERV CONTRACT GM 09/04/2019                                    $12,177

 UAW EXPANDED SERV CONTRACT GM 09/04/2019                                    $36,300

 UAW EXPANDED SERVICE CONTRACT 06/27/2019                                      $12,177

 UAW EXPANDED SRV 09/27/2019                                                                   $12,177

 UAW MONTH ADS,CREATIVE DGT 02/27/2019                                             $12,177

 UAW MONTHLY ADS 09/25/2019                                                                    $18,475

 ORGANIZING CAMPAIGN 06/13/2019                                                            $20,000

 UAW MONTHLY ADS 11/20/2019                                                                    $18,475

 PRE-CAMPAIGN MEDIA/DIGITAL 04/15/2019                                             $247,843

 UAW MONTHLY ADS, CREAT & FACEBOOK 06/18/2019                             $18,475

 UAW MONTHLY ADS, CREAT FACEBOOK 08/27/2019                                 $99,040

 UAW MONTHLY ADS, CREATIVE 07/26/2019                                                $18,475

 UAW MONTHLY ADS, DIGITAL CONT 08/19/2019                                        $18,475

 UAW MONTHLY ADS,CREAT DIG CONT 05/01/2019                                    $12,177

 UAW MONTHLY ADS/CREAT FACEBOOK 03/29/2019                                 $12,177

UAW SERVICE CONTRACT 08/01/2019                                                            $12,177

 CAMPAIGN 06/13/2019                                                                                     $59,647

 MEDIA AND DIGITAL 06/03/2019                                                                  $235,823

We paid how much to "FACEBOOK"??? With adding up Attorneys and Law Firm fee`s. I got an idea for some "defunding"...... 

2019 LM.docx

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