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2020 Ford Edge vs 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe - midsize 2 row SUV showdown

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Hi everyone,

We are looking at a mid-size SUV and narrowed it down to the Edge and Santa Fe. We drove them both around this weekend for about 45 minutes each. We are preferring the Edge right now but it's close.

What we liked about the Edge:

  • Way better looking interior than the Santa Fe - a lot sleeker.

  • Lots of cubby holes to put stuff.

  • Bigger trunk space - important for us as baby comes with a lot of stuff.

  • Salesperson is a family friend and might be able to work a great deal for us.

What we didn't like about the Edge:

  • Felt a little heavy/wide to drive/turn - but I assume it's something to get used to.

  • My wife likes the look of the exterior better (but she hated the interior as it seemed not as polished).

  • To be honest, the Edge seems a little overpriced in general compared to the Santa Fe (although it's known that Ford likes to mark up their prices really high and then offer huge discounts).

  • The warranty is not as good as Hyundai.

What we liked about the Santa Fe:

  • Much more attractive price point compared to the Edge

  • Santa Fe rode a little better and was more nimble (but it's 500 pounds lighter so it's to be expected).

  • My wife likes the look of the exterior better

  • Great warranty and oil changes are included in the price.

What we disliked about the Santa Fe:

  • The center console is a mess of buttons and the infotainment screen stuck on top like an iPad and only controls the radio.

  • When we drove the Hyundai around on bumpy roads, the rear seats shook so that was a little disturbing.

  • The interior did not feel as polished nor as spacious as the Edge.

  • The blind spot monitoring only worked when a car was approaching your blind spot but not directly beside.

Does anyone have any information/opinions on these cars that we should know about?

Thanks in advance!

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We have an '18 Edge which is basically the same other than the fascia changes and a few other little tidbits.


The interior, while stylish and conservative, is starting to show it's age a bit since it has basically been the same since 2014 (CY).  But it is not outdated by any means.  Otherwise, it really is a great vehicle.  You can easily get the price down on the Edge from MSRP. (We use X-plan for ease of purchasing, but I'm sure you can get below that with some haggling).


The Santa Fe looks like a really nice ride as well.  We owned one waaaaay back in the day (1st gen Santa Fe) and loved it.  Had no qualms with it.  It got totaled when it was rear-ended by a dump truck, yet kept my 8-month pregnant wife perfectly safe. So, I've got no ill words for Hyundai in that regard.


You won't go wrong with either vehicle.  Go with whichever one you like better (which in this case seems a draw) or whatever you get the better deal on.

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There’s a new Santa Fe for 2021. I think the interior is the same or just slightly modified but the exterior looks pretty different. If you like the style of the current body style, you might be able to get an even better deal when the new one comes out.

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I recently went with a 2020 Edge due to the increased powertrain refinement vs the Santa Fe, and much better MPG. The Edge was more smooth and quiet as well. Santa Fe interior design is more modern, and as you mentioned can be had for less money in many instances. However, 2019 Edges were some 20% off of MSRP in my area for the Black Friday sales event last Winter so they are heavily discounted from time to time.

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