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Build Date Slipping, A/Z Plan Pin Expiration Approaching...


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A Question for those with Dealer sales system experience and the A/Z plan.


For a vehicle on order, can the dealer "lock-in" a A/Z Plan Pin prior to the sale/delivery date?


In the past for all my vehicle orders, I would present the Pin at the time I took possession on the vehicle, which was always within the validity period.



  • Pins are valid for 12 months from the date of issue
  • I ordered a vehicle with the A/Z Plan. My Pin had 5 months validity remaining at the time of order.
  • My build week has now slipped to beyond my Pin's expiration date.
  • My A/Z Plan (Family) Sponsor is separated from Ford and no longer has A/Z Plan access. So getting another Pin is no longer an option.



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On 7/15/2021 at 11:55 PM, jgonza5 said:

For a vehicle on order, can the dealer "lock-in" a A/Z Plan Pin prior to the sale/delivery date?


Just got back from the dealer.  The answer is yes.  The Pin was "Locked-In" via the DRIVE* system.


*Dealer Reporting, Incentives, & Vehicle Eligibility

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I had the exact same thing happen. My grandfather, a Ford retiree, died last August and issued me a z plan shortly before his death. We ordered a truck in Feb thinking we had plenty of time. The order got rejected and we had to reorder a 22, which we will not be receiving before the expiration of the pin. Ford told me they CANNOT extend the pin and its technically not a lock on the pricing unless the dealership agrees to it. I was in tears on the phone with Ford and it was basically "too bad your grandfather died and we have huge commodity issues and cannot get trucks out in a reasonable time....your pin expires and we will not help you".


After I told the dealership Ford wouldn't extend it, their management said they will honor the price no matter when the truck comes in. I think they may have screwed up on the initial order. I'm not sure if it's locked in or if they are just doing it to be decent people. 

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