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  1. LariatGuy500

    2021 F150 Lariat

    Hi bumping for another update 1FTFW1E80MFB67958 R249 Thanks
  2. LariatGuy500

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Looks Toyota-y. More competition isn't necessarily a bad thing in the truck space
  3. LariatGuy500

    Trucks sitting idle waiting for chips

    Check with your dealer, some will be accepting incomplete trucks onto their lots and complete them themselves. It's voluntary supposedly
  4. Hi Cyberdman Thank you offering this service to a bunch of random internet strangers. I was wondering if I could have an update on my build 1FTFW1E80MFB67958 R249 Thank you
  5. I highly doubt we'll see more PCOs at this time. There's no inventory anywhere, trucks are selling above MSRP sometimes, etc.
  6. Have you tried contacting the dealer?
  7. LariatGuy500

    Super Duty Production Volumes

    Is this something new because of the chip shortages or something they've always done?
  8. LariatGuy500

    Super Duty Production Volumes

    Is that the Dearborn plant?
  9. LariatGuy500

    Super Duty Production Volumes

    It's crazy how many cars these companies put out per day. I wonder what Henry Ford would think today
  10. LariatGuy500

    How to get past paperwork for dealer service?

    Did you ever get an answer? I have a family member in a similar situation
  11. LariatGuy500

    Stand alone LED headlight option on the super duty

    Yeah unfortunately it's common for car makers to lock desirable options into high trims.
  12. LariatGuy500

    Hidden winch project

    Any pics of the install?
  13. LariatGuy500

    Stand alone LED headlight option on the super duty

    Maybe for the 2022. LED lights are standard on the 2021 F150 lariat I think
  14. LariatGuy500

    How many miles on your 3.5 Ecoboost?

    Wow 73k miles in 3 years?
  15. LariatGuy500

    22 F150 order guide

    Also, retail orders are typically built a month of two after production begins. Only dealer stock is built at first