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36 minutes ago, blackboost said:

That's great, but kinda sad that dealer didn't just do it for you up front, and let them wait for the money to be reimbursed.


Agreed. Competent Dealers will know from experience how the price protection system works and usually make the adjustment themselves so that the customer receives the benefit at the time of delivery to the customer. For certain retail order transactions in particular, that may involve price protection covering multiple Price Levels over an extended period of time or where there are questions, the Dealer may have the option to have Ford pay the customer directly for the approved price protection adjustment.    

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On 6/7/2022 at 10:47 AM, Mrs.Fine said:


The Dealership finally refunded us our $1295.00 money back, via Ford Price Protection. We had to go through 3 people but in the end, it worked out. It took 3 months, of us bugging the Dealership. So keep asking, until you get the right answer. It's worth it! 



Now you can bug them for the added sales tax you paid. 

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