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  1. Won't let me view the file even though I'm logged in
  2. Agree, I like my 09 sync system better so far vs this automated and convoluted stuff.
  3. I have the Lariat trim so it's the sync 4. It shows V22026 product revision 354 The Nav version is 1.54r.20210415ccee3b5 Is yours a 2022 truck? Thanks!
  4. Is there a site that shows the current version of sync and navigation for the 2022 SD? I understand that the auto updates is supposed to do its job but I'd like to know the actual current versions listed from Ford. Thanks
  5. With interest rates going nuts and the MSRP climbing (mine jumped 4k+ from order to delivery) I cannot see making the leap especially if the dealers are not giving trade values like in the recent past. I can imagine my 22 Lariate pushing 88k MSRP on a 23 as it's equipped now. I read an article the other day that stated auto manufacturers are hesitant to discount cars and like to produce the higher end trims as its best for their bottom line. How is this sustainable?
  6. I'm sure I'll mess with the build and price utility when its available to see the price and configurations. If Ford makes the Lariat Ultimate package available with the HO 6.7 in a super cab I'd consider getting a 23 if the trade in value was acceptable on my 22.
  7. Truck was delivered 6/4/22 and I have only seen deep sleep once when the truck was not driven for two weeks.
  8. I still do not understand why a 250 with the HCTTP which gives the 250 the same axle and springs as the 350 yet gets a lower rating vs the 350. I really do not care as I will tow as if the truck is a 350.
  9. What is wrong with the safety chains? I have two trailers one a TT the other a boat trailer with two different styles and I can get them on the 3" receiver setup. Could it be easier? Yep.
  10. Well the dealer from my original order placed 6/24/21 called me today to say my truck was in and asked if I was still interested in it even though I emailed them months ago and said no when my second order was scheduled for production. The difference between the two orders is amazing insofar as the delay and how a more loaded truck came in so much faster. I joked with the salesman and said thanks and that they would not have any issue selling it and he agreed. I'll have to see what the price is they list it for considering I was getting X plan pricing.
  11. I use a hair dryer and my finger nail. Works every time and if there is residue adhesive left over then go gone or wd40 and then wash and wax
  12. First mod I did when I got the truck. My neighbor came over as he saw the truck in the driveway and heard the hair dryer running and said he’d do the same.
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