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So maybe putting a drw truck grill on my truck was NOT a good idea!

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20220903_134416.thumb.jpg.84031b4015522b022b158f9954d9ace3.jpgSo...today took truck to dealer to have the oil changed since truck is going on 1 year old (happy birthday truck!?)


 Apparently the high flow dual rear wheel Grill is not just a dually thing but it is a dually and diesel thing




Well... When they went to change the oil there was a communication issue.


 I said it's 7.3 gas (i bought the truck there...its been there for service before vin is on file)..... And they said no it's a diesel.


 I figured they were pulling my leg and joking with me... Because who would know more than the guy that owns and drives the truck.


 So they finished up and I got my bill. Then asked why they billed me for 13 qt of oil..... I said OK how did you get 13 qts of oil in a 7.3..



because thats what it takes...it's a 6.7



No it is not! It's a damn 7.3 gas engine!



Oh you are correct...it is gas...




( I did check the oil before I left and made sure that it was not over full).


So the price was adjusted...and they assured me that the correct oil and filter was put in  the truck.


 Apparently The grill made it look like it Dually diesel truck..  So that's how it got entered.



 I am still amazed that they thought it was a diesel when


1. they were standing 20' away from it while it was running....


2.  It does have an aftermarket 7.3 badge on the side of it.


3. I told them it was a 7.3


4. I'm sure when they pulled my Vin and put it into the computer there must be some kind of indication to say what engine it has.


 I wish I was surprised about this but I kind of just stood back shrugged my shoulders and thought though yeah this is expected and normal.


(Love this gif...????)



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