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Coolant in Oil after new head gaskets


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Ford F250 6.2 Gas Engine new Head gaskets but still coolant in oil and white smoke from the exhaust


I replaced my head gaskets because the engine was misfiring and there was a lot of coolant in the oil (foamy milkshake dipstick)

 after replacing the gaskets, I tried starting the engine. Even though I didn’t even put coolant in the engine, after letting it run for not even 2 minutes, there was about 1-2 quarts of coolant in the oil, along with misfiring and extreme white smoke coming from the exhaust. 

what could be the reason for that? I cleaned both the block and the head before installing new head gaskets, took quality gaskets, new head bolts and torqued it all in the right sequence. And I didn’t even put coolant in the engine yet, and drained it before working on the engine.


Please help, I don’t know anymore ??

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This does not make sense...you drained all coolant from system, drained all oil, changed some parts, added new oil, started truck without adding coolant but still got 2 quarts of coolant in the oil?


you said 1 to 2 quarts in oil after starting. 


So you added 7qts of oil to repaired engine, when you emptied oil back out did you measure the oil? Would be 8 or 9 qts?


Seeing that you said 1 or 2 qts I am assuming you did not measure it or you would have known exactly which it was.


Could you have had some coolant that just did not drain out when you first emptied the oil? Even half a cup of water in 7 qts of oil will make the oil look as if it is full of water.


Try draining and flushing oil again then fill with new and see.


If the coolant system is not flowing and there is nothing to pump then there is no way to get water in the oil.


Now if your block is cracked in the lower section....well... that is scenario 2. You don't need flow...it just leaks into the oil from gravity.


I hope it's residual coolant not the latter.

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