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F150 Lighning Production Hault


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I'm still betting that I won't see mine.  Latest BS was that if you're a fleet order you had to sit through an "orientation" before your order could be picked up for production.  Something many dealers didn't know about.  Anyway, based on the "orientation" I'm not sure the Lightning will work for me. 

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As someone who worked on batteries for 15y and someone who followed the auto industry for 20y, my suggestion: either suck up the idea that EV can never be fire-free OR avoid buying a F-150 lighting.  I have communications with folks at Ford ( Ted Miller's team),  LG/SK and also know 2 guys at GM, EV will always be compromised in terms of "how fast can you charge it" AND "do I lose range in frigid condition".


These F-150 lighting already on the road, there will be spontaneous fires, absolutely 10000% confident of that, since the battery is underneath, when you drive it and see smoke, you may not have 5 seconds to get out safely. 


The LFP based ones will be even worse, partly because CATL will NOT be allowed to bring the safest recipe to Michigan, partly because the iron particles will always be present, if you park inside your garage, it can burst into a huge fire at 2:50AM. Think over it!

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