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Pass Door Lock Intermittent

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2022 F350 A few days before we started this years journey, front pass door lock stopped functioning with electric lock.  Can hear the motor running, and the door can be opened with the inside handle and locked pushing down on the door lock.  Then it started working again for almost three weeks... and now has quit again.


Anybody tun into this issue before?

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I have a 2020 F250 with the same issue. It is like the lock itself is sticking. The electric actuator sounds like it is attempting to either unlock the door or lock it but the lock just sticks. Was the worst when real hot outside. Cooled down and started to rain again and it worked for one week. Now not working again. Anyone else had a fix for it.

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I just experienced this for the first time the other day.  It started working again after about an hour and about 50 lock/unlock cycles, pushing the tab down, working the inside door handle, pushing the button back down, over and over.  Then tried the power unlock and it worked okay again.  Hopefully it doesn’t come back!


I had to apologize to my wife because she was getting in to drive and I couldn’t open the passenger door and I thought she was playing with me…….ooooops

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