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    GT500 Weight

    It’s not a Miata.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    OK- I thought you were referring to a dealer that sold NEW Fords as well as the "imports". Yes I see Junkowski's ads in TBG and the Post. They frequently have have used 650/750 in their ads- I think sometimes these guys get auction trucks to offer more variety. Then again I like to think that is where they came from rather than dissatisfied Ford owners who traded in for brand X. Any "tandem" Bluediamond or OAP 650/750 you see is a tag/pusher axle not a live tandem. My son sent me a shot the other day of an OAP 750 dump with about a 12' dump on it. Paving company. Popular idea as they typical don't need the benefits of a live tandem-just have to meet the weight laws and a tag axle lets them do that-as well as pick up some braking ability
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Yes and sorry if it sounded like I or others were dismissing you, the 7.0 liter Boss and Rouch 777 Racing program has been mentioned on BON many times in the past, Rousch ended up developing a 460 CID engine based on the 6.2 Enjoy article and youtube from 2012 : HERE
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    Only statistic that matters. Ford produced about 135,000 1973 Mustangs (last of the old body style) and about 385,000 1974 Mustang II's. Absolutely, the car was a smash hit, and the right Mustang for the time. (Interesting tidbit: I worked at the Rouge Plant during the summer of 1974 and my job was to drive cars from one end of the plant parking lot, to another. I have literally driven hundreds of 1974 Mustang II's.).