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  1. What are you taking about? Keep in mind that new products take at least four-five years to develop and bring into production-just look at the Bronco as an example. I think people don’t get that what is coming out today was more or less decided to be done before Covid came along. business plans change all the time and now I just hear the sky is falling and Ford is failing when they haven’t even come out with products that have been talked about for the past two-three years yet.
  2. Why? Building EVs is different than building ICE assembly line wise.
  3. IMO I think some of this is being read into too much. So lets look at this objectively: Here is an article from 2021 https://www.slashgear.com/ford-explorer-ev-confirmed-and-an-electric-bronco-could-be-next-26674602 So there has been some obfuscation of information- Ford was/is working on a couple different EV projects and things have changed-since that article I'm guessing Ford was planning on using the MEB platform at Oakville with the 3 row EV. With that said, the name Explorer was being attached to the 3 row EV, but only was used on the MEB EU only product. The 3 Row EV was apparently supposed to be released last year? But COVID completely screwed that up, plus I guess some of the other rumblings about its styling also might have played a role with that. So going forward: Explorer EV for the EU launches this summer-Apparently a sporty model called the Puma launches afterwards 3 row EV for Ford and Lincoln launches in 2025 at Oakville as 2026MY products? BOC opens in 2025 for the new Ford Truck EV (Lightning production ends? UAW contract says Mich EV assembly can transfer to BOC)-maybe slides to 2026? C SUV EV-Escape Replacement-apparently this was supposed to be in production around the end of the UAW contract in 2027-I'm guessing this slides to the right a few years. Might even move to Mexico depending on how Ford's relation with UAW is. Mach E update/replacement-No information AFAIK as late-maybe was supposed to be 2026? Mustang EV Coupe-rumored 2029-see that sliding right into 2030s Bronco EV-2029 Rumor-Slide into 2030s I see the Bronco/Ranger and Mustang getting a 2.3L Ecoboost hybrid option in the next 3-4 years to hold them over to they are replaced by EVs. Another IMO-I hope the government is still planning on building more charging stations if things do get delayed, because that will make more people want to buy them because of range anxiety will be reduced.
  4. Yeah that would make the most sense-there are a lot of different headwinds over the next 24-48 months that are going to affect things-Presidential election later this year, geopolitical strife that doesn't look like it will get any better anytime soon, manufacturing issues with China/overseas and start of demographic decline in several countries
  5. The last thing that was put out was the Bronco EV not coming out till 2029CY, which would make it a CY2030. I have a feeling alot of things are going to shift left and right as time goes on.
  6. Because the UAW only operates in the USA and going to another state would require having an agreement with the UAW. Imports don't have that problem till their workers want to join the UAW, then it will be an issue for them. I'd guess they'd pull production and move to another country within 24-48 months of that happening.
  7. Or companies taking the work and wanting to maximize profits and cut corners. What it boils down to is that its a process and not purely a design issue by Ford.
  8. The other issue is with sub manufacturers...even back in the visteon days the plant my dad worked at used to get wiring harnesses in and they have to throw away a significant amount of them because they where screwed up. Even in my other jobs I've worked at the biggest issues I've seen have been supplier issues and not design issues (though I have seen some dumb decisions done there too)...so that is another angle to this issue.
  9. XLT is most likely just going to be used on truck products and Active for CUV products ST-lIne is just the look of an ST, not the performance that the ST name has.
  10. Well that is the problem, the dealerships where adding ADMs and the gotta have it people paid it, so Ford said screw it and took the margin. The dealership I got my Bronco at actually has a 3K discount on a 23 Bronco Raptor they have in stock. I'm genuinely curious if pricing will be adjusted downward at all or are they just adding in future discounts that will be needed to move product.
  11. But they lose about an estimated 1.7 million packages a day, through theft or losses. I normally lose about 2-3 packages a year from Amazon that are never delivered for whatever reason
  12. If you look at the UAW contract, they have that spelled out. They actually tightened it up, but of course people are gonna take advantage of it.
  13. That should be taken care of by mentoring and company training. in the grand scheme of things engineers don't know everything (contrary to popular belief) when they get done with schooling and training of engineers is another wide spread issue in the worlds workforce that isn't an automotive industry issue only.
  14. Like I said don't underestimate stupidity in large numbers. If the UAW can unionize the transplant plants in the next couple of years, that might make things harder, but if that effort falls apart, I think Ford, GM and Stelantis will play hardball with them in 2028. I can see Louisville and Flat Rock getting the shitty end of the stick if goes down like that.
  15. So since we are painting with platitudes here, what about all the assembly line workers who call out on unauthorized sick day the first day of hunting season, basically knee caping any production for a day or two? Saying one group has it better than the other is disingenuous
  16. And what makes the UAW more special than other people that haven't got COLAs or pay raises in the same time? Anyways what this boils down to is that the UAW has broken its relationship with Ford it has had over the past 40 years or so. Being adversarial to your employer isn't good for your job stability long term.
  17. Until people's buying habits change radically, I don't see this happening. The only reason smaller/cheap cars sold in the US over the past 50 years was because the need for CAFE offsets. Imports are just as guilty of doing this also, even though they offer "affordable" cars. In the grand scheme of things, globalization is going to come to an end in the next 10-20 years and importing cars from China or even Japan to a lesser degree will become impractical because the US is going to become more insular and not be the worlds navy anymore...just think what will happen to global shipping in the Red Sea if a couple ships where sunk-no one would issue insurance and the flow of traffic would trickle down to nothing. You might not see it but the US is currently in a phase of building out plants right now that hasn't been seen since WW2 because of this. We have enough natural resources to support ourselves going forward too, so places like the middle east are going to become less important to us.
  18. But automation and moving it to other countries where the cost of living is cheaper (plus whatever tax breaks they get) will make their decisions easier. No matter what a company pays for its workers, mismanagement will kill it off sooner then later...that is a pretty cavalier comment that lower paid workers are the Only reason they stay in business.
  19. That is the unanswered question-but those automakers have a bit more flexibility in dealing with that because they could just build or move production to Mexico or other places if those plants went union. Don't discount stupidity in large groups of people.
  20. silvrsvt

    Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept

    Ok maybe I am smoking something....LOL from the angle posted it looked more vertical then it actually is. It could be related to the Wagoneer S EV, but I think that is larger vehicle. But at this point it doesn't even matter because it got scrapped.
  21. Well the bigger issue here is that this is going to effect everyone-less young people and more older people in general means less people in the workforce, doesn't matter if your a UAW worker or a Engineer-if your in demand for something, your value is going to go up, short of being replace by AI (overstated to a point) or a robot.
  22. silvrsvt

    Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept

    I just noticed this, but the Airflow concept is pretty much just a reskinned Jeep Recon....they have almost identical greenhouses and D pillars
  23. The thing is that Red Bull was building their own engine development center after parting ways with Honda. Honda came back to a lesser degree with them. I believe Ford Performance's idea for this is provide support and not actually sholder all the costs and share tech with Red Bull Powertrains, plus get some advertising out of it. This is no way the same situation like Cadillac and Andretti trying to break into F1 with a newly developed engine and Team.