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  1. Well the latest rumor is people who have VINs and Production dates are now being pushed back 2-4 weeks due to the plant shutdown.
  2. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a36302400/ford-f-150-lightning-electric-name/ oh boy this is gonna piss off some people.
  3. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-nissan-daimler-idUSKBN14P22Z Just goes to show you even developing luxury cars jointly isn't a path to success...wonder if this is going to hurt Daimler more then Nissan, since they can move Infiniti to FWD Nissan/Renault platforms.
  4. Lincoln had an impressive percentage gain.
  5. Couple things to keep in mind: The Escape is sold world wide The Transit Connect is getting replaced in the EU (if not other places) by a VW design A NA Specific Transit Connect (or whatever it is called) isn't coming out for another year two and most likely will be slightly larger then the current TC. It will have a hybrid model since it will be based on the Maverick.
  6. Most of the options you mention aren't on jeep models either. Didn't see the following: Power seats Cooled seats No heated rear seat Keypad is kinda useless when you don't have doors installed on your Bronco.
  7. New Jersey implemented this a few years back (unfortunately an old neighbor of mine loss her teenage son in a car wreck prior to this-he was a passenger though) and I just looked it up...we have the lowest amount of deaths for teen drivers in the country, even though we have one of the biggest cohorts in that age category. That will be next to impossible to do...there are so many different scenarios out there that would involve basically a vehicle deciding to kill its passengers vs pedestrians or car with only one person vs one with a family in it that the legal precedence is just insane.
  8. silvrsvt

    Explorer Timberline

    I like that green...looks pretty good for an appearance package with suspension tuning.
  9. I can't find my post or Bzcat's post about upcoming Ford products, so I figured might as pin one and everyone can contribute to it as we go- Region Codes: NA-North America SA-South America EU-Europe ?-Asia/Australia CN-China Feel free to add and contribute anything I might have missed. CY2021 2021 Bronco Family 4 Door Bronco-ETA Job1 March 2021 2 Door Bronco -ETA Job1 March 2021 2021 Bronco Sport Ford Maverick Small Pickup Nautilus Interior Refresh/facia change Edge Interior Refresh CY 2022 2023 F-150 BEV 2023 Transit Connect BEV 2023 Bronco Warthog and Sport Trac/Pickup trims? Small BEV based on VW platform (EU) 3 Row Kuga/Escape Far East Edge Replacement Future Products past CY 2022-Programs under current review due to current situation 2022 Ranger-Rumored to be pushed back about 12 months- due to COVID-19 Next Gen Edge/Nautilus-Currently under review/Bargaining chip with Union negotiations "Affordable" Ford Product-Might be Maverick Fusion white space replacement vehicle (Might be the same as affordable Ford product?) "Suburu fighter" Mustang-S197 deep update Transit Connect refresh and assembly moved to Mexico for NA/SA Mid sized CUV BEV for Lincoln and Ford Large CUV BEV For Lincoln and Ford (UNIFOR contract 9/2020) Rivan based SUV/Pickup Cancelled/Delayed
  10. Why would Ford be chasing Land Rover down with the Bronco? I don't think there would be that much crossover customer wise. I'd venture to guess that the total amount of Defenders going hard core off roading is pretty small. The Mach E is a brand new product in a new segment that they need to get desperately right to stay viable in the future. I'm sure the F-150 BEV is getting the same treatment.
  11. When cars are completely autonomous and law is written in a way that protects the owner/operator of them from a lawsuit. People fail to realize that fully autonomous cars are just another way of controlling someone and giving up freedoms to protect people from what if.
  12. This is systemic through out society...its partly due to not being held responsible for your actions.
  13. It appears that the Everglades name is going to be used for the Green color that the Bronco is getting next year
  14. My next door neighbor has one...he also has a nice F450 Contact truck for work he drives every day.
  15. Actually one was a badlands with 33s vs 35 on the Sasquatch
  16. Went to a local Ford dealership that had a couple Broncos on display (I’ll post photos of them later). Overall I’m very impressed with it. The biggest suprise I had was how tall it was and it was a very slight pain in the butt to get into vs what I’m used to.
  17. Well it sure didn't help it either...
  18. The thing is that governments will force that issue...your argument is the same as what happened with Fuel and Emissions standards almost 50 years ago. You have to keep in mind that the Auto industry isn't the electronics industry...it takes 18-24 months for changes to happen and platforms last at least 10-15 years to make $$$ on them. Automakers are looking 5 years or longer down the road to try to figure out what the market needs or is forced to have. That is why certain products like the Edge and Nautilus are dead men walking. it makes no sense to come out with a new product in the next 24 months that is going to have to be replaced in 7 years or so because of BEV requirements. If they came out a year or two ago it would be more worthwhile, but they where deferred because of other products. I'd venture to guess that by 2040 that 80-90% of the light duty market will be a BEV worldwide. What happens in Medium and Heavy duty is anyones guess at the moment, but it seems like some goverements are hellbent on making them BEV or ZEVs also.
  19. I’m sure the Bronco aftermarket folks are more then able to come up with their own ugly grills without copying the Wrangler ones 😆
  20. silvrsvt

    2022 Honda Civic Debuts

    Is it an Accord or is it a Civic? Generic sedan.
  21. I don't see BEVs making a huge impact for another 10+ years...2035 is still 14 years away.
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    New Exec assignments

    Fixed link