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  1. off the 1970s called and they want their crushed blue velvet interior back and and that thing has a face only a mother could love 😛
  2. Long term, I don't think the Mach E has future as a standalone product because its acting as a compliance model for the EU. Once the new C class pure EV comes along in a few years, there really is no point in keeping the Mach E as it currently stands in production. The Mach E could become the coupe style CUV along side whatever replaces the Escape and I'd guess eventually the Mustang would join it as a coupe.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2024/06/18/investing/electric-car-maker-fisker-bankruptcy/index.html
  4. City style cars are a hard no in the North American market. The "perfect" IMO product for the NA market would be something roughly the size of the Escape/Bronco Sport, gets about 300 miles of range and can be charged in about 15-20 minutes. I think that tech is less then 5 years away.
  5. Why not plan ahead and special order it so you have it at the end of the lease? I wonder how much of these pink poke a dot products are just to keep the assembly line going-for example non hybrid Mavericks or soft top Broncos, because they have shortages in those items.
  6. What is driving bigger vehicles is the amount of packages being shipped via USPS or USPS doing UPS deliveries or Amazon Deliveries.
  7. What the hell are you talking about? Just looking at the Maverick as an example-starting price is just under $24K. I did a search on Ford's website and there are roughly 100+ of them apparently in the area where I live with in 20 miles (dealer stock and enroute) Out of that 100+, only 3 of them where less then 27K The vast majority of the Mavericks are in the mid 30K range, which means they are already 10K over their start price and some models go as high as $41K, which is 17K over starting list price. So being a product that was designed to be "cheap" there is a huge amount of profit that is being made off it, esp since it doesn't have discounts or subleaned financing on it either.
  8. But here lies the issue-the development work might be "free" but you still need to make new tooling, subassembly production (power plants, interiors) and whatever else to put it into production and then make a profit off it. If it was that simple and profitable to do it, I think Ford would be doing it already. Plus I'd venture to say that nearly every non luxury sedan has some sort of sub leaned financing and discounts on top of a lower MSRP (vs a CUV) to make money off it.
  9. Again they aren't selling 60-80K pickup trucks in nearly double the number of what the Camry does either.
  10. I'm guessing because Multimatic has the space to do it. The GTD is way over the top for average buyers and they still have the gap that the GT500 used to fill pricewise.
  11. But here is the thing-its not about you alone-its the market overall. There are lots of things I want from Ford, but I know most of them aren't practical.
  12. In the grand scheme of things, how much did the performance orientated Cadillac do to actually improve their market share? It made a good copy in car magazines, but didn't really move the needle sales wise. The Luxury market is fickle
  13. But in the grand scheme of things, would they be able to fill another 250K+ of C or CD sized products in a plant if they did that? At least in North America or South America. I think Ford has figured out that they rather sell all what they can make vs increasing market share by building another plant to add another 200K or so of capacity. I'd expect in the future some plants get realigned with new plants that are being built now for EVs.
  14. I think the primary reason is that the Shelby name doesn't resonate with younger buyers as much. They came out almost 60 years ago-They where only 20 years old or so when I was a teenager, so they still had mystique about them. Its kinda like moving the vette to a mid engine design because the front one had an image of older dudes in white new balances and jean shorts lol
  15. Has Ford put out any production numbers for the Dark Horse? Given the way interest rates are now, I'd expect anything that is limited edition with an ADM Not to sell easily. A Dark Horse doesn't have the same cache as say a Shelby with the typical Mustang buyer IMO.
  16. I completely agree...I thought the first generation looked kinda cheap, but the new Headlights and grills make it look more upscale now.
  17. Apparently that is what the 3 row EV was/is supposed to be like. The thing is that Fiesta and Focus sedans didn't seem to sell as well as their hatchback counterparts. I think something that is similar to the Chevy Trax-which looks like a quasi wagon/SUV shape would be a good contender for a small/entry level vehicle.
  18. Here is the problem-they won't Higher prices of new cars are driving pricing of used cars higher because of trade in values need to offset the price increase. Then add in much tighter production of new cars and fleet dumping not happening like it did back in the 1990s combined with cash for clunkers about 10-15 years ago, and you destroyed the supply of used cars. I keep my cars at least 8 years or so and I was shocked at what I got for my 2006 Mustang GT when I sold it in 2018 and I made 3x on my Fusion Hybrid (got it cheap) when I sold that, but I didn't make any money on it because I had to put $$$ into fixing the brakes on it.
  19. So I wonder when we'll see something that slots between this and the Dark Horse Mustang...at a more reasonable 100K 🤪
  20. There has been a couple cam phaser issues on the 2.7L, but keep in mind just because someone says it on the internet, doesn't mean EVERYONE is having it. The Bronco had a 2.7L engine issue that affected less then 100 Broncos, but going by the reporting of the different pages on the internet and social media, it seemed like every single one was affected by it, when it was then .01 of a percent.
  21. The really stupid thing is that the Jeep Compass is built on the same platform as the Alfa/Hornet and starts at $25K, which is more in line with this segment. But the Hornet is nothing more then a badge engineered Alfa
  22. The average price of a new car is around $48K and if you look at current entry level products, they don't sell in the numbers like say the Escort did in the 1980s (which where most likely being fleet dumped anyways) because they are smaller vehicles that don't appeal to most buyers. The used car market will cater to the low end of the market, but even then pricing is stupid-my nephew bought an Altima that was 3 years old last year and it was 20K. I remember the days of the early 1990s when a used 5 year old car was like $1000. Luxury car pricing started at 30K about 20 years ago...now that is an entry level C class CUV like the Escape Active.
  23. It also boils down to the labor pool is also shrinking-Boomers are just about out of the labor market, Gen X is getting older and they are a small cohort, Millennials are the largest group but are rapidly approaching middle age, and Generation Z is only slightly larger then Gen X and about 4 million smaller then the Millennials. Shortages in the labor market are going to drive strikes (because it will be harder to replace workers to a point), but should be curious how this all shakes out with the UAW and what the actual tipping point was-was it their actions or the people inside the organization.
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