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  1. I haven't seen much in the way of a rental Lincolns (if at all) and the last time I went to the airport I got a ride in a Crown Vic! LOL That was from the car service that my company uses. I live in Prime Lincoln territory and 95% of them are Utilities that I see on the road. I've seen more Rangers (about half dozen) then I've seen of Contis
  2. silvrsvt

    Hackett in for Long Haul

    The Bronco, Mustang and Raptor fall under Ford Icons
  3. I'm going to assume the vast majority of those Lincoln Sedan sales where to Black Car/Limo fleets
  4. But it hasn't...the 2020 Explorer is outselling both products combined as of last month. The current Explorer is only 2K off last years pace in sales month to month-not including the jacked up launch issues. The Kia/Hyundai twins are under cutting the market period price wise. As for PIU sales-they didn't go into production till this past summer/fall-so in the past 90 days or so and to be honest, I have yet to see a PIU on the road or mentioned online, so I'm wondering if they have been launched yet.
  5. https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/nissan-orders-two-day-furlough-us-employees-amid-falling-sales
  6. silvrsvt

    Ford Nearly Completes Car Purge

    The problem is your assuming your needs and wants and what you like as gospel for the entire marketplace...which is really ill-advised. The modern SUV have only been around for 30 years or so and CUV has been around for about 20 years or less. The market is trending towards a 70-30% market spilt between sedans vs Trucks/CUV/SUVs this year. Sedan sales have been trending downwards 20-25% since 2013 or so. Autos are only getting more expensive and CUV are becoming more popular because they are a Swiss army knife of design..they do alot of things ok, not great in most cases and people think they have more value because of that. Just look at this way, you have 30K to spend on an auto...an average buyer is going to lean towards a CUV just because it has more cargo space then an sedan and doesn't have the stigma that a minivan does and wagons are more or less a non-starter with buyers....they are like stick shift buyers...a vocal minority that don't really put their money where their mouth is. Sedans are more or less like personal coupes where back in the 1970s=they might be more stylish, but don't offer really any major improvements over a CUV that would make your average buyer more inclined to buy them.
  7. I was wondering the same thing-the MME is limited due to batteries and the F-150 BEV is going to have the same issues I'm assuming.
  8. My wife was involved in an accident when we lived in MD-She was at a light, got rear ended and pushed into a F-150 in front of her. The driver of the F-150 said he was ok. We moved back to NJ and about a year and half (almost 3 years after the accident I think) I get served with papers by a court employee of the old county we live in (I could have missed it completely if I met up with her in AC that night, but I was tired from traveling previously that week) that required her to go down there for the court case. Make a long story short, she was excused from the case, but it was just a major PIA because it required 4+ hours of travel time for about 20 minutes of court time...the guy in the F-150 was trying to look for a pay day and the window for suing people was coming up...a lawyer must have reached out to him.
  9. There is a glut of lawyers out there, so they have to justify their existence and get paid for it..so thats why we have crap like this.
  10. https://www.autonews.com/commentary/hacketts-remedy-sticker-shock Found that interesting-I use mine all the time and my sister's 2020 Explorer XLT didn't have homelink on it. I'm going with that its a slight pain in the ass to setup (was in my old house, but it had better security) and its just easier for users to use the remotes they have for garage door openers (if they have them-wonder what the market penetration is for that) to open them...plus I'd say better then 80% of the people on my block don't even use their garages for their cars.
  11. The Fusion is going to be out of production in the next 7 months-how are they letting the name become tarnished when its basically becoming the Crown Vic of its time for the past year or so before getting replaced most likely in late 2021 after it dies next summer? Pricing of the Explorer and Escape is comparable to its competition-maybe Ford had previous products priced too cheaply? Outside of the Hyundai and Kia models in the Explorers case, it matches up fine with the competition price wise
  12. silvrsvt

    Ford Nearly Completes Car Purge

    The thing is that for all this fussing about handling, that is far down the list for the vast majority of drivers...I've never met a situation driving my wife's Escape on a road that it felt unsafe for me to do what I want it to do. The vast majority of drivers can barely operate their vehicle, so asking them to drive it at the razors edge of its handling capabilities is asking alot and they are far more likely going to crash it before they even get to that point. The point your missing is that Ford wants to build a product that is unique/desirable in the eyes of the customer so they don't have to discount it in some shape or form. They are going after more niche but profitable markets-Going after Jeep with the Bronco Family and the Fusion whitespace vehicle will be aimed at Suburaus since they more or less own the AWD wagonish market.
  13. The other sad thing is that talk is cheap and given the price point of these products, people looking for something cheap was the primary motivation for it. Last time I checked, Ford still had some of the highest consumer retention rates. But with that said, this was a giant cluster fuck. over the past 15 years, 66% of new style transmissions that Ford has put to market have been complete cluster fucks...with the hybrid CVT in Fusion/Escape being the only success story out of the three.
  14. https://www.motor1.com/news/366090/ford-mustang-inspired-suv-november/amp/
  15. Just rumors on here...I haven't seen anything published
  16. Yeah its called the baby Bronco...
  17. The Explorer actually outsells both of them-combined. 15K Explorers vs 5,268 Palasaids and 6,824 Tellurides
  18. I still see more 2020 Escapes and Explorers in my area then I’ve seen of the Ranger, which has been out the whole year. The escape is still spooling up and the Explorer seems to have fixed its launch snafus.
  19. silvrsvt

    Jeep Wagoneer Spied

    I hope so, we are gonna hit the 6 month mark before its supposed to be shown off in about a week 😄
  20. So why aren't they falling on the EU models that are using the same thing?
  21. Low interest rates are also because the prime rate has rised a bit over the past couple years too
  22. All depends if your customer notices it or not.
  23. If noise was part of the reason for an engine cover, wouldn't be just easier/cheaper to use a heavier duty hood blanket?
  24. The 1970s called and they want their computer back 😛