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  1. So what your trying to say is oil is gonna turn back in Dinosaurs?
  2. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/02/24/ford-ranger-rally-raid-truck-ecoboost-v6-revealed/
  3. silvrsvt

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    Hmm wonder what the deal was there...
  4. It might be a preproduction unit that doesn't have an antiglare coating on it. Not to mention the angles the photos where taken aren't exactly complementary the lack of symmetry on the heated seat buttons kinda bugs me
  5. I can't find my post or Bzcat's post about upcoming Ford products, so I figured might as pin one and everyone can contribute to it as we go- Region Codes: NA-North America SA-South America EU-Europe ?-Asia/Australia CN-China Feel free to add and contribute anything I might have missed. Year CY 2019 2020 Explorer (just launched) (NA/EU) 2020 Transit Refresh (NA/EU) 2020 Escape/Kuga-Late Fall/early Winter (NA/EU/CN) 2020 Super Duty-Late Fall/Early Winter (NA) 2020 Kuga B class CUV (EU) 2020 Mustang GT500 CY 2020 2021 F-150 and F-150 Hybrid 2021 Model E BEV 2021 Bronco Family 4 Door Bronco 2 Door Bronco Bronco Scout/Adventurer/Sport/Baby whatever they call it 2021 Mustang Refresh/hybrid? CY 2021 2022 F-150 BEV 2022 Bronco Sport Trac/Pickup 2022 Ranger? Future Products past CY 2021 "Affordable" Ford Product Fusion white space replacement vehicle (Might be the same as affordable Ford product?) New Mustang on CD6 Baby Bronco Pickup Transit Connect refresh Mid sized CUV BEV for Lincoln and Ford Rivan based SUV/Pickup Small BEV based on VW platform (EU)
  6. Perhaps the biggest issue with CarPlay is the lack of 3rd party apps that can be used on it...which is the biggest failing of Apple for iPhone owners...Apple Maps suck and I'd rather not have to pay Ford an extra $800 for a marginally better Navigation system that is stupid expensive to upgrade the maps on. https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/26/16028250/waze-android-auto-maps-navigation-carplay
  7. https://jalopnik.com/the-jeep-gladiator-is-struggling-1841569645
  8. So much stock do you own @mlhm5 You are our resident Tesla shill here.
  9. The 10R Hybrid adds about 62 Ft pounds of torque on the 3.3L V6 So its currently 387, so at least 449 without any other changes.
  10. It all depends-I live in one of the mostly densely populated areas in the US and I'm lucky I can take pretty much all secondary roads on my 13 mile drive to work. However if I need to commute to the north of my state, I have at least 3-4 options to take..they might not be the fastest, but I do have alternatives. I know in other places, like California and Germany, a bad accident happens on the highway happens and your stuck on that highway for hours.
  11. So Mahindra is running most of the lower end products in India for Ford? If that is the case, that would make me wonder that Ford is planning on doing a more SUV version of the Puma and that is the Ecosport replacement for the US and other non-BRIC countries. That is my guess too Edge replacement for the EU or just what is currently slotted as the Edge over there? That doesn't quite add up with the BEV Mid size CUV coming down the pike and a replacement Edge for the US and I'd assume China? Or is it just a 3 row Kuga/Escape?
  12. I wonder if that would find its way into the Mustang-different gearing, of course
  13. I think they are just recycling rumors again-the V6 was downsized back then. I see no reason why the coyote would lose .2L after being upsized .4L from the 4.6L V8.
  14. Given the "trends" for the future of automobiles, it appears that the future is going to be an Electric Pod that takes you where you need to go and ownership of your own car will disappear around the time I retire (20-25 years) Unless someone can figure out how to make a BEV for around 30K and still make a profit on it....
  15. If you invest in solar (in most areas) and other things will offset that So your saying is that my electric bill will go from say $300 in the height of the summer to $600, just because I have an electric car? I don't think so. Taking a look at some of the BEV recharging options for the MME, it would cost about $42 for a full refill from one of the providers listed-not sure if this is accurate or not, but thats roughly what a 20 gallon tank at 2.50 gallon goes for now.
  16. Its down to 7.62 as of now...
  17. i've seen reports of the dongles not playing nice with car's OBD systems also.
  18. beat me to it-though I updated the title LOL I'm starting to wonder if that middle piece of the grill is going to be actually body colored or something-it looks like its missing something in that photo.
  19. Nine countries say they’ll ban internal combustion engines. So far, it’s just words Lots of legislation out there that in the next 10-15 years ICE might be banned in some cities or even countries Its coming-but the real question is when does the tipping point follow? The auto industry is normally planning 5-10 years down the road, and given the age of some of Ford's products, do they invest in going the BEV route between now and the next 5 years or let current products get even older to carry on as ICE products? Its not like the entire auto industry can turn on a dime and the ones that can't, doesn't mean other companies can make up the slack easily either if they fail.
  20. Do you ever think it was because of the shitty launch of the model? Why? Your removing any incentives for people to buy an Explorer Platinum, the XLT Sport Package is just a dress up addition.
  21. Just saw this on Facebook-guess preproduction models are being run