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    New Fusion rendering?

    Going by this...Cuautitlan is 4.3 Million Sq Ft https://fordauthority.com/fmc/ford-motor-company-plants-facilities/ford-motor-company-mexico-plants-facilities/ford-motor-company-cuautitlan-plant-cuautitlan-mexico/ Hermosillo is much smaller? at 1.6 Million https://fordauthority.com/fmc/ford-motor-company-plants-facilities/ford-motor-company-mexico-plants-facilities/ford-motor-company-hermosillo-assembly-plant-hermosillo-mexico/
  2. I can't find my post or Bzcat's post about upcoming Ford products, so I figured might as pin one and everyone can contribute to it as we go- Region Codes: NA-North America SA-South America EU-Europe ?-Asia/Australia CN-China Feel free to add and contribute anything I might have missed. CY2021 2021 Bronco Family 4 Door Bronco-ETA Job1 March 2021 2 Door Bronco -ETA Job1 March 2021 2021 Bronco Sport Ford Maverick Small Pickup Nautilus Interior Refresh/facia change Edge Interior Refresh CY 2022 2023 F-150 BEV 2023 Transit Connect BEV 2023 Bronco Warthog and Sport Trac/Pickup trims? Small BEV based on VW platform (EU) 3 Row Kuga/Escape Far East Edge Replacement Future Products past CY 2022-Programs under current review due to current situation 2022 Ranger-Rumored to be pushed back about 12 months- due to COVID-19 Next Gen Edge/Nautilus-Currently under review/Bargaining chip with Union negotiations "Affordable" Ford Product-Might be Maverick Fusion white space replacement vehicle (Might be the same as affordable Ford product?) "Suburu fighter" Mustang-S197 deep update Transit Connect refresh and assembly moved to Mexico for NA/SA Mid sized CUV BEV for Lincoln and Ford Large CUV BEV For Lincoln and Ford (UNIFOR contract 9/2020) Rivan based SUV/Pickup Cancelled/Delayed
  3. I don't the Explorer or Escape are going anywhere...if anything the product coming from Oakville is going to be additional/new product? I'm also not sure, but I could be wrong that Ford thinks that they are going to switch the whole lineup of CUVs to BEV by the end of the 2020's. I see gas powered vehicles lasting til at least 2033-35 or so. The current CD6 architecture could last that long as long as its updated regularly and wouldn't cost Ford a huge sum of money to do Plus I don't think anyone is going to be able how to make a profit on a 30K BEV for a while yet, without some major cost breakthrough, so that really impacts the small and subcompact markets.
  4. I was wondering where the Mustang would have winded up at if Flat Rock was closed
  5. Interesting, but I'd be expecting a more upright green house for CUV type products.
  6. Looking at the engine compartment, its based on the C2-looks similar to the 2020 Escape and nothing like the current CD4 Edge https://indianautosblog.com/2021-ford-endeavour-2021-ford-everest-spied-interior-suspension-revealed-p320002
  7. Like what? The biggest thing I can think of is some sort of lower end product. The OHAP BEV replaces the Edge/Nautilus in the lineup due to timing...assuming the names will be carried over (which would be stupid if they didn't) I'm assuming the OAP plant is getting something bigger, but that calls into the question of what the future of the Explorer is, but at the same time I don't see how either rumored product could replace it at combined expected sales number of 150K...I can see maybe a Lincoln there?
  8. Thanks-I thought it might go in effect January of 2021.
  9. Updates from the UNIFOR contract CY2020 Bronco Sport Puma ST CY2021 2021 Bronco (2/4 door) Job1 March 2021 Ford Maverick Small Pickup Nautilus Interior Refresh/facia change Edge Interior Refresh Far East Edge Replacement Ford Equator https://www.carscoops.com/2020/09/the-ford-equator-is-a-full-size-seven-seat-suv-for-china/ Fusion white space replacement vehicle "Subaru fighter" CY 2022 2023 F-150 BEV 2023 Transit BEV 2023 Bronco Warthog and Sport Trac/Pickup trims? Small BEV based on VW platform (EU) 3 Row Kuga/Escape 6.xL V8 Assembly starts-Raptor/Super Duty/High end Mustang motor? CY2023 Nautilus balance out Q3 https://www.unifor.org/sites/default/files/documents/document/ford_master_bargaining_brochure-final.pdf FWD Edge Balance out Q3 AWD Edge Balance out Q4 CY2024 Future Products 2022 Ranger-Rumored to be pushed back about 12 months in US-due to COVID-19 Mustang-S550 deep update Transit Connect refresh and assembly moved to Mexico for NA/SA? Might not happen Mid sized CUV BEV for Lincoln and Ford-Avon Lake Five new BEV products for Oakville- First product CUV for 100K units Second product CUV for 50K units Three additional "Performance" vehicles for 20K each.
  10. silvrsvt

    Unifor contract update

    Can someone explain your work schedule? If I do the math, its more then 40 hours a week Are the 10 hour days actually 9 hours because of an hour lunch or 30 minute lunch plus two 15 minute breaks?
  11. silvrsvt

    Infiniti QX60 monograph concept

    Inspired vs coping is two different things. look at the original Taurus and Audi 5000-similar to one another, but not a direct copy. Some of Ford’s CUV have similar styling features as a RR, but I wouldn’t call copy or ripping them off. The real issue is people are armed with crayons when they are describing vehicle styling vs having nice sharp Pencils. Thus all oh the Bronco looks like a lifted Flex stupidity comments for example. I’m far from a fine art major, but be at least concise with your critique of something.
  12. https://www.motor1.com/news/445501/2021-ford-puma-st-revealed/
  13. silvrsvt

    Infiniti QX60 monograph concept

    Someone shit in your Cheerios this morning?
  14. silvrsvt

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    Because they are top trim models (SES and Ti models) that list at almost 30k? the lower end models don’t have any incentives/or only 2k and cost about the same (~22-23k). The exchange rate between the Indian Rupiah and the USD means that a entry level Ecosport is only $11k in India. So obviously there is a way Ford is at least breaking even on them.
  15. silvrsvt

    Honda Electric SUV concept

    How is that an SUV?
  16. silvrsvt

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    I think its using the front and rear suspension of the C2 going by this:
  17. silvrsvt

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    I think things are getting looked into too much here. what it boils down to is the original BEV was a compliance vehicle for the EU (50% of 2020 production is going there) to meet a mid 2020s BEV requirements there. Sales where planned for NA also, but that wasn’t the primary market. So I’m guessing during a product review they came to the conclusion that a Cmax style vehicle wouldn’t cut it and wanted something desirable like a Tesla, so it was made into a the Mustang Mach E. I think we can agree that a MME is far more appealing then say a Chevy Bolt or Nissian Leaf. Outside of sheet metal and suspension tuning, it wasn’t a huge redo. As for utilization of Plant it’s being built at-Guess we will have to find out what else they have planned, if anything. A standard ICE platform can do the same thing. The only difference I can think of is that a BEV skateboard uses the battery as a structural member. I haven’t taken a good look at the MME chassis setup.
  18. silvrsvt

    2021 Ford Equator for China

    I noticed a brow look on the headlights and tail lights. I'm not a fan of the greenhouse-looks generic. The front end I'm not fond of but the back looks nice. Ford needs a new design language going forward...its bland city IMO for most of their products.
  19. silvrsvt

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    I was under the impression that the BEV Mid Size CUV would be using it...guess we will find out Sunday I think the Transit is going to be a conversion or something at Avon Lake.
  20. silvrsvt

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    Mustang Mach E...not sure what else they might but there
  21. The point I was trying to make is that Ford is giving up the Transit Connect for a verison of the VW Caddy in a few years. I was trying to figure out the rational of making that decision...the only thing I can come up with is the Maverick might be more profitable of the two products, thus explaining the action they did. The TC and Maverick both share the same platform and as far as we know Ford isn't giving up its C sized platform anytime soon.