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  1. I just took a look at the Chevy website and the Trax and Trailblazers have almost no discounts on them mean while the Malibu and Equinox are marked down $3-4K The Trax is roughly 25K or so and the Trailblazer is slightly more. If Ford can sell a C based truck that starts at 25K in Mexico, I'm going assume that Chevy can sell a B class product that is less complex from South Korea at a Profit in the USA.
  2. Here is a thought: Is adding additional equipment like automatic wipers even a good idea in lower end products? I'm not sure what the competition is offering in their products, but going off what Ford has done with the Escape for the past 10 years or so, it seems like options creep is hurting profitability on things like the Escape. My parents had a 2013 Escape Ti and my wife has a 2017 Escape SEL and the SEL is actually better equipped then the Ti was with dual power seats and full leather vs partial leather seats in the Ti. Some things I can see becoming standard just because its cheaper/less complex to do so, like Auto HVAC controls, electric windows/mirrors, etc. But at that point the cost is negligible. I "lost" a bunch of luxury options moving from my SHO to the Bronco, but in the grand scheme of things in drivability/safety its made zero difference in the driving experience.
  3. It was more of what resources at hand and how to make them work. Ford only has so many resources to use and the move to CD4 in Chinese market was more of a knee jerk response to the market conditions vs other markets. Going by the EU and NA markets-the CD4 platform was a deadman walking issue-sedans based on it where going away sales wise and the mid sized 2 row CUV market was rapidly shrinking. Their wasn’t a good business case for continuing it, where as a new EV would.
  4. It also shows you how hard it is to go into a crowded segment with a overpriced product that doesn't even match up with what your brand is about. Its like Alfa said hey lets change the grill on this and sell it as a Dodge without much else done to it and are shocked when its not successful. It it was in the $30-35K range it would sell better but most of them seem to be well north of that.
  5. But its not as far of a difference say an Edge vs a Mach E either.
  6. I broke my ankle about 6 years ago and my SHO sat without being driven for about 3-4 weeks and it was enough to kill the battery. If you can park near power, you can get a battery tender that plugs into the accessory port/cigarette lighter port that will keep the battery powered up. I did that on my Mustang I didn't drive that much.
  7. I've always fought with that setting on my SHO, so I'm not a fan of it. Plus if you need a windshield replacement back in the day, they didn't recalibrate it.
  8. Its called an Escape..they are almost identical in size...yeah the interior are different different classes of vehicles.
  9. The Mach E is more or less a compliance product for the EU market and at the time the EV market was growing by leaps and bounds a few years back. You do have to keep in mind that the Mach E has been in production since December 2020. Not to mention Ford has limited resources and decided not to pursue that market because they had the Mach E and Bronco, which are at similar price points and size, but offer something completely different then a midsized SUV.
  10. I'm sure Ford has telemetry on the vehicle to show what is in use and what isn't. I had rain sensing wipers on my last car and to be honest it was useless..
  11. IMO it might be too long/too big for their likes? To be honest I hated how long my SHO was (202 inches I think)....190 inches is the sweet spot for me-which is right around how long the Mustang and Bronco are.
  12. Uh Ford sold JLR almost 20 fucking years ago....
  13. The market as a whole for midsized CUVs (roughly 190inch long CUVs) has been shrinking over the years. Murano sales are shrinking, Edge sales are shrinking and even the Blazer doesn't do all that well-it sells less then 100K units a year. The Hyundai Santa Fe sells about 100K units a year, with me doing some quick research. I'm guessing that people who want a CUV will either get a cheaper Explorer if they need to space or go with an Escape if they want something cheaper then an Edge. There is really no compelling reason to get a midsized CUV in the market unless your offering something completely unique like the Bronco, which is more of a SUV then CUV. There will be a market, but is it worth Ford chasing it? it is sort of like the Ranger vs Maverick and F-150. The Ranger is a more capable then the Maverick and is a cheaper alterative to the F-150, which helps its case.
  14. If the Explorer EV and Capri are represented what Ford was getting out of VW, I'm glad they are more or less not extending that relationship. They are both ok to underwhelming products. Hopefully Ford's small EV program pushes these out of the market sooner then later.
  15. Yeah I figured when the Mustang went to what was called Frog style headlights in the era was the end of the Capri because it had 4 sealed beam lights.
  16. A friend of mine has one of those..that Capri died in 1985, right?
  17. Damn the interior is exactly the same as the Explorer EV-they didn't even do anything different with the seat covers.
  18. Don't forget about this Mercury Capri too https://www.theautopian.com/the-third-gen-mercury-capri-was-like-the-miata-if-no-one-really-gave-a-shit-about-the-miata-mercury-monday/
  19. But its also considerably more then your typical Ford is also, you'd think something that is more attainable would sell better, but it could be also a huge gap between the poor and rich and Ford would be in the middle of that gap and not many customers too.
  20. Could be a demographic (China's average age is progressively getting older then the US, mostly due to their 1 child policy for over 40 years) or cultural.
  21. Meh? Its not terrible, but I don't find it particularly attractive or wanting one (if I could get it) This kinda reminds me of the Mach E-a two door made into a four door and it going over like a fart in church with Capri purists. At least IMO the Mach E looks more like a Mustang then the Explorer EV made into a sedan to look like a 2 door Capri. The whole hipline sits too high for what is supposed to be a "sporty" car.
  22. https://cleantechnica.com/2024/05/30/ford-news-europe-pro-launches-home-charging-solution-to-help-businesses-adopt-all-electric-e-transit-custom-van/
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