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  1. Why can't the ng edge go cd6?
  2. Does the new Escape use an all new 8 speed transmission? Is it the same one that's in the edge/nautilus? I've heard bad reviews saying that edge transmission was a poor modification of the old 6 speed.
  3. Yes as their base engine I'd agree, but not the step up. Jaguar E - peace is around 292 HP I believe. I feel like this segment has a blurry line for competition as well.
  4. Only 280 HP is a deal breaker! Very disappointing as it looks amazing otherwise.
  5. What's the guess on when this will be unveiled?
  6. My pessimism makes me think the only way Ford achieved the 200 lb drop was by switching to the 3 - cylinder version and like for like power train options likely have similar weights. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  7. Any chance I can get 300 hp on the corsair? Call me silly, but that's all I want after seeing how great it's looking...
  8. I think I want this to be my next car...but it really needs some power. Hoping they make some power upgrades to the 2.3 version. Especially if there's not going to be an Escape ST for a while.
  9. Any guesses on when the rumored MY2018 refresh is launching?
  10. Anyone test drive the 3.0 with the drivers package?
  11. LtBucy

    2013 Fusion Trailer

    Has anyone tried to build a Fusion lately? It seems like they are really limiting wheel combo options to specific packages...pretty much forcing me to go a different direction? Thoughts or should this be another thread, ha.
  12. transitman....why u trading in the focus?
  13. Any thoughts on when 1.6 will come to the Focus? This is the car I really want...
  14. LtBucy

    Stunned by NPR!

    5. Wow, yes imagine a world without NPR...I don't think anyone could survive. Gag...I assume you agree with government subsidies for other media relics like newspapers as well.
  15. LtBucy

    Focus Vs. Cruze

    Which makes even less sense in comparing Apple to Ford...is Ford getting out of its core car business?