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  1. My 2011 Mks parks itself perfectly every time. Puts itself perfectly in spots I would never dream of trying myself. This issue sure sounds like bad sensors on the Fusion.
  2. 2008 V6 Escapes have V6 badges on the fenders, 09 and newer do not.
  3. Arniect

    Owner of a NEW 2011 MKS

    Only premium
  4. Arniect

    Owner of a NEW 2011 MKS

    Good Luck woth your new ride. We had been looking for a replacement for our Aviator and had thought the MKX was the way to go, After driving the MKX and the MKS back to we went with the MKS, Fully loaded Ecoboost Kona Blue with all the toys . Have never been one to name cars, but this is the "blue ghost" seems right, beautiful dark blue and when you touch the gas your GONE So far over 1200 miles and two trips of over 200 miles it was the right way to go. Gas mileage so far was 23 on the 200 miles trips, half interstate and half back roads, including 30 miles of bumper to bumper traffic on I 84 Easter day. Around town in the 18 MPG range. Better than expected so far. The fun starts when you touch the gas, wow is the word, have driven and owned many powerful cars, since the 60's starting with an R code Cobra Jet Torino, this thing runs hard but so smooth..... Very few people know what it is, lots of positive comments from expensive import drivers , most surprised when they find out its a Lincoln.
  5. This is great to see. BUT: The JD Powers surveys are a joke. if you have filled them out you know why i say that: 1. The vast majority that fill these surveys out have no basic understanding of what is a real problem, versus what is not. 2. To properly fill these surveys out takes a lot of time, very few will spend an hour filling out a form like this. To adress this Powers sends you $1 an an incentive to fill it out. Having said that Ford has made major strides and things like this do nothing but help the cause.
  6. My thoughts exactly. "Cougar By Lincoln." A little more room, upscale interior. No need to reinvent the wheel. Thats what the 67 cougar was. Make mine all black.
  7. Arniect

    Oh my God

    NASCAR tried that early this week when they found out the Fords ran best when hot, thats why they opened up air ducts from 2.5 to 3 inches, to try and help out the teams they want to win. Been watching NASCAR do that since the mid 60's not much changes.
  8. Arniect

    Oh my God

    Great to see the Woods Brothers and Ford In victory lane. A great story. I had read that Edsel Ford pushed the Woods to sign the kid, Not sure how true that is. Edsel was right there in Victory Lane.Lets hope he can help them get sponsorship to run more races with the kid. The race was not the greatest, but the finish was the best since 76. Just love seeing all those Fords at the front.
  9. Good luck with your new Escape. Its a great little SUV, we love our 2009 Limited. They are great in snow, good on gas, comfortable around town, easy to park and not at all bad on long trips. Most of the people knocking them have never driven one. Since the 08 update, the new 6 speed and updated engines in 09 they are very class competitive. The sales continue to show that fact.
  10. Arniect

    Mercury Enthusiasts

    These old ads bring tears to my eyes. The 67 and 68 cougar ads were the best. A few of us are old enough to remember the tag lines; "At the sign of the Cat" As far as the 427 FE very few were bullt for the street in Fords or Mercurys. Just like the Hemi's not really good street motors. Ford trailed behind GM and Mopar for strong engines until Mr Tasca showed them how to make the 428 police intercepter into the Cobra Jet in 1968. The 390's just did not get the job done versus the rat motors and mopar wedges.
  11. Arniect

    Lincoln MKExplorer

    Would love to see a Lincoln version of the new Explorer. At some point I have to replace my Aviator and that would be exactly what I want. Ford could make me even happier if they named it Aviator. Forget another stupid MK-whatever name.
  12. Arniect

    Lincoln model names *POLL*

    This silly naming scheme needs to die , the sooner the better. While i understand the theory behind the names, rather the lack of names. In practice it has not worked. when i take my Aviator to the Lincoln dealer for service even the service writers struggle to keep alphabet soup straight, "that was a what, MK What? its comical. Its just as bad in the showroom when the salesmen struggle to remember what the latest MK scheme is, the long time salesmen all say the same thing: we miss the names, it was so much better"
  13. Looks great, the negatards (that have no intention of putting up their own money on a new vehicle anyway) will all bitch. To heck with them. This makes it harder to decide on a replacement for the Aviator. MKX, SHO , or Explorer? I think I wait for job 2, ecoboost on the explorer would close the deal.
  14. Love reading comments like that. The tide is turning and how. "Perception is Reality" One of the many Toyota owners in the office today stated she is looking to trade her Yota POS for a Fusion. Wanted to know if they are as good as she keeps reading. Win them over one at a time.
  15. Arniect

    Escape Timeline

    New Styling 2008 new 4 and updated 6 ,2009, also 6 speed tranny in 2009 not sure about Sync , I know it was an option on the 09's