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  1. Makes me wonder if they will show something in Aug at the NY Auto Show…
  2. It looks like they are changing the rear quarter panel for a new, sleeker shape to the taillights! The way they wrap around appears more like the Navigator Concept now, and they appear slimmer as well. The current ones always seemed so blocky to me.
  3. Mustang is only push button start, and what a thrill it is! 😁
  4. It’s in a video for a quick moment the Maverick site, but I did see a screen shot on Twitter too someone posted.
  5. New Ford designed and built electric motor in the base hybrid, perhaps coming to Bronco Sport next? https://www.motortrend.com/news/2022-ford-maverick-hybrid-motor-technology/
  6. From the Ford Press site, a cool interactive mini site for Maverick: https://cloud.3dissue.com/89166/168495/196875/P758/index.html
  7. I just bought a low miles 2019 Mustang Bullitt specifically because it’s a stick and sounds amazing, as it’s been 15 years since I owned a stick. I see the new car market changing very fast in the near future so I wanted to enjoy some “old school” driving while still being near new, and the Bullitt edition really is amazing! Plus its understated good looks suits my middle age style more than a GT or SHELBY! Lol
  8. I recall Automobile Magazine had a piece by Robert Cumberford who proposed this way back and might have shown his sketch. Maybe that helps!
  9. So the mystery prototype is the new Ford Equator for China: https://www.carscoops.com/2020/09/the-ford-equator-is-a-full-size-seven-seat-suv-for-china/
  10. Continental ends production at the end of Jan 2021.
  11. Who remembers the original large format Autoweek on newsprint!? I just found some from 1984 or so!
  12. spudz64

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    So the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz small pickup will be the big competitor for this new Ford small pickup...its body in white was caught on film in the below link! http://www.burlappcar.com/2020/05/2021-hyundai-santa-cruz.html
  13. I saw this here and with interior pics, doubted it was the Everest... http://www.burlappcar.com/2020/03/2021-ford-everest.html
  14. Since the Super Duty uses the same cab of the F150, and the Expedition uses the same dash from them as well, didn’t they sort of have to carry on with the same cab? Were we expecting Ford to come up with a new one for the 2021 F-150 and keep the older one as well? I’m not sure if being all aluminum makes that more $$$ or not. They definitely get economies of scale using as many common parts as possible.
  15. spudz64

    No More Cars

    I still hold out hope that Lincoln will replace the MKZ with a new sedan. Here is my case... -When Ford announced they were leaving the sedan market, Lincoln stated they were not and they were still committed to sedans...ok this was over 2 years ago but still holds promise! -In a June 2018 dealer training presentation (in MI) they discussed at length their design esthetic and showed renderings of the just shown Aviator concept, and current models BUT also ended with a few quick slides of swoopy, slick sedans/coupes...why show this to dealers if nothing of the sort was coming down the road? Remember lead times are long in this industry! -The UAW contract mentioned Flat Rock will build "Mustang and its derivatives" The MKZ replacement was expected to go to Flat Rock years back, and this wording is unusual in its use...all Mustangs are built there, and the Mach E is already known to be going to Mexico, so I doubt this is just about the Shelby editions. -The recent Indeed job post about a Quality position for the next generation 2023 Mustang looking for "Ford and Lincoln level of quality"...again, odd, why mention Lincoln if no Lincoln product will be in there by then? -The next Mustang now looks to be a 2023 model, out in 2022, and was delayed a few years, so maybe there WILL be a Mustang based Lincoln sedan/4 door coupe to fill in as their sole sedan...?