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  1. Hey I owned a 1994 Probe GT 5-speed V6 for many years since new, it was a great car! The 2nd generation was really well done and with the Mazda foundation/mechanics, it was very reliable and loads of fun to drive. That being said, the nameplate should rest!
  2. I personally got to explore these new models at the NY Auto Show press days and I was impressed with their design and engineering! The pickup esp, with that unique middle storage section btw the bed and passenger compartment was esp cool, as the drop down door even doubles as a step/seat. It really is a great new lifestyle PU. So now hearing of Ford's investment is great to me!
  3. Must have been an error that they released these, as these same pics now have the plug in port airbrushed out!
  4. I got to see the 80th Anniversary Continental Coach Door edition today at the NY show and it was an actual production model, and I noticed many changes from the first model that was shown. First up, the rear quarter now has an actual window rather then a black filler piece of plastic! The inside trim around this piece now matches the rest of the design and colors as well. Another major change is the B pillar now has a black filler piece set between the two doors and is seen from outside as well...I was told this was to fill in for possible gaps on the earlier prototype. From what I saw, I think the B pillar was stretched a bit to do this, so the overall stretch may be more than 6”. The interior console was changed and made more premium as well, with a pull out folding metal tray as shown. The doors now open at the same angle unlike the prototype which had the rear doors tip upward a bit. The rear hinges are now more production looking rather than the massive ones seen before too. The last change and what is a bit disappointing is they door handles are no longer joined as first shown, and instead the front door is usual production Continental while the rear mirrors it like on other Continentals. The originally show a joined door handles were cooler looking and made of metal as well, oh well, it still is a unique edition and looked great in person!
  5. This was spotted in China, looks like an ST-Line version...perhaps we’ll get this at some point? http://www.burlappcar.com/2019/04/ford-escape-st-coming-up.html
  6. Escape/Corsair Job 1 is Aug 5, so I’d suspect Job 1 of the baby Bronco would follow in Feb based on the Ford comment, in showrooms about a year from now.
  7. The “baby Bronco” is set to launch just 6 months after the Escape! http://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2019/04/ford-preparing-off-road-version-of-its-popular-escape-suv/
  8. Yet another Ford patent, for removable doors! https://www.automobilemag.com/news/2021-new-ford-bronco-removable-doors-impact-beams-patent/
  9. Found that trademark! https://pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?PageNum=0&docid=10150517&IDKey=5140D9E4A8DC &HomeUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fpatft.uspto.gov%2Fnetacgi%2Fnph-Parser%3FSect1%3DPTO2%26Sect2%3DHITOFF%26p%3D1%26u%3D%252Fnetahtml%252FPTO%252Fsearch-bool.html%26r%3D16%26f%3DG%26l%3D50%26co1%3DAND%26d%3DPTXT%26s1%3D%2522ford%2Bglobal%2Btechnologies%2522%26OS%3D%2522ford%2Bglobal%2Btechnologies%2522%26RS%3D%2522ford%2Bglobal%2Btechnologies%2522
  10. In regards to the news of the removable doors and roof, im wondering if the 2 door be the one which gets this and the 4 door will offer something else? Storing 2 doors in the vehicle would easier than 4, as is roof removal. Remember that Ford patent with removable pods over each door plus over the rear (also removable) side windows, using an alloy center T structure? Maybe this would be for the 4 door Bronco, with normal doors using frameless glass...?
  11. It appears theres a similar debut on the west coast next week... http://www.burlappcar.com/2019/03/2020-ford-escape-right-here-next-week.html
  12. It's like in the "old" days, they reveal to press in a ride and drive event then it would hit the news stands under "first drive" ect. We are so used to long drawn out reveals that this seems odd but since its about to hit the streets pretty soon, they might just be doing it this way (reveal with first test drives) BTW I used to drool waiting for the latest Car and Driver and Motor Trends back in the 80's, as that was the only way to get info then! Then I discovered Automotive News at my universality library and being a weekly trade paper, I was in heaven! I even subscribed back then (mid 80's) for a $100 yearly subscription I was so "addicted" to reading Ford news and leaks. Another avenue I had was hanging at the local Ford and L-M dealer and around June/July, if I was lucky, they would have the upcoming model guide books out and I would causally open it up and soak it all up! lol
  13. Well technically she said “one of my sales managers just got back from Detroit, and she said Lincoln’s announcement in April is about something totally new!??” which the Corsair is, being a new nameplate and all new...? Either way, I expect the Corsair to be there, as it appears the order banks open mid May.