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  1. Just so we're clear a Samsung product is Android
  2. Nice... it has a V7, this must be the Chinese only version of the 2.7 "This is the 2.7 V7, and there still seems a lot of space under the bonnet. Fit a V8!"
  3. wrongway

    Ford Sync 3 debuts

    Well yeah actually...Details matter, especially in Luxury. clearly i'm not just talking about a 'fancy radio' I'm talking about the complete user experience with the instrument cluster, infotainment system, and HVAC & system controls. Lincoln should strive to set itself apart in every aspect of it's business.
  4. wrongway

    Ford Sync 3 debuts

    Audi demo'd the setup early last year in the TT. It's called virtual cockpit. I think it's a real slick implementation and says yeah this is not a VW. The QNX booth also had a Maserati Quattroporte with a different but similar setup. What i'm getting at is that Lincoln needs to differentiate itself from Fords version of sync 3 with a completely different presentation and user experience for Lincoln to be taken seriously...
  5. wrongway

    Ford Sync 3 debuts

    Was at CES today and Ford had a nice both setup and lots of sync 3 setups available to play with. I asked them about a upgrade path for MFT to Sync3 and their current stance is it will not be available. I've always been 'okay' with MFT in my two cars, but I think after people get a chance to use Sync3 and compare it to their MFT systems they will instantly be disappointed with MFT and a bit sour their is not an upgrade path, especially people who got the new 2015 vehicles..With that being said With What Audi is doing with QNX blows Ford out the water and I hope Lincoln doesn't just copy the Ford version.
  6. wrongway

    Ford Sync 3 debuts

    I'm hoping Lincoln Motor Company takes this opportunity to differentiate the branding and look/feel of their infotainment system.
  7. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2014/01/03/ford-offers-sync-applink-for-3-million-more-customers.html Does anyone recall this announcement from the beginning of the year? It was said that the update was to roll out 'later this year'. Also Is the re-branded 'Sync 2' announced with the 2015 Focus the new QNX version of Sync or an update to the Microsoft version?
  8. wrongway

    2015 Mustang Reviews?

    I think Autoblog gets it.....The mustang didn't really have a performance problem, especially with the subsequent special editions that will be released to address performance. It most definitely had a refinement problem and it sounds as if the 2015 goes a long way to remedy that issue. Looking forward to a test drive.
  9. or as they call them the Mobile Care Station Wagon.... http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/09/05/345256876/replacing-an-ambulance-with-a-station-wagon?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20140905
  10. wrongway

    So, Unpainted Axles

    This would be the axle housing not the actual axles which slide into the housing. I've done a few 8.8 swaps on foxbody's and don't recall the rearends were painted...scoured the junkyards and have seen piles of rears and don't recall them being painted. Don't believe this to be a new practice, but like what was said with the SRA going away this will no longer be an issue.
  11. Off to a good start across the pond. By William Boston BERLIN--More than 9,300 Europeans applied to reserve the first 500 new Ford Mustang sports cars during last weekend's UEFA Champions League soccer final, kicking off Ford Motor Co.'s (F) promotion for the sale of its iconic sports car in Europe next year. Ford plans to sell its Mustang for the first time in Europe, aiming for customers keen to drive a sports car but who cannot afford to pay for more expensive European models such as Porsche, BMW, Audi or Lamborghini. It will build the car in the United States and export from there to foreign markets. Ford launched the promotion at the beginning of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Club Atletico de Madrid. Within 30 seconds of the start of the game, Ford had received the first 500 orders, the company said.
  12. wrongway

    New Sync Update v3.6 !!

    Wow people are complaining about a free upgrade, seriously. It's a bit like buying a coach ticket and being offered a free upgrade to first class after you were already seated and complaining that you'll have to get out of your seat, then get your bags out of the bin and move all over again to a more comfortable seat with more leg room. I suppose you do have the option of respectfully declining and staying in your current seat.