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  1. Looks like the rumors of Left Lane's death were greatly exaggerated. Site has a statement on the front page saying, Notice: Left Lane News is under new management. We apologize for the disruption in publishing.
  2. KCM1

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    Thanks for the update. I thought for sure there would be one in 2020. That was only a 3 year run. Not holding my breath for Ford to resurrect the Sport with the way the downhill trend is going with the Fusion. Looks like if I want one, will need to move by plans ahead and get a 2019.
  3. KCM1

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    Saw that too. Thought maybe it was an optional engine for the Titanium but not listed as so. Most likely an editing mistake and somebody forgot to delete that line. Bet it disappears when the fuel mileage numbers are added. Seems like on those order guides they always make small description corrections later. Doubt there will be another Fusion Sport, at least a V6 version. If you look on Autotrader, there are still some new 2017 Sports on dealer lots if you can believe that. Read on another forum/post somewhere that a fellow says he got, if I remember right, $14,000 off MSRP. Tells me they haven't been selling like hotcakes, so doubt Ford will invest in another low sales trim level, especially one that requires unique parts to mount the V6 powertrain. They'll concentrate on trim levels that sell the most. Wonder if they will get rid of the V6 in the MKZ too for 2020. I would take the 2023 date with a grain of salt. The date has changed more than once and I'm sure will change again. If so, will probably be a stripped down version by then.
  4. KCM1

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    Hi ice-capades, Do you have any thoughts on the future of the V6 Sport for 2021, or if it will even be offered in the last year? Have you heard of any changes in the Sport for 2020 ahead of the order guide? Thinking that will be my next car and wouldn't mind having the last model year of the Fusion sedan era, but also would like all the goodies and gadgets that are on the 2019 model like the enhanced park assist. Wish they still offered the Earth Gray interior from the 2018 though. Also, thanks for the great info you post. 👍 It is very helpful. I especially like the order guides which for me are much easier to use than the dealer brochure.
  5. KCM1

    2010 Fusion Transmission Issues?

    Are you sure it is not a tire out of balance. I've seen tires go bad to the point where they can't be balanced at 25,000 to 30,000. Or maybe you lost a wheel weight. What brand tires did it come with? I really doubt it has anything to do with the convertor. You would feel something like that based on engine RPM, not road speed.
  6. KCM1

    MKZ Hybrid vs Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai etc.

    I haven't had a prop rod fail on any of my cars yet. That can't be said for gas struts. After several years they eventually fail and need replacing. Of course, if a person only keeps a car for a few years, then they don't have that problem.
  7. According to Donlen fleet as of 5/27/11 (http://www.donlen.com/buildstart-ford.aspx) and Lease Plan (http://www.us.leaseplan.com/web/lpusweb.nsf/id/bmhy-864mu2?open), the 2012 Fusion hybrid start up date is 11/01/11. And you're right, the MKZ hybrid first build (and non-hybrid Fusion) was 06/06/11. Don't know the reason for the delay on the hybrid models. Looks like you will just have to cool your jets and let the anticipation build. Just one of the joys of special ordering a vehicle.
  8. Some of you guys need to read the posts more thoroughly. My original post said I feel CD players will at least be an option, I didn't say standard equipment. According to TomServo92, sounds like Ford still plans to offer CD players anyway for the foreseeable future. On a side note to one of your other comments, when I buy an album, I buy it because I like the artist, not for the hit of the week. I may find a song or two on the album I do not like, but if I like the artist, I usually like the whole album Some of you guys are sure protective of you digital media and biased against CDs. Tell us how you feel about 8-track tapes and cassettes. :D
  9. Don't have to dig through racks of CD's. Just order online from places like Amazon. Plus they are usually sorted alphabetically by artist anyway. People usually know what artist they're looking when they're ready to buy. And you don't realize there is part of the population that does not know how to download albums off the web, such as the older generation who are not as computer literate, or simply does not want to. Others want physical copies that you don't have to worry about getting deleted. Many of us live in rural areas where downloading over a dial-up modem takes a little longer than a matter of minutes. And cassette players have not left vehicles that long ago, as I know for a fact a cassette player was still available in the F-150 as late as 2002. CD players will be available in vehicles for many years to come as there are a lot of CDs in circulation.
  10. I agree. I've been browsing this thread for a while and I can't believe how people think that the "new" USB technology in cars will cause automaker to quit cold-turkey the "old" CD technology. Automakers have a wide range of buyers that need to be satisfied, and a lot of people, including me, still used CD's to some extent. I acutally use both technologies. My parents don't have a clue how a flash drive works, much less what a flash drive is, so CD's are their media format. Look how long it took automakers to get rid of tape decks (well past their time). I do attribute the USB port for the short and diminishing life of 6-disc systems though. As long as CD's are sold everywhere, CD players will be available in cars at least as an option, no matter what a "news" report says. CD's aren't dead yet.
  11. KCM1

    Ice Road Trucker

    Seen a couple episodes of the US Top Gear. Not impressed either, even as just entertainment. The show is what you get if you would give immature high schoolers (or maybe grade schoolers) a show and a bunch of automotive resources to do whatever they want with, no matter how idiotic. Seen the UK version on the web and that show is fun to watch, and the guys are defintely more mature (or maybe the English accents make them seem that way).
  12. KCM1

    Dodge talks ****

    Probably crazy talk, but wouldn't that affect the results of the tug-of-war? But what do I know. :rolleyes:
  13. KCM1

    Strange HVAC problem...

    Good point. That is one purpose of the recirculation button, to quickly cool down the interior of the car by cooling down the already partially cooled interior air and not drawing in outside hot air continuously (another is not to bring in obnoxious odors from outside). This would ring the moisture out of the air inside the car and not continously bring in humid air from the outside. After the car is cooled down, then switch to outside air for fresh air.
  14. KCM1

    Strange HVAC problem...

    Sounds like the evaporator froze up. I suspect you have a lot of humidity where you're from, or at least that day. She probably had the A/C on max and was pushing a lot of air through the evaporator. The evaporator, which is ice cold, condenses a lot of water out of the humid air. At some point the water starts freezing on the evaporator instead of running off and out the drain tube. Once the freezing starts, more and more ice builds up until the evaporator gets plugged up with ice and very little air gets through, making the situation worse. After she stopped and you did all the inspections, the ice had a chance to melt and thus the large amount of water coming out. Then it was thawed enough to fall off the evaporator and everthing was good again. I would say there is nothing wrong with the air conditioner. Just a lot of humidity causing havoc with the A/C. You just have to let it thaw out and fix itself.
  15. KCM1

    Delay for 2011 Fusion

    Glad I could help. Not sure what all the numbers mean myself, but all Fusions are assembled in Mexico and are shipped by rail. The window sticker will not show the ship date, as other factors not known at the time can affect it. The 04 28 11 would be the date the window sticker was created, and does not necessarily represent the assembly date. If you want to find out the current status at the factory, here is a piece of info I collected last fall. To find out the current status of the car from production date until shipment from the factory using the VIN, call Ford Marketing and Sales at 1-800-334-4375, 9-6 EST Monday through Friday. They are very friendly and helpful, but their knowledge is limited to the current status. Just don't call them on a daily basis. If they say the car has shipped, then you need to contact the dealer as they have the ability to track it at that point, also other tools at their disposal if they are willing to help. I have some info on that if you need it later on. If you can get the rail car number from the dealer and the railroad company, you can check on the location status during shipping yourself by calling the railroad company.