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  1. EcoBoost

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    That's what I would have estimated as well...
  2. EcoBoost

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    Well, 5.5 sec, IMO, seems a bit slow for 494 HP and 630 lb.-ft.
  3. EcoBoost

    Black Label vs Reserve II

    Are you planning on getting the GT? If so, you can skip on the BL if you aren't 100% sold on it. The reason I'm mentioning the GT is that it will have the lower panels painted just like the BL-version so from outside, it looks just as good if not a bit sportier...
  4. When I got in my vehicle today, I checked again. In fact, not a single peace of any of my speaker-covers is metal. 100% plastic.
  5. I find that rather funny. My $5,000 B&O speaker-system I have on my Audi Q7 has those fancy pop-up speakers in the dash and the top is plastic as well. The lower speaker-covers located in the doors are plastic-too. Haven't read a single complaint about that so far...
  6. If you opt for the GT or any BL model, the lower body panels are painted. That's why the white looks so impressive. On a 'regular' Aviator, I'd probably opt for a darker color to hide the lower black plastic trim.
  7. Call me old-fashioned, but I think the white is just the killer on this vehicle!🤩 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr_5F0PnvkA&list=LLf4p-NOmxucakVA6PmMPMYg&index=2&t=0s
  8. EcoBoost

    Aviator Reviews

    Is it 12 yet? Arrrgh, not quite...😁
  9. EcoBoost

    Aviator Reviews

    I'm highly interested in the first review of the GT!
  10. Now I see it. Interesting business tactic to post that as the sales-price on their public website - considering the fact not everybody knows what 'A-Plan Pricing' is....
  11. Well, these prices can't be for real....😂 Aviator for sale
  12. Yeah, the Lincoln is my mother's car. Too funny you just posted that. She initially thought you need to press 'M' and either '1,2 or 3' to RECALL a memory-position - and there goes your permanent setting - LOL!😂
  13. I did that on our MKZ but if I'm not mistaken, they key itself only recalls if it is set to recall memory 1 or 2 but does not 'remember' the actual seat position. So if somebody messes up the memory setting in the vehicle, the key won't help.